Just Another Manic Monday

The rest of Sunday Ashley pampered poor Jack into submission with her charm and persuasion. Sadly he was torn by the need to escape from her and the urge to ogle her at the same time. To hide his shame he hid his waist in the cold water as Ashley teased him playfully. Luckily he managed to keep his sanity that day.

The next day they were back at school and Jack woke up early early to run on the track with a few others. To avoid conversations he put on his ear buds and listened to music.


Then he zoned out and ran five miles at almost full speed to relieve his stress. His stress levels were very high at this point due to school, jerks in the school and Ashley. He was dreading going to the school dance with her since he didn’t even get a say in the matter. To make it worse he heard some guys mention something about a minion auction last night but didn’t think it was not important at the time. However after sleeping on the idea he had a real bad feeling in regards to the auction. This only added to his need run harder. So before he realized it he ha run eight miles before he slowed down to walk one more lap for a cool down.

So after he finished his running he did two sets of fifty push ups and sit ups on the grass. Then he stretches out before he drinks some water from his bottle. To help cool down he closes his eyes and did some Tai Chi which is a slow martial art kata. During this time he was able to calm his mind and soul so he decided to get showered and grab a coffee before he went to class. As he arrived at his room he saw Justin styling his hair. Apparently he was already for his day while Jack worked out.

Justin: Did you hear the latest news?

Jack: News?

Justin: Yeah apparently many of us guys are going to be at the mercy of the ladies soon.

Jack: For what?

Justin: Well I am guessing you missed the announcement referring to the Minion Auction.

Jack: Yeah and?

Justin snickers a bit before speaking which makes Jack nervous.

Justin: The Minion Auction is a school fundraiser where us guys are bid on by the girls and the winners get to boss us around for a day.

Jack’s eyes bulged out as he realized that was the reason he felt the extra stress that morning.

Jack: Wait that means Ash can……..

Jack was now scared as his mind was full of bad thoughts of Ashley tormenting him. Justin chuckled as he could see Jack’s concerns.

Justin: Relax Jack. It’s all harmless fun, but I can see why you would be worried. Since the whole thing is done on a phone app, we won’t know who will win the bid on us till it’s over.

Jack was still dreading being bought by Ashley as he didn’t think anyone would even try to bid on him. After a shower and a change of clothes he made his way to get a cup of coffee only to find Ashley waiting with a smile and two cups of coffee.

Ashley: Hey Jack I got something for you.

Ashley gestured to the cup of coffee she held before her chest as a teasing joke. Jack sighed as he wanted the coffee but not the teasing. He then looked at her with hesitation.

Ashley: You heard about the auction huh?

Jack: Please don’t.

Ashley: Calm down Jack. You will only have carry my books and lunch tray.

Jack gave Ashley a concerned expression which made her giggle a bit as she handed him a coffee.

Ashley: You know most guys would beg to have a hot girlfriend bring them coffee and greet them before class.

Jack: Maybe……. But I know you are up to something.

Ashley giggled again and hooked her arm around Jack’s arm a led him to get breakfast in the cafeteria. Jack went with her even though he was concerned.


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