- First step of trusting

"What about me?" Jocelyn asked him, "How does your theory break down for me? I won't tell you how right you are, but I'd like to hear it. And you can tell me what you really think, I'm a big girl, you can't hurt my feelings. I've been through enough insults you'd have to try really ridiculously hard to hurt my feelings." she told him?

“Why would I want to hurt your feelings?” He asked her. “I actually like girls and I like you. Most of them are trying to conform and be someone they are not. You don’t give a shit on on hand and want to be yourself.” He shifted a bit not from discomfort but fron the metal bleachers. “You are are harder to explain. You want to come across as tough and uncaring about what others think, but you do care and you’ve been hurt a lot. You want to be noticed and invisible at the same. You compare yourself to the other girls wishing you had bigger boobs because girls think boobs have power, which they do. You shock and awe to blow through the bs. You want people to be real which most people can’t do and it backs them off. To get to you one would need to just hang in there and waits you out. I also think you want to be treated as special,” he said. “And the lace on the cup and flower on the center of your bra says you want to be thought of as beautiful,” he said. “You gave an accidental peek at lunch,” he said

He continued not letting her react too much, “My theory works for guys too.” He goes on to describe each group, who wants glory, to be noticed, the creamers.

“I’m the nerdy looser who wants to be recognized and thought of as smart. I am driven by curiosity and wanting to belong, though I use both the wrong way.” He leaned close a whispered, “I tried to get a girl’s and my parent’s attention by stealing a bus. Made it to the freeway. Now this is my jail. Karma is paying me back.”

He laughed and said, “Eternally doomed to the friends zone with a bunch of girls that are my sisters.”

It would not take long for the whole school to know, one google search and he would be exposed.

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