Conner's Questioning

Conner knocked on the door "please come in" He knew her voice and had a good idea why he was there. A text from Courtney let him know what about.

Dr. Williams had a few folders opened on her desk. The names of Morrison, Melissa and Jefferson, Doug put by a stick on label on each of the tabs that stuck up from each folder. in a different pile, Conner could see His Courtney Hellford and Dante Hawthorne file.

The psychologist opened the incident report. The claims about what had happened to Melissa last Saturday night between Melissa and Doug were identical. Now with Courtney's testimony still did not answer all the questions.

A thousand things ran through Conner's mind He wanted to Protect Melissa and Courtney He just could not come out with what he wanted to say but maybe could get him in some trouble with the threats to Courtney but that could incriminate himself too.

Dr. Williams looked over Conner. He motioned to a chair by her desk. His mannerisms told her he was more annoyed than holding back. Dr. Williams opened Conners file it was thin he was a very typical teen for his age. His Family relation was good. He was well liked around the school and most of the girls wanted to date him. So socially he was normal.

Conner sat back in his chair and slouched a bit. He wondered where she would start. How much he would tell Dr. Williams. he gave his Charming smile. "Dr. Williams, you ask me to come in?" he thought he would start off so she would not think anything was going on with him.

Dr. Williams smiled back at Conner. She could see he was trying to act like he knew nothing of why he was there. She knew better than that. "I am going to start off by telling you that I won't disclose what you say to me. I'm just trying to figure out what happened to Melissa Morrison on Saturday night. Gow did you know Melissa was missing?"

Conner looked at Dr. Williams "Courtney text me. She asked her to help look for Melissa." He answered. Dr. Williams knew that he had said that in his report. "So what would make Courtney ask for help from you?" she asked politely.

He sat thinking then answered. "Yes, she is like a sister to me. I have known her for years." He knew that was no lie and he gave no real information. "What did Courtney say to you?" Dr. Williams inquired.

He wondered if that was a trick question He said text earlier. "She said nothing to me directly she text me. All she said was, she was worried about Mel." he said.
"When we met up she told me that, "she said that Doug had gotten upset and that Doug, had gone outside to get some air. Someone had gone outside to check on him and both Doug and Melissa were gone. then she asked me to help find them."

Dr. Williams wrote some things down. "So, tell me what happened after you started looking for Melissa and Doug. Did you see or hear anything important?"

"Just to help look she maybe on the trail towards the back of the place. We found Melissa. She was in a clearing in the back area, sitting against a tree, injured." Conner responded. "I did not see Doug anywhere." said Conner.

"That's what Courtney has said and I'm aware he wasn't there," she said. Did you didn't hear anything that might give a clue as to how she got injured?" she asked. Conner had to be careful now he was not sure how to answer. "No, I wish I knew more," Conner said, which was the best way to say it. "Mel really did not say anything," Conner stated.

"Do you have any insight into Doug and Melissa's relationship that might help me out with this?" asked Dr. Williams. Conner smiled "well I do know they argue a lot. He can be a possessive and jealous guy. He is a jerk to people he doesn't feel are worthy of him or his status. Mel is nice girl who just got the wrong guy as a boyfriend. Thats what I think. " he answered.

"Have you ever seen Doug do anything violent towards Melissa?" Dr. Williams asked. Conner paused "Ah... no.., But he can be a bit physical with his brother. but other than that no." replied Conner. Dr. Williams looked at the papers in front of her. "Is there anything else you want to add?" She asked Conner. He smiled and shook his head "no, that's all I know" he said. Dr. Williams closed the folder. "thank you for your Help here is a pass back to your class have a nice day.

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