Bad To Worse

Ashley: Two Ceaser Salads and two large sweet teas please. It that okay Jack?

Jack: Fine.

Ashley was very happy and loving as she leaned on him. Jack sighed with a grouchy expression as he pulled his wallet out and looked at Jocelyn.

Jack: How much?

Jocelyn hit a few numbers on the pad in front of her. "Two teas, and two Parmesan Chicken Ceasers." a number flashed on the screen on their side. "$20 Dollars." but Jocelyn hit two more buttons and it suddenly went to $10. "That will be 1o dollars."
She saw this a lot. Someone roped into buying the pricey thing on the menu. Plus they got that guy to leave, and what where they going to do fire her. "Will that be all today?" she asked. Not making prolonged eye contact with either of them. The girl seemed like that would make her upset, and looking at the guy seemed like it would make her angry, so a lose, lose situation.
After getting paid she placed two large tea's on the tray, then the salads. Even throwing on two extra dressings. Since one was never enough.
"By the way." she paused. "Thank you for dealing with that guy." and she handed them their tray. "Enjoy your meal."

Jack put his wallet back in his pocket after paying for the meals. This was turning out to be a weird first date for him. Never in a million years would he be dating his sworn enemy who he thought till now was a guy and not a hottie on top of saving a fast food cashier from a pompous jerk. He was turning into a stereotypical good guys and it irked him a lot. Seeing the price change on the register made him wonder if they got a discount for some reason but the cashier wouldn't make eye contact or say anything related to the matter. Figuring it was best to let it go he nodded at her and spoke up.

Jack: Yeah thanks.

Then he picked up the food tray as Ashley spoke up to Jocelyn.

Ashley: Come on Jack I found our seats.

Jack sighed as he followed Ashley from behind as she deliberately swayed side to side to distract him as he couldn't help but check her out as he walked behind her. He knew she was doing that on purpose and it was working. His hate for her was slowly fading the longer he was around her and he hated it. They ended up sitting in a booth and she sat next to him to keep him from leaving. Seeing as he was trapped again he tried to eat in peace but Ashley insisted on talking to him so he did his best to nod or give simple answers to suit her.

Ashley talked about her time away from Jack as she moved a few times with her parents during her dad's time making movies. She then talked about how great it was that they would be in the same school together again. She hoped they would have the same classes together so they could have breakfast, lunch and dinner together at school. Jack sighed at the thought and hoped they had different schedules so he could get a break. If he was stuck with her for the next four years he might have to kill himself to escape her reach. As he ate his salad he fought the urge to cry in public as Ashley smothered him with affection. It was obvious to him she was a nut job who was going to stalk him into submission.

Oddly enough a few other guys came in for lunch tried to flirt with Ashley only to get ignored or quickly shot down with raised eyebrow and a crooked smile. Each time she blew another guy off he felt even more trapped. She was hot, smart, rich and could still kick his butt and this was not good for poor Jack. After lunch they tossed their garbage in the trash can and left back towards home. Along the way they stopped at the park since Ashley wanted Jack to pamper her and swing with her. As they swung on the swings side by side Ashley was quiet as she enjoyed the moment. Jack was glad to get some peace and quiet for a change. he closed his eyes to enjoy the blissful moment.

Of course that didn't last long when he came to a complete stop suddenly. He opened his eyes just in time to see A wicked smile on Ashley's face right before she planted a big kiss on him. He tried to back away only to find she moved with him and he was now hanging on the chains to keep from falling on his head. Now he was stuck with either giving into Ashley's kiss or hitting his head on the ground. So he let go and landed with a thump as Ashley stopped with her stomach on the swing seat. She laughed at Jack who was looking pathetic aster her kiss. He wanted to lash out at her but she offered her hand to pick him up and look at his head. She found a small lump and let his rest before they left home.

Jack: What's so funny?

Ashley: The way you got all panicky from our first kiss. Was it really that bad Jack?

Jack want to protest and tell her off but as he looked at her wicked smile he lost his nerve. Then he looked down and muttered instead.

Jack: I don't wanna talk about it.

Ashley laughed at him then kissed his cheek to mess with him.

Ashley: You're so cute when you pout.

After a bit more teasing Ashley made Jack escort her home before she kissed him on the cheek again and went home. He wiped off her kiss and went home to work out with his weights to get his stress out.


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