The Morning After

Kaylee rolled over and feigned sleeping as she heard her roommate leave, probably, to meet with her friends and get some coffee. Once the coast was clear she turned into her back and lay there for a moment longer before getting up.

It wasn't that she didn't get along with her roommate but last night, from the moment she got back to the dorms until curfew, there had been question after question about her date with Conner. She got it. A lot of girls liked Conner. She knew that before she ever started school here but how many questions could she be asked about one date?

It actually might not have been that bad had it just been her roommate but it hadn't. No, it was the majority of the girls on her floor. It wasn't really until Dawn and April pulled her into their room that she got reprieve from the constant questioning.

Kaylee wasn't shy in the least, she was very much an extrovert but after being bombarded by questions like 'what is Conner really like on a date,' 'did he spend a ton of money on you,' 'how many girls does Conner like,' 'did you kiss him,' etc, etc. It would wear anyone out.

She repeated the answer "fun" to the first question. Which was true as she had had a lot of fun on the date but didn't give away a lot of info. The money question made her make a mental note of who asked and possibly the idea of warning Conner because those girls were clearly just after his money. To that question she would say "it doesn't matter, does it?" Because, it really wouldn't have. How many girls did Conner like came from the girls who had noticed him with Blossom and a few with Jocelyn at the beginning of the weekend. Her response was she didn't know, said casually because she didn't. She doubted though that Jocelyn was still in the running because she hadn't really seen him with her. Did she kiss him? Well, that wasn't their business and she wouldn't answer that one.

It was probably because of all of that Kaylee was missing her best friend from home, Esmee, the one person she would have actually talked to about all of this. She loved her brother and talked to him about a lot of things but this just wasn't that kind of thing.

As if reading her mind her phone buzzed she looked at it and the name Esmee appeared.

Esmee: Bonjour.

Kaylee: Bonjour

Esmee: Voler, vraiment? Je ne peux pas croire que tu aies fait ça sans moi. (Flying, really. I can't believe you did that without me.)

Kaylee had known Esmee since they were in the same French immersion preschool together. They had become friends quickly and, until this year, went to the same school. Esmee was now in a boarding school in France. And while Kaylee was certain that making the decision to come to Sakura had been right for her; she missed her best friend.

Kaylee: Eh bien, tu dois venir me rendre visite un jour pour que je puisse t'y emmener.
(Well then, you need to come to visit me sometime so I can take you there.)

Esmee: Alors, comment s'est passé ton rendez-vous? (So, how did your date go?)

Kaylee started typing and it all came out about how much she liked the date, about Conner's indecisiveness, about the kiss, all of it. After she hit enter; she realized how good it felt to just be able to say all of that to someone.

There was a long pause from Esmee who must have been taking her time reading and digesting all of that.

Esmee: Quoi ressemble cette autre fille Blossom? (What is this other girl Blossom like?)

Kaylee: Elle est gentille, douce, timide et très innocente. Elle est aussi probablement la meilleure voltigeuse de l'équipe de pom-pom girls ou l'une des meilleures. (She's nice, sweet, shy and very innocent. She's also probably the best flyer on the cheerleading team or one of the best.)

Esmee: C'est délicat. Aussi, intéressant. Conner t'aime apparemment pour toi et elle pour elle. Et vous avez tous les deux des similitudes mais je ne vous qualifierais pas d'innocent. (That is tricky. Also, interesting. Conner apparently likes you for you and her for her. And the both of you have some similarities but I wouldn't call you innocent.)

Kaylee: Je pense qu'une des raisons pour lesquelles il aime Blossom est qu'elle n'est pas comme la plupart des autres filles ici. Je ne veux vraiment pas la contrarier mais j'aime Conner depuis si longtemps ; Je ne peux pas ne pas l'aimer. Je lui ai dit qu'il devait choisir qui est bon pour lui et si ce n'est pas moi, je m'en occupe. Je ne serai pas en colère contre ça. (I think part of why he likes Blossom is that she's not like most of the other girls here. I really don't want to upset her but I've liked Conner for so long; I can't just not like him. I told him that he needs to pick who's right for him and if that's not me I'll deal. I won't be mad about it.)

Esmee: Cela vous ressemble. Vous donneriez la priorité à vos amitiés. Êtes-vous d'accord avec tout cela, vraiment? (That sounds just like you. You would put your friendships first. Are you alright with all of this though, really?)

Kaylee: Oui. Je pensais ce que j'ai dit à Conner et pour le bien de toutes les personnes impliquées, je dois être d'accord, peu importe le résultat. (Yes. I meant what I said to Conner and for the sake of all involved I have to be ok with it no matter the outcome.)

Esmee: Ok, envoie-moi un texto si tu as besoin de reparler. Je devrais probablement te laisser partir. Je sais que c'est le matin là-bas et que vous avez probablement besoin de café. (Ok, just text me if you need to talk again. I should probably let you go. I know its morning there and you probably need coffee.)

Kaylee: Je le ferai. Oui, j'ai vraiment besoin d'y aller. Merci Esmée. (I will. Yeah, I really need to get going. Thanks Esmee.)

Esmee: aucun problème (No problem.)

The two friends signed off. Kaylee was feeling better and got ready, then she headed downstairs to get some coffee. Where she ran into Travis who offered to buy her some 'morning brew' as he put it. She told him it wasn't necessary but after he insisted she gave in and took him up on his offer. The two of them went to were some of the skaters were sitting and, thankfully, the conservation was about tricks, boards and new skate park that was opening this weekend and had nothing to do with her date with Conner.

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