A Picnic Under The Trees

(JP with Redsword)

Takes place Friday lunch; Minion Service Day

JD was waiting for class to get out the boys were able to leave just before class let out so they could carry books or whatever their bosses wanted for the day. his phone when off and the text read ready. he got a smile across his face. The buzzer sounded and the lunch period started. JD stands patiently waiting on his girl to walk out of class.

Rose's mind should have been on class but it was hard to concentrate as she looking forward to seeing JD again and wondering what he planned for lunch.

This class was one of only two she didn't have with Sam. So, Sam wasn't there reminding her to pay attention.

The bell finally rang and she walked out of the class. Smiling upon seeing her boyfriend she went up to him. "Hey, you know you're really good at this minion stuff." She smiled.

"Thank you, and you look beautiful as ever." He took her book bag and carried it on the opposite. he put his arm out for her. "shall we be on our way?"

They walk towards the cafeteria. Then turned down another hall and out a door to the outside near the lunch area. They walked along a bush hedge. Then came out on the far end of the lunch outside area. JD's mom was standing beside a large blanket on the ground with a basket on it. The whole setup was under a tree that was far from the tables but could be monitored by lunch monitors.

As Rose and JD walk up his mom smiled, "Rose nice to see you again. JD be a gentleman. I will be back after lunch," she said.


Rose was curious about what JD had planned. She didn't ask, though, as she wanted to wait to see what it was, exactly.

She hadn't expected such a nice setup as it was better than what the cafeteria usually planned. Rose was even more surprised to see JD's mom standing there.

Rose smiled back at JD's mom, "It's nice to see you as well. Thank you for doing this."

Of course, Rose was always polite but she really did mean everything she had just said.

"You are welcome, Rose. One day JD has to bring you over so we can have time to talk. Now JD, not too much kissing. Enjoy your food. Bye, kids." Ms. Davenport said with a smile walking away.

He walked over to the basket and opened it he took out the plates and utensils. the food was Empanadillas Gallegas (Little Galician Turnovers), Rustic Baguette, Turrón (Spanish Almond Candy), some Ham and charcuterie meats, cheeses, and some sparkling red grape juice.

JD placed the plate in front of her what would you like?" he asked.

Once JD'S mom walked away Rose sat down and watched as JD pulled the different things out of the basket.

"It all looks so good." She committed as she decided what to choose. Rose choose one of her Empanadillas, some of the baguette, a little ham, some of the cheeses, and some juice She'd have some candy for dessert.

JD opened the bottle of sparkling red grape juice and poured it into wine glasses, and handed one to her. He waited until she was ready he lifted his glass up. "To you the most beautiful woman I know," he said looking deeply into Rose's eyes.

Rose felt her cheeks turn warm again. JD might not have known the power that was. Rose looked down for a moment trying to regain her composure. She wanted to kiss him right then though that would require her leaning over the food. She settled for saying, "Grazie." The way he made her feel other words failed her, for the moment. Rose clicked her glass with his and sip the sweet liquid in it.

JD could see in her eyes what she wanted. He thought on it as he pulled a little square speaker out and he pulled out his phone and it started to play some romantic music. this placed him closer to Rose and to the side of the food. JD waited until she was done chewing food with her proper eating gave him time to give her what she wanted. He reached out and gently placed his hand at the back of her head bent over and kissed her passionately.

The music was nice, JD moving closer to her was even better. She took proper small bites and chewed her food. After her bite was finished. She felt his hand go behind her head. She was being kissed passionately and was returning the kiss with just as much passion. There was no resistance and she didn't really want it to end so lingered for several moments of their lips passionately meeting one another.

JD leaned in more supporting her with his hands. So Rose would not have to and could just relax with the kiss. He could stay this way all day and never complain. It scared him sometimes looking into her eyes as he put his forehead against hers touching noses. Sometimes it felt like he could see into her soul. He felt vulnerable knowing she could do the same. He had never been with anyone like this. The deep feelings he felt for her. His breathing became irregular the more he thought about her things flashing through his mind. as he got more aroused from her kiss. "Non c'è niente che voglio più di te." (There is nothing I want more than you.) he whispered softly in a romantic tone.

Rose has never met anyone like JD and she had never had this kind of connection before. She felt like he could see into her thoughts and she wasn't scared by this at all. Actually, it gave a sense of calm. She felt like she was looking deep inside him as well with how close they were. Her breath took a moment to steady. She spoke quietly. " Il sentimento è molto reciproco." (The feeling is very mutual.) She kind of wished they could just get into a car and go someplace more private but that wasn't an option at the moment.

JD relaxed for a second. "In questo momento riesco a malapena a smettere di baciarti. È così difficile smettere." (Right now I can barely stop kissing you. It's so hard to stop.) He says in Italian whispering in her ear. He kisses her cheek by her ear then nibbles on her earlobe. He knew these things but had never done anything like this with anybody. JD sat back some and took a deep slow breath to relax. He seemed to be speechless not knowing what to say to her. JD looked back towards the school it looked like no one was paying to attain to them. then looked into her eyes. "Eat some more we still have the day to get through. "Se continuo così. Potremmo non farcela alla nostra prossima lezione. " (If I keep this up. We may not make it to our next class," he said speaking in Italian.

She smiled at his words. They were still at school so there were limits to what they could do but there might have been a brief thought or two that passed through Rose's mind. Biting her lip as he nibbled on her earlobe. Then he mentioned food.

"Sei molto distratto" (You're very distracting.) Rose said playfully as she took a bite of her food.

JD lays on his side facing her propped up with his arm he smiles "Who me?" he said in a sarcastic tone, "If you don't like I can stop?" He said looking like he was fake pouting.

Rose smiled and played along, "Non osare" (Don't you dare.)

She sipped some of the sparkling grape juice. "I wish we had longer than an hour." It was just so nice; the picnic, the weather, and being here with JD. Especially, being here with JD.

"The only thing now I am looking forward to now is more time with you and Sunday. I think the food will be even better." He said with a warm smile. taking some Baguette, ham, salami, and cheese making him an open face sandwich.

"That will be nice. I think tomorrow will be fun." At least she hoped so. It had taken some doing to get everything planned for the boardwalk party.

JD thought about the party, "I am here if you need me. I know most of the places, and Conner I know knows most of the places or where to get something you might need." he said sitting up.

"Thanks," Rose said. "I'll be making sure everything is finalized tonight. So, I can let you know if I need any last-minute things? If you want to hang out later. It probably won't be exciting but that's what I'll be doing."

He just smiled at Rose, "Not exciting? As long I am with you it will always be exciting. You are really worth all of this. Don't let anyone tell you differently," he said still eating slowly.

She smiled at him. It was nice to be complimented like that. She finished her food and then tried one of the almond candies. "These are really good. I don't think I've had them before. What are they called?"

"Turrón, that I think is my grandmother's recipe. I have them when my mom makes them." JD replied taking one too.

Rose nodded, they really were good. She leaned over and kissed JD. Softer more gentle than before. "Thank you for arranging all of this." Time was going by and she knew it would be time to go to class soon. She didn't really know how she was going to concentrate for the rest of the day.

"Any time for you," he replied. JD looked at his phone and groaned. "There is just not enough time in the day to spend with you," he said with a disappointed look on his face. You can finish what you want while I clean up. Take the Turrón with you you can share it or just eat it yourself." JD says starting to put things away.

She agreed there wasn't enough time to spend with JD. She nodded about finishing what she wanted but she had enough food. Rose took the Turron, making sure it was well sealed, and placed it in her backpack as JD cleaned up.
After the basket was pack he looked at the time. "wow, whole two minutes before the buzzer. what to do he as Rose stands up he wraps his arms around her. "We have two minutes before lunch is over what am I to do." He whispers to her then kisses Rose.

They spent a good few moments of the last minutes and as they broke the kiss, the buzzer indicating the end of lunch went off.

He walked her to her next class, "I will see you soon," he said kissing her again. Then walk back to the office to drop off the basket for his mother. Then he went go to his next class not that he was in the right mindset for it. His mind was on other things or should we say a certain person?

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