Filling JD In

(JP with Redsword)

(Monday after-school)

With Rose and Heath in the art room working on a joint project for their art class, Sam figured it would be the perfect time to talk to JD.

First though she needed to find him. She was just about to text him when she spotted him at one of the tables outside. She brought a Coke with her and went over to him.

"Hi," said with a friendly tone as she approached the table. "Do you have a few minutes?"

JD was working on his English homework the one subject he struggled in. He looked up at Sam, "I didn't do it this time," he replied jokingly. "I will always make time for you Sam, You ok?" he asked.

Sam sat down and laughed at his comment. "Yeah, I'm ok but I needed to talk to you about Rose. You know I'm happy you two found each other. She, apparently, had an amazing time on Sunday. So, this isn't on you but there is something I think I need to mention to you."

"I am glad. I had a good time too. Never felt like this before for someone. I know about her family some. Is there someone else I need to worry about?" He asked, closing his book and focusing on Sam.

Sam nodded. Rose's family was a whole other topic. "Yeah, Rose hates to think about it and, well, the accident changed her in some ways. I guess it would have changed anyone. Rose has this need to experience things she's never done before. Don't get me wrong; it's not a bad thing except for one thing. The accident wasn't even a year ago. It takes a long time to fully recover from something like that. She's not there. 85 -90% which is, pretty much, a miracle considering how bad it was but not completely." She opened her soda and took a sip. "Rose hates it. She hates thinking about it. I don't know; it sometimes feels like she's in denial about it or something. The thing is she won't say if something is too much for her." Sam took a breath. "For her sake, I don't want a repeat of the first day of school." She really didn't want to have another scare with Rose like the first day.

JD looked at the table for a moment in thought. "I see, well I doubt I can top this last weekend. We can't go do the real thing until she is 18, probably. I will make sure she eases into things then. I thought the surfing would hurt a little. She did great at that so I am not as worried as I was for her. Should I be worried more?" He asked; looking more concerned now.

"I think its more a matter of not doing so much. She seems ok today but she did take pain meds last night and got a lot of sleep. Just with the surfing and everything she did yesterday; it was a lot for her. All I'm asking is to not do so much, physical stuff, in one weekend and certainly easing her into things is good. Also, just watch for signs of her being tired though that's sometimes hard to tell with her." Sam took another sip of her drink. "You know some about her family so you know she doesn't have anyone from her family looking out for her. Her friends and I can now add her boyfriend." She smiled at him. "We're, pretty much, it. So, I get protective of her sometimes but its never without a good reason."

JD looked around and sighed. "She just needs to be honest with me. I will look out for her. I get it I got injured not too long ago. I kind of know how she feels and I know you look out for her; you're her best friend. That's what best friends do." He said and smiled. "She is lucky to have a friend like you," he said, then took a drink of his own soda. "Her family is it really that bad? Will, they try to push me away from Rose or do something to her or me?" He asked Sam.

"Its not about honesty. It more that she doesn't always realize she's over doing it until she's already overdone it. But I know you'll look out for her; that's why I'm telling you all of this." The subject turned to Rose's parents. "Oh, they are worse than you could imagine. They can't stand me by the way. They didn't like me before they ever met me because my parents are working class, factory workers but I didn't realize just how much until they didn't call me about the accident. Rose doesn't know about this and I don't see a reason to upset her with it but I'm sure Rose told you about Jason; her brother's best friend. He had to call me to let me know. When I got to the hospital Rose was in a coma and her parents weren't there. They didn't come by the hospital until several days later. I'm not sure why they were there but they didn't come to see Rose. I saw them in the hallway and lets just say that didn't go well. They hate me even more now but I don't care. They treat her like she's expendable." She had to take a breath, then take a long sip of her soda to calm down. "I don't know how they'll react to you. They won't do anything that'll make them look bad in the eyes of the people they mostly associated with. They will have you and your family looked into, background checks and such. They really won't like that she's dating anyone who's not Declan. My guess is Rose will hear about that not you. I don't see them doing anything to you. How Rose's parents treat Rose is always iffy. They are two of the most selfish people I've ever met." Sam clearly wasn't talking about money. Rose had plenty of that. The relationship between Rose and her parents was, however, lacking far more important things.

JD looked relieved and bothered at the same time. "I will take care of Rose. The background check will be interesting." He lowers his voice some "I think Rose's parents will be in shock when the FBI asks them why they want to know. Conner knows some of what goes on with my family. I don't know everything but my father does work for the government somehow and still is a security interest. My family has to ask to travel outside the state and, from what I have heard my dad talk to my mom about, restricted travel outside the US." He took a drink of his Coke and paused. "Well, anyways I am not afraid of Rose's parents. I will do all I can to protect Rose and my friends. I am just worried that I will overdo it and scare her away or annoy her somehow. I am falling in lov..." he stops talking taking a breath "I am in a free fall with her and beside myself on what to do," he says; looking in thought.

Sam nodded. She caught part of a word but let it go. "You seem to be doing everything right with her. I've never seen her this happy; that's because of you. I really don't think you have to worry about scaring her off." Sam gave him a soft smile.

"People keep saying that. That is my only fear is Rose. I can take on armed men. But I think Rose could crush me with a few words. Never been vulnerable this way. I think I now know how my dad feels about my mother. I guess I am second guessing myself. I am.... so lost in this. Sorry to unload like this I guess I need just to say it out loud." He said then drank the Coke. JD looked back at Sam and smiled. "Got any other secrets about Rose you want to share?" He asked.

"It's fine. You can unload if you need to." Sam smiled. "Well, I know she's told you a lot. She'll probably want to go to galleries or art museums at some point. But you've probably guessed that. She loves diner food. Like cheeseburgers or cheese fries. But she hates avocado." Sam spoke lightly. "Her birthday is November 11th. Just to give you a headstart." She joked.

"I would say that galleries or art museums would be less physical," he gave a light laugh. He shook his head back and forth and smiled. "I better not forget her birthday; wars have been started for less. I thank you letting me know about Rose. I will take Rose anywhere she wants," he said to Sam.

Sam nodded and laughed at the war comment. "Good to know. I should probably let you get back to your homework. I personally haven't even looked at the assignment for English, yet. I have to get through my Spanish homework first." Sam was intelligent enough that, unknown to most, she was here on an academic scholarship but she had never taken a foreign language before.

JD looked at her books with her. Hmm... "Señorita, la tarea de español no es un problema para mí. Te ayudaré si me ayudas con el inglés.) he says in Spanish. (Spanish homework is no problem for me. I will help you if you help me with English.) "What do you think of that?" asked JD

Sam looked at him. "I think you just offered to help with Spanish if I help you with English. And that sounds great."

"Ok let's get to work," said JD. Moving his book to the side.

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