Didn't See That Coming

Blossom woke up to see a grouchy Ashley getting ready as she grumbled to herself. Blossom felt bad for her friend but sadly she could not help her. It was then she noticed a text from Kyle offering to get her breakfast for her. So Blossom then replied to Kyle what she would like and hoped she was not over doing it. Then she and Ashley got ready for their day.

Justin woke up early as Jack came back in from his morning workout and shower. They chatted a bit as Jack was still in a grouchy mood having to be a minion for the famous Roxy Roker. Justin tried to encourage poor Jack but understood his situation. While getting ready Justin texted April to order breakfast for her while Jack received a text from Roxy telling him to get her breakfast. Then after getting ready both boys made their way to the cafeteria.

Jack and Justin split up after coming down stairs. Then Jack sighed as he made his way to the coffee bar and cafeteria to pick up breakfast for Roxy. He was not really in the mood to be a minion but since he was obligated due to the auction event and the amount of money Roxy blew on him, he grudgingly gave in. After picking up his and her meals, he made his way to the tables and set up her food tray next to his. Then he simply sat down and began eating since he was hungry. He figured he should not go hungry waiting on her. Ironically he didn't finish before Roxy arrived before him. She did look good and photogenic. He knew why she was popular, but he didn't get why she was messing with him like this. Out of the corner of his eye he could feel Ashley's glare as she approached and sat next to him while looking at Roxy. Jack muttered to himself as he knew his day was going to suck big time.

Jack: Aw crap.

Roxy: Morning Jack.....Ashley. You are looking cute today.

Ashley: Yes Jack always looks cute.

Roxy giggled at Ashley's comment.

Roxy: True he does, but I was talking about you. Doesn't Ashley look cute Jack?

Jack gave Roxy a condescending look without looking at Ashley.

Jack: Of course she does.

After that breakfast was very uncomfortable for Jack and Ashley as Roxy had Jack feed her. Ashley did her best to stay cool but during her forced smile she bent up her silverware. Seeing as Jack still had his unused silverware Ashley used it to continue eating. Jack was in a grouchy mood now that he had to cater to another female. He really wanted to crawl under his covers and call it a day. Sadly he ran out of time and could not finish his breakfast.

As for the rest of the day Ashley and Roxy began competing who could boss Jack around better. Poor Jack was stuck carrying all their stuff along with his stuff from class to class. Jack's stress levels were nearing their peak as he was worn out before lunch time.

Then lunch time came and it was basically a repeat of breakfast as Jack had to feed both Ashley and Roxy as they competed for his attention. Of course when Ashley felt she had the lead, Roxy would make a pass at her and add more tension in the air. It was so awkward for Jack that he forgot to eat and he ran out of time. Then the bell rang and he was once again forced to be a mule for Ashley and Roxy as he was exhausted. Each class only added to his mental and physical fatigue.

Then on their way to their last class Jack stumbled and passed out on the floor by the class room. This of course freaked out the teacher as well as Ashley and Roxy who eventually realized they caused poor Jack to go without lunch. Out of guilt they carried him to the nurse and explained the situation to her as they put him on a rest bed. Since they felt obligated to take care of Jack now they took turns putting a cold compress on his forehead while serving him some orange juice till he could regain his senses. As he came to he found he was now being pampered by both Ashley and Roxy who had a big look of regret on their faces. They both apologized for running him ragged and were on the verge of tears as they apologized to him.

Not wanting to see girls cry he told them it was fine and that he was just tired from lack of sleep. Of course they were glad he didn't hold a grudge or blame them as they continued to take care of him. To make it up to him they made plans to take him to dinner to a nice place. This concerned Jack since he was not big on fancy places. In order to find out where they were going he asked how to dress and they told him they were going to Joe's Crab Shack since he liked it. Jack was pleasantly surprised they would do that for him. Oddly enough he was actually looking forward to it.

After he recovered they walked him to his dorm section before letting him clean up and change. Ashley and Roxy then left to do the same in their dorms. It was weird for them to get along, but in their mind Jack needed their support more than their bickering. Once they were all gussied up they met Jack at the front of the building after checking out. Roxy already had a driver and large car waiting for them to drive them to the Crab Shack. The drive was pleasant but weird as Jack sat between Ashley and Roxy. Rather than fighting they were being polite and holding his hands as they listened to the music playing.

Jack had to fight the urge to not laugh at the irony of the song playing. He didn't want to ruin the pleasant mood since they were being nice to him for a change. That and he was starving since he missed lunch. He just kept quiet and listen to the music as he held hands with both girls who were leaning on him at this point.

Eventually he got a reprieve as they arrived at the Crab Shack and the drive let them out. Jack was again surprised that both Roxy and Ashley opened the doors for him and had a reservation waiting. With a flower in each arm they escorted him to their table. The music in the background was a bit retro but felt a bit odd to him.

After the waiter took their orders the girls made sure to attend to Jack as best as they could out of guilt. Jack was afraid to say no as he smiled and accepted their efforts. Eventually the appetizers and drinks came and of course poor Jack was not allowed to feed himself. Both Ashley and Roxy took turns feeding Jack which was a bit odd and it made him a bit embarrassed as the other customers gave him some glares as if he was showing off having two girls with him.

However Jack preferred those glares over an angry Ashley or Roxy at this point. Not to mention he did love seafood. Eventually their meals came and he had the large mixed seafood platter which smelled so good. Sadly he had to be hand fed the rest of his meal in order to keep the peace. It was weird being spoiled like that but nice at the same time. Jack did his best to be polite and respectful as they pampered him like a king. Then the staff came out as a new song came on the speakers.

The staff announced someone's birthday and began to do a rehearsed dance to celebrate the older man who was celebrating his birthday. The customers were amused by the song and dance. Jack of course found the song ironic regarding his situation with two crazy dates who were being nice now but that could always change in a moment. Eventually a staff member came out with dessert for Jack and the girls to share. Of course this was a bit different as they took turns feeding him the hot molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Granted it was good, but he felt weird that they used the same two spoons to share with him.

After dinner was over the girls covered the bill and they escorted Jack back to the car while linking arms again. Jack was now full and doing his best to act polite to keep the girls happy. It was a lot of work but they were easier to be around when they were nice. Then another ironic song came on the radio.

Jack once again held the hands of both girls who seemed content as the song played on. The driver seemed to have prior directions since he didn't ask the girls where to go. It wasn't long before they arrived near the school at a bike rental place. Jack was a bit confused till they had a reservation again to rent a four wheeled bike with a backseat. They put Jack in the back seat as they both pedaled down the bike path sidewalk. Jack could feel the breeze in his face as he could see both girls before him. he tried not to admire their bodies but he found it hard not to notice. They were both beautiful and had a sweet side when they were not driving him crazy. Eventually they arrived at a long pier to watch the sunset. Granted it was an amazing sight he was afraid they would revert back to their crazy selves again.

However he was surprised they they were actually casual and polite as they talked about how they found him fun to be around compared to other guys. They both admitted to being difficult and slightly crazy sometimes. Of course Jack just listened to avoid digging his own grave. Ashely and Roxy agreed to be friends for now and the three of them would hang out more often. Jack was worried that this would be a doomed situation but didn't want to rock the boat. Eventually Roxy laughed as she spoke to Jack.

Roxy: So since you are the only guy who can handle our level of crazy you are stuck with us Jack.

Jack's eyes bulged out as he looked at Ashley who was also laughing. It was then he knew he was now double screwed in a bad way. As the sun set he could feel his heart sink into his stomach as well. After the bike ride back to the rental place they picked up some Starbuck coffees and headed back to the school to relax in the back area on a picnic bench. Roxy and Ashley seemed more open with each other as they made some inside jokes and laughed at them. Jack felt very out of place as he quietly drank his coffee with his own hands this time. Eventually it got late and he was allowed to go to his dorm where he met Justin. Jack told Justin what happened and Justin found it amusing Jack was in a Twilight Zone moment. Later that night Jack had a very strange dream where he was dressed in fine silk robes sitting on a golden throne that was placed on top of a pyramid made of gold. Then he looked to see he was surrounded by beautiful women who began throwing little pickles at him.


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