Text Sunday Night Conner and Courtney

(JP: Redsowrs and Cindy)

It was late Sunday night Conner was in his room wondering about how Courtney and Matt worked out over the weekend. He was still thinking about Kaylee and Blossom. The Kiss that he and Kaylee had was still fresh in his mind. She was more experienced than he expected. He knew he still and to balance Courtney and Matt's relationship too with all that was going on. He looked at his phone and Courtney or Matt had not texted him since Sunday night.

He started to tap on the phone getting to the texting app and went through his contacts found Courtney.

Conner: Have not heard from you much did the weekend finish good? Could you work everything out with him?

Courtney wasn't as tired as she probably should have been but the evening had just gone so well she just was kind of in her own world thinking about it, scrolling through her Twitter feed, and not realizing the time.

She had texted Conner earlier to let him know she was going out to dinner with Matt. She might have done that anyway but figured it was more important because of the threat she had received earlier in the day. She didn't want Conner to worry about where she was.

Her phone buzzed and she suddenly realized the time and that she should have probably texted her best friend before now.

Courtney: Sorry, I should have texted you before now. Yes, the weekend finished great. The date was a lot of fun.

Conner saw the reply and grind.

Conner: So did he confess his undying love to you? are you guys official then?

Conner laugh to himself quietly as what he said he was being sarcastic. he could only hope that Matt and Courtney worked through whatever she was worried about.

Courtney bit her lip, rolled her eyes and smiled.

Courtney: Yeah, we're eloping tomorrow.

Giving him back some of that sarcasm.

Courtney: Really, though not official, yet. We are going to the dance together though. He gave me a bracelet.

Conner laughed again. he got a big smile.

Conner: eloping tomorrow? maybe I can get JD and Rose to join you. LOL, I did see some action my self you would never guess with who.

He continued to think and wondered how she would think of that

Courtney breathed a laugh.

Courtney: Who? I know you went on that date with Kaylee. Kaylee?

Commer wondered why he just told her that considering she was dating Matt. He could not hide anything from Courtney for long after thinking about it. It would be better coming from him than someone else.

Conner: You know me I have kissed lots of girls but somehow this felt different was not me playing around this time. not sure how to feel about it.

Conner did feel different but he wanted to talk about Courtney, not himself.

Conner: So... do you feel more comfortable with Matt now?

Courtney saw the text and then Conner switch subjects.

Courtney: You'll figure it out. You do know I won't say anything to Matt. If you want to talk about it, sometime.

She'd hope he knew that by now. Not only had they been friends for years and he was like a brother to her but Matt wasn't the type to expect or want her to break a confidence.

Courtney: Yes but its still a work in process, I suppose. I do think I'll get there though. I suppose that'll be about the time I'm ready to make it official.

She didn't really know; dating Matt was uncharted territory as she hadn't really dated anyone with money before.

Conner thought for a moment he know knew she was serious. she had never quite done things this way. sure she has done some dating but makes it official? that is not common with her.

Conner: I am not too worried about Matt. He did say it was ok for Me to date her. I hope Matt works for you. I think it is a good fit. You know Matt he is not one of those stuff rich boys who are all about them selfs. Don't worry about his family they are nice and the money is no big deal. If JD and Rose can do it you can too. He is a lot like me ya we have money but we don't care. Friends are friends and Love is Love money has nothing truly to do with that.

Courtney: I know. He was really great all weekend. I guess I'm still getting used to the idea that this will, likely, end up being more than something casual. I don't want to rush that.

She then added as a joke:

Courtney: We're not all JD and Rose, ya know?

Conner thought about what she said about Rose and JD he thought a lot of people are jealous of those too.

Commer: I know I am kind of jealous of the two still don't know how that happened. I tried all summer to break him out of his shell. Rose does it in one day. well, I hope you and Matt work out.

Courtney: I don't know really what's up with that. Remember how closed off Rose was last year? I mean Sam helped her but she seems to have changed, as well. Not that it's a bad thing but I wasn't expecting it. Thanks for that. Everything will work out; I'm sure.

Courtney realized she was getting tired and looked at the time it was getting.

Courtney: I think I need to go to sleep. See ya in the morning?

Conner thought the same thing too about Rose and he just met JD in the summer. He did hit it off with JD and became close friends fast. But he had been friends with Matt and Courtney longer But she was right getting late.

Conner: Honey, I need to see you every day. Yes, see you in the morning say good night to Matt for me if you text him.

He thought the last part was funny and poke some fun with her.

Courtney smiled at that with a laugh.

Courtney: Yeah, yeah. Good night

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