Tangled Mess

Despite everything that happened over the weekend: Melissa had to admit Sunday was nice. She was able to spend the day with people that she considered friends or, at least, people who weren't part of Doug's entourage which was a nice break even if she knew it was a one day only deal, as far as Doug was concerned.

Of course, her good time was interrupted by the occasional text from Doug but, surprisingly, they weren't mean. She figured it was just to cover his tracks but when she got to the dorms last night and they had a long text conversation that he didn't say one mean thing to her or accuse of her of anything; it was making her doubt herself and putting in to her mind, even more, that maybe she had somehow triggered him.

Still, she knew it was a delicate balance between how Doug was acting now and how he had acted in the past. She knew that any little thing could probably still set him off.

Between it being a long weekend and the pain meds she has been given to help her sleep; when she laid down last night she fell asleep quickly.

Monday morning came; and her alarm woke her up. She lay in bed a moment before sitting up and moving her crutches closer so she could get up and start getting ready. Her ankle wasn't feeling as bad as it did yesterday but it was still sore.

Melissa had just stood up when there was a knock on her door. She made her way to the door, opening it to find two dozen multicolored roses in a red vase greeting her. Pulling the door open more behind the flowers stood Teresa. Teresa was one of Doug's entourage and Mel suspected the girl of being one of Doug's spies but this was the first time Teresa had shown up at her door.

"These are for you. I thought I'd save you the trip of going to get them; considering you're on crutches." Teresa said.

Mel was surprised and it took her a second before she said. "Oh, sorry." She backed up, giving enough space for Teresa to come in. "Come in. You can put those down on that desk." She had a single room but two desks so she pointed to the desk she didn't use for much of anything. "Thanks for bringing them to me."

"No problem. There's a card but we both know who they're from don't we?" Teresa handed Melissa the little white envelope which held the standard small card that came with flowers.

Mel: Let me make the weekend up to you. Give me a chance to give you the kind of night you deserve. Will you go to the dance with me?


Mel was floored, she had already been told by Doug that they were going to the dance together so why was he asking her? Saturday he had told her to give him money. Last night he had told her he longer needed the money and this morning…well...it's not like roses were inexpensive. To say all of this was playing with Mel's head would have been an understatement.

"Yes, we both do." Melissa then answered the next question before it was even asked. "The card was Doug asking me to go to the dance with him."

"Oh, that's soooo sweet." Teresa noticeably glanced around Mel's room.

Mel's room had things but nothing overly significant, not yet. But she hadn't been here that long.

Melissa then said. "I should text him and thank him for these."

"Oh, they weren't the only reason I came by. Doug wanted to make sure you didn't need any help getting ready. After all, you don't have your scholarship lackey any longer." Teresa casually said.

"Courtney is no one's lackey. She's a friend." To be honest the word friend slipped out but once it was out there Melissa was glad she said it

Teresa grinned like she had caught Mel in something. "I'm sure Doug will be interested to hear that."

Mel took a breath. "What do you want?"

"I just want to make sure you're not still hanging out with the lower end of society. We both know Doug wouldn't like it and I'd hate to see you go back to arguing so much when things are starting to go good for you two." Teresa commented.

"I'm not hanging out with Courtney anymore." Melissa wanted to yell, scream, maybe throw something but instead she kept her voice calm. "You don't have to worry and you can tell Doug neither does he. And I don't need your help. I can manage."

"Suit yourself. I'll see you at breakfast." Teresa left, closing the door behind her.

Melissa walked over to the flowers. She took a few pictures of them. Then let her hand gently brush the top of the flowers. They were beautiful but came at such a high cost; to her.

All of her emotions from her relationship with Doug came out and she picked up the flowers, vase and all, and threw it to the ground. It shattered. Leaving broken glass, water, and now a slightly managed mess of roses, baby's breath and ferns on the floor. She took one of her crutches and crushed the tangled mess even more. That seemed far more appropriate for her relationship with Doug.

Melissa just stared at the mess for a moment. She then went about cleaning it up which took a while given her state. Then she texted Doug; sending him a picture of the flowers before she destroyed them.

Melissa: Yes, I'll go to the dance with you. Thanks for the flowers. They were perfect.

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