Beach Breakfast Club 2

Justin: Did you guys hear that two guys were trying to sneak out to peep on the girls changing last night?

Blossom: What??!!

Ashley: You don't say. How far did they get?

Justin: Coach caught them leaving the beach house so they didn't get far.

Blossom: Thank goodness.

Ashley: They got lucky then. If I caught them it could have ended badly.

Jack shivered at Ashley's comment as he looked down. He was having a flashback to many occasions of being bullied by Ash. He had a look of fear in his eyes as he put on his sunglasses to stare at the beach. Ashley then kissed Jack on the cheek.

Ashley: Only my Jack has the right to peep on me. Right baby?

Jack: Huh? Yeah sure.

Justin: So anything else exciting happen yesterday?

Kyle and Riley got food and headed to the table. They got their in time to hear Justin's question. Justin: So anything else exciting happen yesterday?

Matt asked Melissa and Courtney: "What do you two want for breakfast?"

Courtney said. "I can help if you want."

Matt shook his head. "No. I've got it." He hadn't missed Courtney looked exhausted and he was going to make her life as easy as possible today. He took their orders said he'd be right back and went to get the food.

Once Matt had gone off; Courtney leaned over and said something only Mel could hear to which Mel nodded and then said something back to her.

In response to Justin's question Courtney said. "Doug got into trouble last night for breaking curfew. He's on restriction."

Melissa saw no reason not to tell them figuring the whole school would know soon enough.

Jack was not shocked someone else got in trouble and he really didn't care as long as it didn't affect him. However Ashely raised an eyebrow with a crooked smile as she fed Jack a frozen sliced chocolate covered banana. Jack moaned as he ate it. He hated being spoiled by Ashley since it was embarrassing for him.

Ashley: Doug huh? Well it couldn't happen to a better guy. Word in the cheer squad is that he is rich, attractive and popular when he is not being an arrogant, misogynistic, ass-hat. A few of his minions tried to hit on me and intimadate my Jack. It didn't end well for them.

Blossom: You lifted them by their private places Ashley and left them crying on the floor.

Ashley: Guys like that have it coming. My Jack would never talk to a girl like that. Right baby?

Jack shook his head no since it was true that he was into other girls, he had food in his mouth and also Ashley would hurt him for challenging her.

Ashley: See? If a guy is into a girl he should be nice and use charm instead of force.

Justin chuckled at Ashley's comment.

Justin: Well as a precaution we should keep him away from Blossom.

Ashley: True that.

Then Courtney got up and spoke to someone.

"Hey, " she said to Dante. "Would like to sit over there," pointing to table she had just gotten up from, "with us? I think the more people, that are friends with Mel, being around her today the better." She then added. "In case you hadn't heard Doug got in trouble for missing curfew. He's back at the school confined to the dorms. His entire group went to the boardwalk " Just so Dante knew it was safe to sit with Mel. In case there was any concern on Dante’s part. She figured Dante might be concerned for Mel's sake.

Ashley: Isn't that Dante?

Justin: Where has he been hiding?


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