Alex and Conner Minion Morning

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Alex woke up Friday morning as the alarm went off.
She moaned as she was too tired to get up. Sadly her roomie nagged her to get up as they got ready. Eventually, she sighed and forced herself to sit up and rub her eyes. She looked rather disheveled as he hair was all over the place and her pajamas were all over the place. Alex as a bed hog and sometimes found her jammies halfway off as she woke up. Though she was attractive and got the attention of guys she was not always ladylike. In fact, she was a bit of a slob behind closed doors. So after she dragged herself out of bed she looked at her phone and remembered she has Conner as her manservant for half a day today.


She grinned as she texted him to get her breakfast ready so she didn't have to stand in line. She wants a hazelnut coffee with four sugars and cream, a bacon egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with hash browns. She would have asked him to carry her down but guys were not allowed in the girl's dorm. So she collected her stuff for the day and made her way to the shower to clean up and then got dressed for her day. She then made her way down to the cafeteria hoping for her manservant to be ready with breakfast.

The next morning after the action Conner had got up and did his normal routine but added a little cologne this time. he grabbed his pack and walked out the door. Conner was going to have fun with this to he had planed some stuff the night before. He stood next to the Cafeteria holding a sign that said Alex Russo in some fancy lettering. like he was picking her up from the airport. Conner wanted to do something a little different for each girl.

Alex almost choked laughing as she saw Conner with his sign. She could totally imagine Conner working at a radio station doing promoting. This cute side of him made her want to keep him to herself. So she approached him and smiled as she spoke up.

Alex: Good morning Conner. Ready to cater to my every whim?

Conner smiled lowering his arms He smiled at her and said almost a joking way. He lead her to the table where her breakfast was.

Conner: Yes my princess. Your breakfast is over here.

He pulls out her chair for her and guides her in to then slide her closer to the table. he moves to one side of her.

Conner: as you ordered a hazelnut coffee with four sugars and cream, a bacon egg, and a cheese breakfast sandwich with hash browns. Is there anything else you need?

Alex was in a bit of awe as Conner the order right. She half expected there to be something wrong. She was in hog heaven as she felt spoiled. She sipped her coffee and it tasted amazing. then she bit into her breakfast sandwich and moaned as it melted in her mouth. She was tempted to make Conner feed her but it would be kind of embarrassing in public. She loved the idea of being pampered into complete laziness. Then she looked at Conner and patted him on the head.

Alex: You are such a good boy. I can see why you are so popular with the ladies. If you keep it up I might have to keep you all to myself.

Alex then took another bite of her food and sip of her coffee.

Alex: This is really good. Are you gonna eat?

Conner: I had my protein shake and egg switch. something JD and I do most mornings after our workout. He's trying to get me into better shape. So when we practice our MMA sparring I am more of a challenge to him. If that's possible.

He bent over with a napkin and touched the side of her mouth with it.

Conner: can't have you make a mess you face is too pretty for that.

Alex paused in mid-bite as her eyes widened and looked at him. She never expected him to say he was into MMA, much less eating so healthy. She has no desire to exercise or eat healthy and since she had a high metabolism she was not afraid to gain weight. Then she swallowed her food and replied.

Alex: Oh wow. So you are into that stuff huh?

When he cleaned her mouth she almost blushed since only her mom ever did that to her. His compliment only added to her redness. Each time he did something sweet it only made her want to put a leash on him and make him her own personal pet. She wanted him to spoil her forever, but that was a bit unrealistic. So she spoke up.

Alex: So are you always so sweet to all the girls or are you trying to win some brownie points with me?

Conner gave a charming smile

Conner: call it my up brining my mother taught me well. The MMA stuff let's just say this summer had so some ruff points and JD was not impressed with me just throwing people around. But enough about me. I want to know more about you.

Conner said looking into her eyes deeply.

Alex almost snarfed her breakfast when Conner put on his charm. Granted she found him attractive and charming but he had moments when he was funny. These were endearing qualities she like in a guy. She could imagine him pampering her after marriage as he treated her like a queen.

Alex: Awww you are so cute when you want to be huh? Well to answer your question I like art, choir, good food and being spoiled. What else do you want to know?

Conner got a seductive smile.

Conner "well" he paused to be dramatic. "where are you from? where did you grow up? what do you like?" things like that

He paused to see what she was thinking. where she might go with the day. what she might be after. He just hoped he could gauge her right.

Alex was amused that Conner was so curious about her. Either he was trying to get her to talk about herself or really liked her, but she was fine with that since she love to talk about herself as well.

Alex: Born and raised in Malibu, Cali. I loved it there. They have lots of cool stuff there and when I was in the mood we hit the beach. I have a bikini that might make your jaw hit the floor. If give me another date I might let you see me in it.

Conner seemed surprised at what he said.

Conner: I did not know you were from Cali. I have lived in that area when I was younger don't remember it though. Spent most of my life here and I spend almost all my time at the beach in the summer.

He leans back and looks at her curves and gets a smile.

Conner: You in a bikini, That could be interesting. So what would you want me to wear?

Conner now leaning forward talking more quietly and talking playfully.

Alex gave Conner a sly smile as she looked him up and down. It was obvious she had something naughty in mind and she let out a "Hmmmp.." before she spoke up.

Alex: We can settle for swimming trunks. Why did you want me to say a mere towel? If I didn't know better I would swear you like being adored by the ladies. So if I asked for a foot rub would you indulge me?

Alex looked at Conner with a sly grin as she waited for his answer.

Conner gave a sly smile

Conner: yes I would, anything else you need to be rubbed?"

conner him talking in a low tone. This would tell him what she might be after other than a slave for a day. he would be a little more conscious around her from now on until he really got to know her.

Conner: adored by the ladies? I have not asked for it it just happened. only a mere towel? well, I have not done that or a girl before honestly.

Alex giggled as she finished up her breakfast sandwich and her coffee. Of course, she still had some cheese on the corner of her mouth as she finished up. She had no clue her mouth was messy as she looked at Conner and spoke up.

Alex: Would you be a dear and tidy up for me. Then could you carry my stuff to class with me?

Alex was trying to come off as sexy with her messy mouth.

Conner gave her a smile

Conner: it would be my pleasure.

Conner retched with the napkin wiping her mouth. then started to put everything in the trash or tub. He held out his hand to help her up. Then he got her book bag and stands beside her waiting for her.

Alex was a bit shocked that Conner would wipe her mouth. Only her mom would try to do that. She was not sure if it was him being nice or looking down on her as a messy kid. This made Alex question Conner's motives now. Was he just being polite to her today or was he interested in her. She needed to get the bottom of this but only had a few hours with him today. So She needed to con him out of a date in the future to get more info from him. So her plan was to guilt trip Conner for a future date.

Oh, Thank you, Conner. You are being a sweetie. It's to bad I only get half a day with you consider how much I paid for you. So by chance, you wouldn't mind if I requested an extra date from you in the near future, would you?

Conner thought is that all she wants?

Conner: It will have to be next week Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. but yes we could do that.

Conner walked close beside her he would keep his charm up. He will see where this goes.

Alex was pleased she got her date with Conner so easily. It allowed her to plan on how to prepare while gathering info on him. She wanted to keep him as a loyal pet/boyfriend who catered to her. Sadly she did have some competition to worry about. As it was Kaylee and Blossom seemed to have eyes for Conner as well. Blossom was the shy girl next door type and Kaylee was the fun outdoors type. Each had something different they brought to the table. Alex had confidence in herself since she believed she had a better figure than Kaylee and Blossom, especially on her chest.

As they walked to class Alex rather enjoyed having Conner carry her stuff, including her purse. She was surprised he would carry it without being embarrassed. Once at class, she thanked Conner for his service and once class was over she once again used him as he butler till lunch came about. She then asked Conner to get her lunch for her since she wanted a burger, fries, and a soda. She then waited in her spot as she waited for her food.

Conner had fun with Alex walking her to her classes. He stayed his normal charming self giving her compliments now in then on how she looked. carrying her stuff was no problem he was very confident as a guy so carrying her purse was not a big deal to Conner and most of the time impressed the girls he was with. he even made the joke if it look good with what he was wearing.

Conner walked up with two trays of food placed them on the table he took a napkin and placed it in her lap. Then took the food, drink and arranged it in front of her to eat and drink. Even cutting the burger in half for her. When he was done he smiled at her. he took the other tray and arranged his own food.

Conner: I hope this is to your satisfaction.

Alex giggled as Conner was spoiling her.

Alex: I am really enjoying this. I am a bit I have to give you up to another girl after lunch. Will you miss me when I am gone?

Alex gave Conner her alluring but sad expression in hopes to sink a claw into his heart before he would leave her. She loved him spoiling her and would miss it when he left her. Sadly she would have to wait for her next date with him to try again.

Conner gave a smile. This girl really wants another date. He did not think she was just paying around anymore or just wanted one day either. There is more in her eyes and her expression.

Conner: gone? I will be around the school and you are letting one of my best friends have some time. You have nothing to fear from Courtney. What is so bad about that?

Conner asked that question thinking about she is like the jealous type they never worked well with Conner.

Alex gave Conner a half-smile as he replied to her about still being around. She wonder if that was an open invite to hang out with him. However, she would now have to choose between hanging with her group and him. It was a bit complicated but she was gonna have to do something if she wanted to win him over. She liked how he spoiled her and hoped to enjoy it a lot more.

Alex: Awww you can be such a tease you know that. So does this mean I have to patiently wait till you have time for me? Girls can get impatient to you know.

Conner took a bit of his burger and waited until he swallowed his food before answering her. Alex did not come across as the jealous type. Girls can get impatient he has seen that on many occasions even had girls this summer just show up at his house that drove his parents crazy. Just to get ahead of other girls. He still did not understand why they found him so appealing. Besides he was good-looking and had a nice car and money. In the past, he did not care. Now something inside of him wanted more something real. He wanted more in the future than a trophy wife or a beach bimbo. Kaylee and Blossom flashed in his mind. He realized how he was changing.

Conner: I have made some promises. That is one thing that I will not brake there is no negotiation on this. I said I would get together at the earliest on Monday. We can spend the night together then.

Conner realized how that musted of sounded and was not sure how Alex was going to take that statement.

Conner: Ah.. I meant we could go out then. I know some nice places around town we could go to if you want. I think it would be fun, Alex.

Alex gave Conner a sly grin at his misused of words. She was amused by his slip of the tongue and pleased by his determination to appease the girls he was dating.

Alex: That works.

Sadly their time at lunch was coming to an end and it was only a matter of time before Courtney came to claim Conner for the rest of the day.

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