Lance's Minion day

Lance had gotten up early Friday morning. He knew the lines would be longer today with Minion day in full swing. He got ready and walked down the stairs from the boy's dorm. He had gotten a room alone with his family's money and reputation and was semi-famous. It allowed him some amenities some did not have. He had heard about Conner and his dilemma of so many girls winning their bid on him. It annoyed him that the scholarship kids group seem to be having all the luck. What made them special they did not earn anything to deserve it.

He saw the Cafe Cart line was building with a line of mostly guys trying to get the girls they were serving for the day their drinks. He talked with some of the other guys as he waited. after He bought the two drinks he made his way to the Cafeteria he had just enough time to get set up before Elena would show up. The staff showed him to the table he had requested by the window. He would rather take her out this morning but the school just did not leave enough time to do it. He knew there were reasons.

He put her food on the tray powdered donuts and some cantaloupe with a Breakfast Burrito. For being a rich girl he had always thought she was a bit off. But that little British accent was so appealing. Lance gave a smile when Elena walked into the Cafeteria.

He walked up and smiled back "All this for me thank you honey." she said kissing him. Returning her kiss then Lance seated her and then walked to the other side. He sat "all for you" he replied. A staff monitor walked by looking at them. She cleared her thought and gave them a stern look. "none of that in here." she said quietly. Lance smiled He had forgotten as most couples do that they did not want that in the Cafeteria. "yes ma'am" Lance replied. After the staff monitor walked away Lance and Elena giggled.

Not too far from them in a corner almost privet like sat Rose and JD who just received the same warning from the staff. Lance's blood started to boil. why, how does he always seems to get the good places. Those two should be eating outside off the floor he thought. JD was feeding strawberries to Rose by hand. Then he saw Conner doing his thang as well with Alex. Now that did surprise him He would have to see why Alex would even be around that group. He knew that Conner was one of the most popular guys in the school. "Hay! earth to Lance." he heard Elena's voice. He turned to look at Elena who by this time looked a bit upset.

He gave a smile. Elena looked around "so are they more interesting than me right now?" she asked. He knew that he was in a little bit of trouble. "No, sorry Just seeing the monkeys eating." He replied. "Here let me make it up to you." He said. He picked up the powder donut and held it so Elena could take a bit of it. She leaned over and took a small bite of it. She leaned back peace of it fell and rolled down her school uniform shirt and skirt. The powder got on the shirt and her skirt. Lance jumped up with a napkin and tried to wipe the powder away. After a quick moment, he realized how that looked as he wiped across her chest and her skirt. Elena turned a little red in the face being embarrassed.

Lance stepped back and handed her the napkin. Trying to recover he said " How clumsy of me. There I think you can get the rest" He sat back in his chair looking down. Some in the room laugh lightly at them. Elena got a sly smile "thank for your help" she said. Then leaned in closer to lance. "Too erilay in the morning for that sort of thing Lance." She whispered and seductively took a bit of her food. Lance just smiled and went back to eating his breakfast. Now he was even angrier. It was all JD's fault for getting a better table picking out better food. Lance just wanted to have this breakfast over Now.

Lance and Elena finished their breakfast without any more problems Lance put through away their trash and cleaned up the area and walked Elena to class. Meeting up with Elena was not a problem and he normally carried her book bag. be for he knew it Lunchtime. He again had a table ready for Elena. He looked outside as he was putting the Lunch trays on the table he could not believe it. JD had set up a picnic on the far side of the lunch area. A woman was with them hoo looked to be his mom.
as Lance was arranging the food he watch the woman walk away and JD and Rose have their romantic lunch. He with so many other guys were getting tired of JD and Rose's lovey-dovey relationship.

Of all the things spaghetti was for lunch. Lance was growing tired of this now one mess up after other was starting to get to lance. the lunch was pleasant but the talk was JD and Rose not Lance and Elena and that angered him. JD had no standing in this school and did not deserve Rose at all. JD Should have not even been going to this school Lance thought.

Elena looked out the window "Lance, what, you want her more than me? You know JD never did that for me when we dated. Why did you not think of that?" Elena asked. Lance was about to explode. "Because!" He said kind of loud. Some looked at them then went back to eating. Elena looked at Lance she was angry now. "Really Lance did not have to act that way?" She asked him. Lance looked at the table. "It's is not me. Blame JD and Rose they are ananbomanation to the school." replied Lance.

"You don't have to worry about them. We will get them after the dance. Remember we don't want to mess that up, we can make them wish they had not dated after the dance," sneered Elena. Lance took a deep breath to relax" Yes, we can wait until after the dance." Lance said quietly. They finished their lunch and Lance cleaned up the table. He walked with Elena as they left the cafeteria He gave Elena a kiss. "We can go out tonight for dinner I have had enough of his school. I need to get out of here for a while. " Lance says waking with Elena. "Maybe I need to talk to JD and try to discourage him," Lance suggested. "You know I really like you. But know, don't corner him. You can't beat him in a fight I know it. I am not sure if I can now. War with words, don't get drawn into a physical fight." Elena told Lance. Lance gave her a nod and a kiss on her head as they walked. He answered, "ya I know." Lance and Elena got to her class they kissed and Lance rushed off to his class.

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