Not Happening On Conner's Watch

Conner had been thinking all day about what he was going to do and say to Doug. With the information, he found out at lunch, about Melissa that Zander had given him. Conner had a good idea of what Doug was using against Mel. With Rose and JD walking to class together gave time for Conner to talk with Doug. He saw Doug turn a corner and start to walk down a short hallway. Doug took this route a lot it was a fast way to the gym for him. Conner knew sometimes Doug would meet Mel there.

He saw Mel out of the corner of his eye heading that way. He raised his hand and signaled her to stop. Then raised a finger asking for a minute as he passed. He doubled his pace. He came up from behind, Conner took a quick look around before he grabbed Doug, not giving him time to react. Conner pinned him to the wall with his arm on his throat and his other across his body. "I will make this quick." Conner started talking in a low and threatening tone. "If you ever have someone threaten Courtney or any of my friends and that includes Melissa she is one of us. You will wish you were dead by the time I am done with you." Conner said in an aggressive tone. Pushing his forearm just starting to choke Doug. "You can tell the football team what I did to you. But in the end, it will not work out in your favor. I know stuff about you. I will make sure everyone knows. I will ruin you if you ever mess with my friends again.

Doug hated being on restriction. He would basically go from the dorms, to in-school suspension, to practice, and that would be his day for the next two weeks. Weekends he'd be confined to the dorms. He thought it was going a little overboard for missing curfew. Granted he had missed curfew by several hours and he was the first student of the year to do so. It was possible that the administration was just making an example out of him. It was also possible they suspected him of what had happened to Melissa. They did seem to be watching him a bit closer than before. Still, he knew Melissa hadn't said anything about what had really happened that night or he would be being interrogated by the administration.

Being Doug knew he was being closely monitored he decided to play nice to Melissa. He had started by apologizing via text but nothing that would incriminate himself. He had called her last night and they talked for a long time. He had asked her about her day. Not that he cared but he knew he had to get her to believe that he was going to be nice to her. It was really all just part of his manipulation of Mel. He could lure Melissa into a false sense of security then turn back into.his old self that would make her believe, even more, that what was happening was her fault.

He did have a few times, during the day, he could see her. In the morning, on the way to ISS, and on the way to practice. They would walk down a particular hallway and walk to practice together. It was a hallway near both of their classes and the ones without many cameras.

Doug had expected to see Mel there but didn't expect who was actually waiting for him.

Suddenly he was face to face and pinned to the wall by a rather angry Conner. He can't say he was surprised after all he had known Courtney would probably tell Conner about the threat.

Conner was bigger than Doug and not just in height and, to be honest, could probably pummel Doug single-handed.

Doug knew he needed to play this cool but could he keep his cool? He felt himself starting to be choked and coughed slightly. He knew stuff? How could he? Still, there was something that would get the football team to turn on him and it wasn't illegal high stake poker games. His face fell a moment but then his obnoxious self was back. "You've got nothing on me." Though it was clear there was something he was hiding. "I don't get you. Courtney is scholarship trash. Aren't you just slumming it with her?" His look then turned into a glare and his jealous side shown though, "Mel isn't part of your group. You just want her. Not that I can blame you but the only person she'll be doing anything with is me." Now of course that accusation was unhinged but so was Doug.

Conner was trying hard to hold back. He really did not want to put Melissa in danger. "Courtney and I go way back and Courtney and Melissa are friends which makes her my friend. So, get over it! I will be watching you. You might have not been directly involved in Melissa's accident. I know you left her there injured. People saw you leave the parking lot around the same time. So, don't play stupid with me Doug. I gave you a warning. Be glad it's me and not JD or Matt. With those two would you would not be walking away. I am keeping this to myself right now So, feel lucky! If you ever threaten Courtney in any way. You pull some they can't be friends shit. You have no say in that matter so stay out of it. It is up to Melissa who her friends are! Get it!" He says almost at a growl. Conner backs off about 10 feet quickly so Doug could not do anything to Conner. All that training with JD started to run in the back of his mind. All the things Doug could have done and the counters that came to Conners mind. In a lot of ways, Conner was hoping that Doug would try something.

Conner backed away and Doug got a look on his face in-between smug and like he knew something that Conner didn't. "Wow. How bad do you have it for them? Is Courtney into threesomes or something?" Doug knew Conner and Courtney were just good friends but he was trying to egg Conner on to get him into trouble.

Conner smiled trying to hide the fact he was about to smash Doug's face in. "Nah, she is like a sister to me. Unless you are into that family type of thing?" He said trying to turn it back at Doug. "So are you into your sister?" asked Conner in an almost insulting way.

At the mention of Doug's sister, his face twisted into unadulterated anger. "You know nothing about my sister. " Doug had no idea that Conner knew that Doug's sister was Dawn. Doug had come to hate Dawn with a passion because she had been a pain to him since getting to the school at least in his mind. All of this showed on his face and he was about to say more but, instead, his face went back to that smug look. Opting instead to not give too much away.

Conner heard someone was coming, heavy footsteps from behind him, he could hear the voice of the school security guy talking to other students as he passed. He turned the corner and saw Conner and Doug standing there. "Conner you should not be here move on." He said sternly to Conner. "Doug, get to class now. You cant be standing in the halls," said the school security guard.

Conner started to walk away "Mr. Sid, it is my fault, we had a talk, his brother is my roommate. See you later Doug. Zander says hi," said Conner with a smile as he walked away.

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