Slip and Fall (Part 3)

JP: Jaxx and Cindy

If Sadie wasn't trying to lure Joey, she might have told him she about the famous people she had met because of her parents connections, all the places she had traveled, and that she could travel for free almost anywhere in the world thanks to her family's business but as it was she pretended to be interested and let Joey talk. She finished her drink and noticed the other's seemed done. Then said, ``So, then next is the fun house." They had the wrist bands so they didn't have to worry about tickets. There was a line for the fun house but it wasn't very long. Sadie took Joey's hand and led him to the line, figuring Denise and Charlie would just follow behind them

Then the four made their way to the funhouse and got in line. Since the line moved pretty fast, it did not take long till they entered the fun house. The first part had led lights, black walls and glowing graffiti painting the black walls. They slowly moved forward with Joey and Sadie in the front and Charlie and Denise a few feet behind them. After moving through the tight corridors, they were caught by surprise by a floor trick. Compressed air jets shooting air up from the floor, originally designed to blow up women's skirts, but effective at startling almost anyone and making them jump and scream.

Joey: What the???!!!! Hey Charlie did you see that?

Joey looks behind to see that there is now a wall where he and Sadie walked through. Meanwhile after the compressed air and smoke went off Charlie was temporarily blinded and held onto Denise to keep his balance.

Charlie: I got something in my eyes.

Charlie was now tearing up as he blinked a lot till the dirt left his eyes. When he finally got his sight back they realized Joey and Sadie were gone.

Charlie: Joey? Bro? Where are you?

After no reply Charlie looked stressed out and on the verge of panicking.

Charlie: What do we do? We got separated. What if something bad happens and we can’t find them again?

Charlie looked like a lost kid before Denise as he didn’t know what to do. Meanwhile Joey tried to open the wall that replaced the door with no success. He then looked at Sadie and shrugged.

Joey: Looks like we got separated. Maybe it's part of the act to mess with us. Hopefully Charlie will keep it together by the time we all meet up on the outside.

The air jets also surprised Sadie and Denise and as Joey turned around so did Sadie to see the wall that had separated the couples.

Denise waited while Charlie dealt with what was in his eye but she was getting more annoyed by the moment by Charlie.

While Denise would do a lot of things for Sadie, she swore she'd never go on another date with Charlie. No wonder the guy didn't have a girlfriend.

"We make our way out and wait for them to do the same." While Denise already knew Sadie had planned on trying to get Joey alone she also had known the plan had been to try for a little later into it.

Denise took Charlie's hand and started leading him through the fun house. This hand holding, however, was more like leading a small child than a date.

Sadie looked at Joey. Was there actually some sort of concern for his friend there? "Denise will help him, if he needs it." She knew Denise might be annoyed at the situation, she wouldn't just leave Charlie trapped in the fun house. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

Joey nodded at Sadie as he took her by the hand and walked through the next part of the funhouse.

Joey: I’m sure they will be fine. Question is how do we find our way out of here? I was not expecting it to be like this. It kind of takes the romance out of the mood.

Then as they moved to the next room, they saw a large spinning disk on the floor. So Sadie and Joey had to keep their balance and senses as they were being turned around with each step. It was getting to the point of not knowing where the beginning and the end of the room were since they looked a lot alike. After a while they managed to reach the next room.

Meanwhile Charlie and Denise were doing their best to get through the funhouse maze of mirrors. Charlie had a nervous laugh as he saw himself in various shapes and sizes depending on the mirror he looked at. One mirror showed him short and fat, while another showed him skinny and tall.

Charlie: This is messed up.

Then as he turned his head, he could have sworn he saw himself in a mirror, but his reflection was that of a girl. Charlie was a bit shocked by this as he took a step backwards and slipped on a soda can and before he knew it his feet were up in the air and his head hit the metal ground rather hard. Charlie was out like a light as his mind drifted on.

Charlie’s Dream:


As Charlie sat up, he heard music from somewhere and saw lights that slightly blinded him. He put his hands up to block the light, and the ried to get up only to see he was wearing a big fancy dress. He was confused but didn’t have any desire to rip off the dress. Then he looked around to see people in the distance scrambling for some reason. He was confused as he tried to ask for help and directions. He was surrounded by pretty, skinny girls in crazy outfits and feminine guys putting on their makeup. Then by chance Charlie saw a large mirror he walked by and realized he was a girl. He checked his modest breasts and found he was lacking his package down south. He was shocked but strangely did not miss it. He wondered where he was and where Joey was. Then suddenly he was rushed out on the walkway and before he knew it he was working as a runway model.

"It really does and I didn't think it would be like this either." She said, This wasn't what she had planned, at all and was now regretting the decision to go to the fun house. They did manage to reach the next room and fortunately they were able to keep their balance on the spinning disk. Sadie was keeping in her mind each room so they would know if they happened to back track. The room after that had walls that went in and out and a floor that shook when you stepped on it. It was a matter of timing and disorienting.

Denise didn't know what to do with Charlie she just wanted out of there and for him to stop acting like it was the end of the world. She paid little attention to the mirrors as she was more focused on getting out of there.

Then it happened, from right behind her she heard a sort of crash and looked around to see Charlie on the floor. She pulled out her phone and called for help. It took a few minutes but the paramedics showed up and started helping Charlie. Meanwhile, she could see some of the workers coming in to escort everyone else out of the fun house.

Since there was a small emergency center nearby Denise didn’t have to wait long for help. Luckily there was an emergency door behind one of the rows of mirrors for the paramedics to enter and get to Charlie. As they checked on Charlie they asked Denise a bunch of questions about Charlie like his name, age and how much he had been drinking or if he was on medication or drugs since it would interfere with the treatment. Apparently they had to deal with drunk tourists getting hurt in the Funhouse and after a bit of searching they found the can Charlie slipped on was actually a beer can. Once they had all the info they could get they put Charlie on a stretcher and carried him to the ambulance. Since he hit his head, he would need to see a doctor in case he had a concussion. Since they were very good at their jobs, they got Charlie out of the Funhouse before the rest of the customers were escorted out of the Funhouse. So, Sadie and Joey were in the dark about Charlie getting hurt. Poor Denise was left by herself outside the Funhouse on the side as Joey and Sadie were escorted to the back of the Funhouse. Joey seemed a bit annoyed by the whole situation, but he was glad to be out of the Funhouse with Sadie. Since the mood was killed, he wanted to try again with Sadie alone, so he whipped out his cell phone and texted Charlie.

Text: Hey bro, I’m gonna try to woo Sadie so let’s split up from here. I’ll meet you later today.

Joey then smiled at Sadie and spoke up with his smolder.

Joey: So how about we split our double date into two single dates and have some fun on our own. Charlie is my bro and all but we both move at different speeds if you get my meaning.

Joey was trying once again to be suave as he used his best smile.

Denise gave the paramedics the information she knew. She did know his last name, sometimes being a cheerleader was useful, school (of course), she didn't know if he was on any medication but he wasn't drunk or stoned. And anything else that was of use. She got out of the fun house and waited a few moments then tried to call Sadie. It went straight to voice-mail but the signal inside the house might not be that great, depending on where Sadie and Joey were.

Sadie gave Joey a smile as he basically said he was splitting up with Charlie for the rest of the date and she went to send her own text to Denise when she noticed a voice mail. An actual voice-mail was only for emergencies from Sadie's girls so Sadie stopped in her tracks and called Denise back.

Denise filled Sadie in and then said she was going to meet with the rest of Sadie's entourage. Sadie hung up and, if she was a slightly meaner person she might not have said anything, but she wasn't that mean. "Joey. Charlie's been hurt. He apparently fell in the fun house and was taken to the hospital. Denise said he was unconscious when he left."

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