Slip and Fall (Part 2)

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

One by one the carts on the Ferris Wheel were loaded with new people as the last passengers got off. This made it easier to get customers on and off the ride efficiently. So as each new group was loaded Sadie, Denise, Charlie and Joey moved up several feet. So as they looked around they could see more and more of the park. Charlie leaned away from Denise as he looked out the cage of the cart.

Charlie: Wow man we are pretty high, huh?

Joey smiled and nodded as he replied.

Joey: Oh yeah. This thing gets pretty high when we get to the top. Don’t worry ladies……….if you get nervous we are here for you.

Joey was acting very confident since he could work his “Charm” without concern of the girls leaving since they were now trapped on the Ferris Wheel now.

Joey: Soooooo……. Sadie, Are you by chance planning to put this date on your show?

Sadie was getting the impression more and more that Charlie was the type to follow along rather than the instigator. Even with that the way he leaned away from Denise made Sadie think the boy needed some lessons on how to act around a girl. That was fine. Sadie was sure that once she got Joey trained; Charlie would just follow along.

As for the show. Sadie pretended to be thinking about it. She then said, "I don't know yet. Do you two boys want it to be talked about on my show?" She wasn't the type to discuss things ,on her show, without the permission of the others involved. She wasn't a gossip after all.

Joey smirked as he gave Sadie his best smolder look.

Joey: Well………… if you were going to promote my modeling career, I would be interested, sweet cheeks. I mean I think everyone is entitled to see all this.

Joey smirked as he gestured to himself

Charlie: Right on bro!

Joey: Right?

Joey then nodded as he looked at Sadie and moved the hair from her forehead to behind her ear as if he was going to kiss her but didn’t. He was trying to tease her with his suave charm and lure her to his honey trap. Charlie seemed more excited about Joey’s charm than Denise and he smugly nodded along.

"In that case, maybe, you could be on my show at some point. I've had models on before. I'd bet you're good at discussing fashion and things like that." Sadie almost wanted to laugh at Joey's attempts at flirting with her. He was trying far too hard at something that came naturally to many guys. Of course, she didn't laugh but played along because she wasn't about to give up the game.

"So, Charlie. Would you want to be talked about on my show?" Sadie asked. Joey had said yes for himself. Charlie had said yes in regards to Joey but not about himself. "i have to be careful, you know, with what I post I don't want anyone mentioned on my show that doesn't want to be."

The Ferris wheel was almost at the top and Sadie looked over the side. "This is higher than I'd thought it'd be. I've not been on this ride before."

Charlie looked at Sadie with a bit of concern as she offered him a spot on her web show. The idea of embarrassing himself before millions of people was a bit much for him. If it was him playing football it would be no problem, but public speaking was a dangerous topic for him. He looked to Joey for help with a tinge of fear in his eyes.

Charlie: Bro?

Joey: Sorry Sadie but Charlie likes to keep some things private. I on the other hand love the spotlight which is why I do most of the interviews in sports and also about my modeling.

Charlie nodded as he smiled and agreed with Joey. At this point he was practically ignoring poor Denise, who looked like a trophy girlfriend at this point.

"That's fine." Sadie smiled at Charlie. The poor boy just seemed so uncomfortable; this wasn't at all what Sadie had expected when she came up with this plan. She felt bad for Denise and wasn't sure now about trying to get Joey alone, maybe, that would have to wait until another time.

"So, then it'll be just you." She said to Joey.

The Ferris wheel made it to the top and Sadie gave Denise a look that could only be interpreted by the two of them. Denise then spoke up. "I think this is a little high for me." Trying to see if Charlie took the bait or even understood the bait.

Sadie then said. "It is pretty high but the view is great." She moved Joey's arm so it was around her rather than the two of them just holding hands. "Oh, you know my hand was getting sweaty. Hope you don't mind." She winked at Joey.

Joey: I am all yours Sadie.

Joey nodded like he was a royal prince acting like a smooth criminal who stole ladies’ hearts. He was enjoying how things were playing out for him with Sadie. She was hot, rich, popular and had a job already with her popular web show. If things continued to play out, he would have huge bragging rights once got her in the sack. Joey loved the chase part of getting a girl, but after that he would lose interest in her and move on to bigger prey. He did have a reputation of being a player, a jock and an egomaniac.

Charlie on the other hand had been Joey’s sidekick for many years now. The two of them got into lots of mischief together and were somewhat close. Of course, as Denise began to play the damsel in distress Charlie was very slow on the take till Joey spoke up.

Joey: Bro, looks like your date is feeling nervous. Why not show her your cool side.

This was a code for Charlie to man up and act like a player/wingman so Joey could make points with Sadie. Granted Charlie was not much of a ladies’ man he did pretend to be when Joey needed a wingman. So, Charlie put his arm around Denise and smiled and nodded with some reassurance.

Charlie: It’s cool girl. I’m here.

Joey: See ladies? Nothing to fear.

Charlie had his arm around Denise and gave her a forced smile as he would occasionally glance at Joey. He was hoping he was doing good with Denise even though she did nothing for him. He didn’t understand why he had more fun goofing off with Joey than the ladies. He wondered if he was just being picky or if his dad’s lifestyle messed him up. Lord knows how many of his dad’s one night stands he saw naked or barely clothed getting kicked out of the house in the morning. They looked hurt, disheveled and upset as they quickly got dressed and hadn’t noticed their smeared make up. At night Charlie’s dad was a smooth talker and a womanizer and, in the morning, he was a total jerk. Oddly enough Joey was like his dad but way less harsh on the ladies.

Charlie: It's all good right bro?

Joey: You know it. So now that we can see the whole park, is there any place you want to check out next Sadie?

Denise smiled but Sadie could tell that she wasn't impressed, at all, with Charlie. Still, at least he did something.. Sadie would have laid a bet that Joey was thinking about when the relationship moved forward but Sadie wasn't going to have that. That would be the carrot she could use to get him to do what she wanted. The carrot that he never got but thought he might. That was her plan at the moment, anyway.

"Oh, I think maybe we could get some drinks and then do the fun house?" Sadie asked. The fun house might get Joey and Charlie separated for at least a moment or two.

Joey perked up as he looked at Charlie with a sly grin and a nod.

Joey: Oh, that sounds like a plan right bro?

Charlie knew that was a signal from Joey meaning he wanted to ger Sadie alone at the fun house. So now Charlie would have to entertain Denise in the meantime. In the past Charlie made a decent effort to entertain his fixed dates but they all ended up like a train wreck in the end. Poor Charlie would simply copy the motions that Joey did only without the emotions, lust or desire to succeed and this usually annoyed the girls. It was obvious to many girls in the past that Charlie was not interested in them and simply humoring them. Some even questioned if he even liked girls in the first place after a date with him. However, since they changed schools now many girls were not aware of his past failures and Joey’s successes.

Charlie: Uhhh……yeah that sounds like fun. I wonder if they have slushies or ices?

Joey: Well as long as they have cold drinks, I’m fine with it.

Charlie: Yeah…….you’re right bro.

Joey: Did you ladies have a drink preference? We might have to ask around if that is the case. Then we can head to the fun house. What do you both think?

l"Denise, what did you want?" Sadie asked her friend.

Denise shrugged, thought for a moment and said. "Oh. Either a slushie or ices is fine. A smoothie would also be good."

Sadie nodded. "Why don't we just see what they have?"

The Ferris wheel jolted forward slightly then moved again, beginning their descent from the top.

Once at the top they got a good view of the park and Joey was still acting like a player to entice Sadie. In his mind it was working since she had not complained once. Of course, he was also nice to Denise since he was considering keeping her on the side as well since it would spice things up if he got bored with Sadie. Joey was a greedy boy who was convinced that he was God’s Gift to women since he was good looking. Becoming a model only reinforced his belief that he was what women needed in life. Then Joey took his phone out and took some selfies with Sadie.

Joey: Man, I bet it would suck to lose your phone from this height. You ladies might want to be careful if you take any pictures.

Charlie on the other hand knew that Joey would probably lay his hands on Denise later since it was his style and he had done it in the past. Since Charlie was not really attached to any of the girls he entertained for Joey, it didn’t bother him to see them used and abused by Joey. Since Joey was his best buddy, he just wanted to hang out and have fun. Of course, both boys have faced quite a few troublesome situations in their past, but they counted that as fun since they managed to overcome them. So even though he had his arm around Denise it was more of a pal hug than a romantic setting. Then Joey took a few pics of Charlie and Denise as Charlie gave a jock pose.

Charlie: Welcome to the gun show.

Joey: I bet Denise likes them guns. Speaking of which, maybe we can do some games later on. Are you both into stuffed animals?

Sadie didn't know what Joey was thinking but it wouldn't have surprised her. He had been quickly developing a reputation and he seemed like the type to cheat.

Which was why someone needed to rein him in, calm him down. If he thought he had a chance with Denise or almost any girl at the school, he was wrong but Sadie figured he probably thought he had a chance with all of them. Him taking pictures actually played into what she wanted

"So, are you going to post those pics?" Sadie asked, "Because you know that's really the kind of thing you should get permission for." Would he ask or not care that hadn't asked the girls to post the pics?

Joey gave Sadie a smolder expression at Sadie to charm her again. In his mind it was his best look since it was constantly used in his modeling poses. It also worked on weak minded females in the past before he broke their hearts. As for the question about him taking pictures, he mainly took them as trophies of his conquests but knew better than to share them since some could be considered evidence of his questionable activities.

Joey: No of course not. I just wanted a memento of our time together. If you want, I can send you both a copy. After all we will only be together for the next few years and then who knows where we will be? I could be in Milan one day and Barcelona the next with my modeling career. Charlie could be playing college football and you both could be in college or taking your web show to the next level.

Joey put his phone up and smiled at the other three as he gently cradled Sadie closer with the arm he had around her shoulder.

Joey: I just want to enjoy this time before it's gone, that is all.

Charlie: Wow you think I can make the college team bro?

Joey: The odds are good and maybe one day you could make the pros.

Charlie looked stoked as he gave Denise a friendly cuddle shake. Both boys seemed excited.

The smoldering look wasn't doing much for Sadie; she'd seen that look before. It wasn't original and she'd guess Joey just picked it up somewhere.

"Sure, I'd like a copy. Wouldn't you Denise?" Sadie asked.

"Ummm...yeah sure." Denise responded.

Sadie figured Denise couldn't care less about the pics and was just playing along for Sadie's plan.

When college football was mentioned Sadie said. 'Oh, both Denise and I are planning on being college cheerleaders. Wouldn't it be something if we ended up at the same college?"

Denise nodded. "Yeah, of course, we only want to go to some place known for its competition cheerleading program."

Sadie then said. "I might travel for a year before that though. I'd like to take the show on tour of sorts."

This conversation was more real than anything that had happened with the boys up to this part but Sadie assumed it was also part of Joey's game.

Joey nodded as he gave them a devilish smile and pulled out his phone. Then he pulled up the pictures he took and set up the bluetooth transfer app.

Joey: Well ladies just hold your phones next to mine for a moment and the pictures are all yours. I can send Charlie his copy later on in the dorms right bro?

Charlie: Yeah sure bro.

Charlie knew it was just all talk since he really didn’t care about his picture with Denise. It was just a matter of time before Joey would bag Sadie and Denise in time and if he was lucky he could get them both at the same time. Joey was in a good mood as he winked at Sadie.

Joey: I was wondering if you ladies wanted to get a snack as well after the ride or after the funhouse? What do you think?

The pictures got transferred and both Sadie and Denise knew they'd be looking and probably laughing over this whole thing later.

"I think, the fun house first, then a snack." Sadie said and Denise just nodded.

The Ferris wheel was getting lower and it would be time to get off pretty soon. Sadie had a feeling that time couldn't get here fast enough for Denise.

Time did move on very slowly on the Ferris Wheel as Joey continued to boast about himself and lay on a thick layer of arrogant charm. Charlie was more excited about Joey’s than either female present while on the ride. The only reason he made a sad attempt to comfort Denise
was because Joey told him to. After the Ferris Wheel ride came to an end they made their way to the food court. Joey found a cute female employee and used his charm to get her to tell him where they sold cold and frozen drinks. He kept her in mind for a future notch on his belt as he thanked her and returned to the group with a big smile as he spoke up.

Joey: Good news they sell frozen drinks at the “Pirates Cove Cafe”. They have coffee, soda and frozen drinks so we should all find what we want.

Charlie: Awesome bro.

Joey: No problem.

After heading to the Pirates Cove they get their drinks and once again Joey pays for it. Joey gets a fruit smoothie and Charlie gets a frozen coffee drink. Since it’s a warm day they find a nearby table with an umbrella to sit at. Joey seems proud as he was wooing Sadie and possibly Denise.

Joey: This is nice right?

Sadie and Denise both got fruit smoothies. Sadie's was pina colada flavored. Denise got a strawberry banana. Sadie and Denise thanked Joey for the drinks. Sadie definitely wanted to get to the point where Joey just paid for everything without her or any of her friends having to thank him for it but that wouldn't happen today.

"It is nice, " Sadie said. She had noticed Joey seemed to be flirting with the female employee. That would have to be stopped as well, but, like everything else with Joey it would be a work in progress.

The two things Joey didn't need to work on were his looks, he was almost equivalent to Sadie in his looks, in her mind. She, of course, thought she was the most attractive person at the school but Joey was male and for the guys he was certainly up there. Charlie wasn't bad looking but had an awkwardness about him that made him seem less attractive. She supposed some girls might like that but Sadie didn't.

Joey also dressed fairly well. He was actually pretty stylish. She was certain that came from being a model. It was almost a shame he acted like such a jerk; he could probably have girls eating out of his hands if he just wouldn't be such a conceited ass about it. At least that's what Sadie thought. But also his personality made him a challenge in ways and Sadie liked a challenge.

Sadie then said to Joey. "So, where have you gotten to travel with your modeling career?" Let him talk about himself, Sadie was certain he'd love that

Joey: Hmmmm….. Well, I’ve been to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Houston and Milan so far. I could have done more but school got in the way. Apparently, they get mad if you miss too much school to travel and do modeling work.

Charlie: Not cool bro.

Joey: Yeah but I got some work lined up this spring break, summer, Thanksgiving and winter holiday. It’s hard being popular.

Joey was really enjoying talking about himself and Charlie seemed to be his biggest fan. Joey then began to go on about his poses and runway fashion exploits. He told them about the various name brands he modeled and the famous people he met along the way. In Joey’s mind he was entertaining the others with tales of being cool, but to many it came off as arrogant bragging. Eventually the bragging came to an end when they finished their drinks and it was time to see the funhouse.

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