Slip and Fall (Part 1)

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

Time: Morning - Afternoon Sunday Beach trip

Sadie had been looking forward to this trip to the boardwalk since it had been brought up last night

There was something about being able to do something that costs money spontaneously rather than having to plan it out like the scholarship kids did if they could do it at all. Sasha liked that feeling as it made her feel superior to the kids that didn't have as much money as she did.

Sadie had spent yesterday ,pretty much. trying to figure out which guys would be easy for her to get. She wanted a guy who had money, one who was good looking, and one who was easy to get what she wanted out of him.
So, after narrowing her options down she came to Charlie and Joey. While Charlie was okay he wasn't enough of her type for Sadie to go after him. Joey was what she wanted. He was, actually. exactly what she was looking for. So once they arrive at the boardwalk, Sasha let all but one of her entourage just go off and do what they want to do, with whatever boys they chose to, after all, it was just the rich kids there. The one entourage girl that she was sitting with on the bench with was named Denise. Denise and Sadie were pretty good friends, in Sadie's world, Sadie helped keep Denise popular and let her be part of the entourage and Denise did what Sadie wanted.

Right now, Sadie wanted to sit on the bench and wait for Joey and Charlie. Sadie knew the two seemed to travel in pairs and hit on pretty girls. Well, Denise was attractive so if Charlie didn't have a girl with him the idea was Denise could keep Charlie busy while Sadie spent time with Joey; they just had to wait for the boys’ arrival.

Joey and Charlie were feeling a bit miffed in the morning. They tried to sneak out of the boy’s beach house and peep on the girls in their beach house but got caught by Coach Warburton who was on guard duty. Luckily, they were able to lie their way out of dentition by saying they were trying to get a last-minute snack at the trucks. The coach reminded them that the food trucks were closed now, and they needed to go to sleep. So, with a defeated heart and little choice, the two boys went back to their rooms and went to sleep in a foul mood.

Then the next day word spread for the rich kids to go to the Boardwalk. This left Charlie and Joey with the tough choice of flirting with rich girls or scholarship girls. Seeing as they wanted to score big-time, they joined the rich kids for some fun. Then as they looked around, they tried to flirt a bit but kept getting shot down because the girls had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend or because something Joey and or Charlie said was inappropriate. They were feeling a bit bummed out at this point and were trying to rethink their strategy to be more successful. So, after getting a $10.00 drink at the nearby drink stand, both boys took a walk till they saw Sadie and her friend. Since they were not too sure about scoring points with Sadie, they were hoping she could help them talk to her entourage for them.

Charlie: What up girl?

Joey: Hey Sadie. Looking good as always.

Charlie: Right on.

Joey: Sooooo……..word has it that you have a lot of hotties in your entourage so, do you think you can hook us up with some digits?

Joey and Charlie were looking rather bold and confident as they waited for an answer.

Perfect, just the two people Sadie wanted to see. "Hey, boys." Sadie smiled, then she flirtatiously bit her lip. "Well, most of my girls are taken but ...what about Denise, here," pointing to her friend and myself? Not good enough for you two?" She glanced over at Denise who gave the boys a smile.

Joey and Charlie were taken back by Sadie’s comment. Neither of them was ready for such a positive invite especially from Sadie Since she was very popular and could afford to be picky. Both boys looked at each other, then at Sadie then Denise then at each other as they did a double take. This was completely unbelievable and felt like a trick as they looked around to see if one of Sadie’s girls was recording this with a smartphone for a good laugh later on. When they saw no one spying on them, they spoke up.

Charlie: Whoa seriously?

Joey: Sorry if we are a bit shocked Sadie. It's just we didn’t know you would be available, but since you did offer we would be more than happy to take you up on your offer right Charlie?

Charlie: Ummm yeah.

Joey: You are both looking mighty hot. So, may I be so bold as to ask which of us is your preference?

Sadie smiled and said. "I kind of like diamonds in the rough. " Touching Joey's arm "I'm picking you."

Denise got up and walked by Charlie. "Which works out because I pick you." Denise said to Charlie

Joey and Charlie looked at each other like they just scored a touchdown. After being shot down several times in a row they were the ones being hit on this time by two hotties. They bragging rights were just oh so good this time. Both boys planned to brag in the locker room later, when they made some solid progress. After giving each other a victory grin, they boldly accepted the girl’s offer and nodded at them.

Joey: Well then ladies……..what shall we do first? Walk around? Ride some ride? See a show? Buy some souvenirs? Get some sweets for the sweets?

Charlie: Nice one Joey.

Joey: Thanks Charlie.

Both boys looked at the girls with high hopes of having fun with them.

This was going to be too easy, Sadie thought. For a moment, she wondered if maybe she should have gone for someone who would have taken more work but why bother when she just knew Joey would be so willing. Sadie looked at Denise and said. "So, what would you like to do?"

Denise responded. "Let's go on some of the rides first. Do you boys have a favorite ride?"

Joey looked around and smiled like he was posing for a photoshoot. Charlie was smiling and waiting for Joey to choose a ride. Since they had not been to this Boardwalk before, they were not familiar with where everything was. So, Joey looked around as he was trying to make a good choice. He knew it had to be a fun ride, but a roller coaster would be too soon since he was not sure if the girls liked them or not. Charlie was trying to figure out what was going through Joey’s mind as he spoke up.

Charlie: Well?

Joey then found what he was looking for as he saw the ride he would choose. He smiled as he knew it was a good choice.

Joey: How about the Ferris Wheel? We can see the whole park from the top and see what we want to choose to do from there. Plus, I hear it's on the romantic side.

Charlie: Awesome bro. Chicks dig romance.

Joey: What do you girls think?

Joey smiled as he played his card well. His main reason to go to the Ferris Wheel was to help Charlie and himself woo the girls and if they were lucky, they could maybe get a bit touchy feely. The excitement of being high in the sky should help set the mood.

"The ferris wheel seems good to me." Denise said. She glanced over at Sadie who gave a very subtle twitch of the lips.

Sadie then said. "Sounds like fun but you know you boys will need to behave yourselves up there. " However, she added a not so subtle wink to the end of that to make them guess if she really meant that or not.

Joey and Charlie were completely dumbfounded by Sadie’s words and her playful wink. Did the wink mean she was kidding or was she just messing with the two of them? Joey knew some girls like to move fast and some like to be romanced a bit before moving up the bases. Granted it was asking a lot to hit a homerun on the first date since it would mean Sadie was easy for any guy and Joey knew better than that since she had been known to chase guys off before. Charlie on the other hand was baffled since he did not get females at all. All he knew was they were either pretty or not. Sadly his father was a bad influence on him since he was a blatant womanizer. Joey looked at the puzzled Charlie and decided to play it cool for now till Sadie and Denise gave them a green light.

Joey: Oh sure no problem ladies. But on the off chance you do get scared of the heights, feel free to hold our hands.

Charlie: Yeah that would be cool.

Joey: Or we could hold hands now so we don’t get separated in the crowd?

Joey was feeling confident as he was talking like a smooth operator. He was hoping the ladies would take him up on his offer.

Sadie put her hand in Joey's and Denise did the same with Charlie without any other word about it but it was then that Sadie decided to see what exactly Joey was willing to do to get them on the ride.

"Oh, darn." Sadie acted like she had forgotten something important. "Denise and I didn't get any of those wristbands for the rides." It was one of those wristbands, pay one price, ride the rides as many times as you want. There were tickets also available but she really wanted to see if these two guys were willing to shell out the money for the wristbands for her and Denise.

Joey paused like a deer in headlights from Sadie’s comment. He looked at Sadie’s hand then at Denise’s hand and did confirm they didn’t get a wrist band yet. Joey looked at Charlie who was looking like a kid who lost his candy, before he spoke up.

Charlie: Uhhh Joey?

Joey: It's cool ladies. My treat. Do keep in mind I work as a part time model for some petty cash.

Charlie: That’s right. Mr. Hollywood.

Joey: You know it. So follow me so we can get our tags on.

Joey led the way to the ticket booth to purchase several wristbands for the rides. He was bold and proud as he bought the expensive plastic wristbands with no concern at all. Charlie was feeling stoked as Joey was living large and taking action to be a ladies’ man. Charlie was not good at stuff like this and depended on Joey to pave the way. After putting on the wristbands
Charlie spoke up.

Charlie: Awesome bro. Thanks.

Joey: No problem. So ladies shall we find that Ferris Wheel?

"Well, thank you. " Sadie said and Denise quickly followed with a thank you of her own. Yup, too easy but Sadie was wondering what Charlie's deal was when it came to money. Guessing it didn't matter much as that wasn't her target she let it go, for now. The Ferris Wheel was the first destination. Sadie entered the passenger car and sat down on one side and Denise on the other leaving room for the boys next to each of them.

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