Minion Day But Not A Minion

Doug had woken up, texted Mel and Carter and then gone to the in school suspension room to start his day. He was actually kind of glad, he was missing minion day. He didn't like the idea of having to wait on anyone. Though he would have done it for show.

Still, Mel got Carter so, in Doug's mind he came out looking good by doing nothing.

Doug couldn't go the length of time of his restriction without gambling. So, he had online, late last night, done just that. Online poker game after lying about his age. He had won, lost, lost, won, then lost. He ended up down a few hundred dollars.

That's what had triggered the idea that Mel had had enough of a break from the real him. He needed to control something or someone because the gambling was so out of control.

By the time Thursday came around it would have been almost two weeks of him not controlling Melissa and the idea ate at him. The best way to regain that control would be to get her alone for a long period of time. To get her some place no one could interfere. So, the idea of the hotel came about. She couldn't escape him there and that was just what he wanted.

The school wore on but it eventually ended. Doug checked his text. Carter had let him know the day was going well with Mel. She had done what Doug wanted. Doug got an idea but it would have to wait until the end of the week. According to his own mind things were going to go just as he wanted next weekend.

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