Waking Up To Bliss

(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Heath had awoken Monday morning to the sun peeking through one of the blinds on the window; which apparently hadn't been closed just right. Looking at his phone it was ten minutes before the alarm was to go off. Might as well get up, the boy thought to himself, as he sat up in bed.

JD heard his roommate stirring. He opened his eyes looking up at the ceiling. Thinking everything that had happened over the weekend seemed like a dream. He felt a little taken back by it all. JD was high on life and never quite felt this way before. His heart and mind raced when he thought about the kiss on the beach, the time floating dancing in the air with Rose the way her body lay against his. JD took a slow deep breath and let it out slowly. He did not want to be too aroused when he got out of bed. The effect Rose had on JD was not sure how to deal with it.

JD turned his head and looked at Heath as he sat up. "Morning, we live another day." commented JD. JD did feel a bit emotionally drained from the weekend. He had never put so much of himself into a girl, like that, before. Thinking on it, he would do it again, without a second thought. He thought of a song by Coldplay - Something Just Like This ran through his mind. He realized Rose was not after a thing or a superhero just someone that would love her for who she was not what she has. "I will," he said out loud without thinking.

Something Just Like This
Heath had been in love with Sam for awhile but he hadn't expected he would have said it to her so soon. Really, though, was it soon? No, he supposed it wasn't.

Hearing what JD said, first Heath responded with a nod, and said. "I suppose we do."

He was starting to get out of bed when he heard JD say "I will" out loud. Heath wondered for a moment what that was and then decided to just ask JD. "You will, what?"

JD shook his head "Oh... thinking out loud. I guess I am still thinking of the weekend and the time I spent with Rose. I just did not think I could meet a girl like that. I thought she would expect more than I could give her." He said standing and stretching. "I just realized I was overthinking it. All she wants is someone to be there for her. Love her for her. Not what she has or what she could do." He said with a grin.

Heath smiled. "I'd say we're both lucky, then. By the way Sam is really happy you two found each other. She said that you're good for Rose." Heath had known Rose since last year and he had to admit JD seemed to make her happy. "Oh, but.....singing to her, flowers, then dancing in mid air. You know there are a bunch of guys here who are now trying to figure out how to match that." It was said light-hearted though Heath wasn't concerned about any of that.

JD smiled and gave a light laugh. "I have been told that. I was hoping afterward that it would not be a big deal. I was afraid that it would backlash and get Rose some unwanted attention. So far it seems like we are good. So... how did it go this weekend with Sam? I hear the L-word was used?" asked JD as he walked over to his closet.

"Nah, Rose seemed good with it which is what matters. " Heath responded as he started to get his things together for the morning routine.

Heath smiled. "Yes, at first it just kind of slipped out but I meant it and so did she." It wasn't like it was a secret but Heath hadn't thought about the fact that JD might know. "Things went really well. The park we went to is always a good place to go."

He then asked. "Did you hear about the auction on Thursday?"

JD looked at the ground and looked to be thinking, "Can people be in love just knowing them for a few weeks?" He said letting out a sigh.

JD realized what he said out loud and quickly answered Heath's question, "Ya, I heard about the auction. Is it true you're their slave for the day? I am not too worried. I think Roe will bid for me but what if she loses? I don't know if I could stand being a slave to another girl. What would Rose think of me spending a whole day with someone else?" said JD sounding a little worried.

Heath looked at JD. Did he just say he might be in love with Rose? Should Heath respond to that. "I just think you know when it feels right. Whenever that is." Who was he to judge how quickly that happened for someone else.

"I really don't think you have to worry. I doubt anyone can outbid Rose but even so it's for charity. She doesn't seem like the type that would get mad even, in the unlikely event that does happen." Heath thought for a moment. "I get what you're saying though. Sam can't really bid for me so we discussed it and she's fine with me doing it even if she doesn't get me. I would rather have it be her that gets me but it's just not headed that way. Maybe, you should just ask Rose about it."

Heath's words that no one can outbid Rose make him feel better but in the back of his mind there is still some doubt. "I think Rose would help Sam if she asked. Sam is her best friend. I am lucky being new to the school most people don't know me, I think. Now that I am dating Rose that will change. I wonder about Matt too. I just get a feeling this could go really wrong if the Rich kids want to get back at us.

JD got a concerned look on his face. "I don't trust Lance and Elena even less. I knew Elena years ago when we even dated but she was seeing someone behind my back. It was a bad breakup. I think I have never really forgiven her for that. What makes it harder is that our two families are good friends. I could see Elena trying to outbid our friends and then rub it in their faces when she wins." He said with some disdain in his voice.

"Rose probably would help her but Sam hates asking Rose for money. She worries that it might make it seem like she's using Rose. I can't really blame her for that but I doubt anyone would think that." Heath nodded when Matt was mentioned. "True. Though he and Courtney aren't exactly dating, yet, it's close. Courtney seems like she's like Sam when it comes to money. So, I don't know what will happen with all that. No guy really has to put themselves on auction, either." It's not like the school can force them to do that. It just might not look great for the guy as it's for charity.

"Oh, that's tricky. You think she would do that over getting Lance? Those two seem to be all over each other all the time. I think the girls are limited on how many guys they can bid on but I'm not sure about that." Heath said.

"I would not put it past them. They would do anything to screw with the scholarship kids and the rich kids traitors,as they call them. As for Elena, she would use anyone. One day she will get bored of Lance after she gets what she wants from him. I hope I am wrong but don't really know. She was the same with me then next I know she was with another guy." He said, laying out his school uniform. "It could have been that she was an officer's kid and I was an enlisted kid. I guess it's like scholarship versus a rich kid. The military has funny politics about that stuff." added JD.

"Well, that's true. And they do seem to think of all the rich kids that are friends with any of the scholarship students as traitors." Heath knew this was the case in many schools but the divide somehow seemed bigger here. He didn't know much about the military but wasn't surprised to hear there were similarities. "They seem to really hate some people more than others about it." Rose was a big target of theirs; Heath knew that. His phone buzzed and he typed in something. Then said, "Sam said the new fall flavors are out at the coffee cart. So, there is a line. In case we want to get down there in time to get some." He looked down at his phone again and laughed a little. "Says to tell you Rose is with her. They are out at the picnic tables near the cart."

JD laughed, "Rose does have that effect she is probably buying everyone one." He said getting dressed quickly. "Let me know when you're ready to head down." said JD tying his shoes.

Heath got ready and the two of them headed downstairs. Heath glanced around, there was certainly more of a line than there normally was. "They are over there." Heath said pointing at the picnic table that held Sam, Rose and Courtney. From behind them Heath heard.

"Hey." Turning around it was Matt. He then said, "What do you two want? I'm buying "

Heath chuckled. "You're in a good mood. I guess your date went well, last night?"

Matt just smiled and said. "So, what will you both have?"

Heath just shook his head and said. "Fine." Heath turned to JD. "I learned to not argue with him over money long ago." Then back to Matt. "Oh, I'll just have a medium coffee mocha."

"Thanks, Matt, coffee mocha for me too." JD said with a smile. "Besides, I am a little short on money after the flying dance date. You guys know Rose. Do you think she would be upset if she and I had dinner before the dance at my parent's house?" He asked with a quiet tone.

"Aucun problème," (No problem) Matt said. "No. Actually, I'd guess a home-cooked meal would be special for her."

Heath then added. "That sounds about right. From what I know she never gets those."

JD gave a sigh of relief, "Now I just have to ask her." He said with a smile. "How about you guys? What's your plans for the dance?" He asked them.

Heath said. "The school is having a special dinner here; catered. I think they do that because not everyone has dates or can afford to go anywhere. I went last year and it was nice. So, Sam and I are doing that."

"I don't know, yet." Matt paused. "I've not asked Courtney yet what we're doing for dinner."

Heath raised a brow. "She said yes to going to the dance with you?"

Matt nodded. "Yes. Last night, at dinner but she kind of caught me off guard and I didn't think about asking her about the details."

"I know that feeling. I asked Rose to the dance but that's as far as I have gotten," says JD taking a sip of his mocha. "I never had to worry about all this before," said JD.

"I'm sure you'll both figure it out." Heath looked over to where the girls were sitting. They seemed to be intensely discussing something. Nodding towards the table that held Sam, Rose and Courtney. "They look like they're plotting something."

Matt chuckled and then joked, "Should we be worried? Maybe, we should go over and see what they are up to."

"Well with the auction and dance coming up probably no good. Except for Rose, she is an angel" JD said with a smirk. "Yeah, let's go over, guys" says JD walking with the others.

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