Bad News Before Breakfast

Takes place Friday morning; Minion Service Day

Melissa had woken up this morning to two texts. One from Carter saying he'd meet her in front of the girls' dorm before breakfast. Not being fully awake she had almost forgotten about it being minion day.

The second one was from Doug, of course. He had been really good to her since the incident at the beach party but she knew it was only a matter of time before things went back to bad

On the text was an indication it wasn't that far off. Doug had texted her a picture of what she needed to eat for breakfast. He tried to cover it by saying he had heard she wasn't eating healthy. Damn spies. Melissa really wished she could figure out who they were. When Doug had added he was worried about her, for the sake of anyone who might see the text, Melissa thought she might just be sick to her stomach. Ok, a food request wasn't the worst thing Doug could be doing and so she'd just go with it.

The next thing sent from Doug was a picture of a hotel. A really nice hotel. And a room, a suite actually. Melissa really needed coffee before dealing with Doug's texts as she couldn't figure out why he was texting her pics off of a hotel's website. With an audible sign she texted back.

Melissa: That's a nice hotel and room.

Doug: Well, good thing you like it. I rented the suite for us, next weekend.

Melissa was really confused now. Doug would be getting off of restriction the Thursday before the dance. But they couldn't just spend a night in a hotel room.

Melissa: That's nice but us spending a night in a hotel I think is against the school's rules.

Doug: You're really stupid sometimes.

And there's the Doug she knows and hates.

Doug: Our first dance together requires something special, so, Saturday before the dance we'll go to the hotel and spend the day there. We'll go back to school before the dance. Then we'll go back to the hotel on Sunday and be back to the school before curfew.

Melissa: I don't think that it's a good idea.

Doug: Do you think I care what you think? That's what we're doing next weekend. And you will do that or I might just lose my temper. You don't want that do you?

Melissa: No.

Doug: I didn't think so. You will delete this text when we're done. I'll have someone check.

Melissa: I'll delete it.

Doug: Ok, go get ready for breakfast. I'll see you later

Melissa put down the phone and sat down on the bed, she released that she was shaking and took a few deep breaths. Doug and her alone in a hotel room? The idea terrified her. No scenero that played out in her mind about this was good. There was no way she'd be safe alone with him and there was no way she could say no.

Her head was spinning and she didn't know how long she sat there until her phone went off and she realized it was Carter asking if everything was ok. She was about 15 minutes late. She texted back she'd be down in a few minutes.

Carter had been starting to wonder when Doug would revert back to his ways. He wasn't that concerned with it at the moment though because Doug was in restriction and the security had been keeping a closer eye on him than normal. Carter knew about this because Doug would text him and complain how unfair his punishment was. Part of Carter wanted to reach through the phone and strangle Doug, well maybe more than part of him.

As he was waiting on Melissa, a text came from Doug asking Carter to make sure Melissa deleted some text. Carter could only shake his head.

Mel arrived. He took her backpack to carry it for her and then offered to buy her a coffee at the coffee cart as they had time. He bought her a pumpkin spice latte, as requested, and got himself a vanilla latte and then sat down at the table. Opposite of Mel.

They started talking but it quickly became clear something was bugging Melissa.

Carter finally just asked, "Ok, what's wrong?"

Mel seemed as if she had been startled out of a thought. "Oh, sorry. It's nothing."

Carter shook his head, "You really need to stop doing that. I can't help if I don't know what's going on." He thought for a moment. "Does this have anything to do with the text Doug sent you this morning. The one he told me to make sure you had deleted."

Melissa breathed and nodded.

Carter gently said, "Whatever Doug said isn't on you. Can I see it?"

Melissa paused for a long moment and then pulled out her phone. She did a few things on the screen and then handed Carter her phone. As he scrolled through the texts, his feelings went from hatred, to anger, to disgust aimed all at Doug. Carter took some long deep breaths. He couldn't lose his cool, right now, it would blow everything, but he really wished he could just make Doug pay for what he was putting Melissa through.

Carter: "Has anyone else seen this?"

Melissa shook her head, "No."

Carter said," Send me a copy of it and then delete it from your phone."

Melissa was a little concerned now, "Why?"

"Just in case. Can you, from now on, send me any text Doug asks you to delete?" Carter asked her. "I won't show them to anyone but who knows they might be needed at some point."

Melissa responded, "Sure."

Carter then looked her directly in the eye and said, "I promise you. You won't have to go to that hotel with Doug." The idea of what Doug might be planning for Mel, gave Carter a bad feeling in his gut, and he'd be damned if he'd let that happen.

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