Games and Rich kids

(Day 5 - Saturday- afternoon Beach party)

Lance and Elena walked on the beach together trying to get some alone time. Holding hands taking in the beach scene they sneaked in a passionate kiss now and then as they walked. Lance found most of his morning trying to coordinate the football players and rich kids so they could help set up the stage and other things. He did not look to be the leader of any group it's just how it works out. In his mind, he did not think He would be a leader of anything this year. He is not the richest kid or the fastest in sports. But just took the initiative to do or start things.

They finished their walk as they returned. Lance was asked to play some beach games. He thought it a good time to get some of the rich kids together to play against the Scholarship kids. Elena kissed him and told him to go She was going to find a few friends and see what they were doing.

With some of the boys out playing their games, Lance is one of them. Elena was wondering what had happened to Sunday. She walked around looking for her new friend. She remembered her saying she would not be in the sun much or did not like it or something like that. She saw her sitting under the overhang of the building. walking up she gave a crafty smile "you know Sunday you can't meet any of the hot boys sitting here." said Elena.

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