The Beginning of Something New (Part one)

JP with Jaxx

Sadie had texted Joey information on what she expected for her money to Joey in the morning.

The first thing was, this morning before breakfast, to meet her downstairs in the lobby area of the girls' dorms. Where the guys would wait for the girls.

She would have had him bring her breakfast in bed if it had been allowed but it wasn't. She would have to settle for him getting her breakfast in the cafeteria.

She had her backpack with her; while her school supplies were of course in there, there also might have been a few extra things today.

She went downstairs, just thinking the
the moment she saw him he would be put to work. She was going to get her money's worth.

Joey was up early since he had to work out to keep his model figure. After his workout he took a shower and spent almost an hour fixing up his hair. He was as vain as they came when it came to snobby rich good looking guys. Ironically he was a typical stereotype and statistic. Then he got the text from Sadie and smirked as he read it. Today he was going to be Sadie's servant for fun. Of course to him it was just a game and he could use this opportunity to charm Sadie and get closer to adding another notch on his belt. Yes folks, Joey did keep a record of the girls he had relations with and bragged to Charlie about it all the time. So after his grooming was done he made his way to the cafeteria and purchased Sadie's order and then carried it to the place she liked to sit at. Then he played on his phone till she showed up.

Sadie arrived at the cafeteria. She spotted Joey playing on his phone but also noticed he had gotten her breakfast.

Step one was in play even if Joey probably didn't know it. She walked over to him and gave him a smile, she'd start out somewhat easy

Sadie: Hi,minion.

Her tone though was in-between it being a joke or not. Better to keep him guessing. She sat down and took a sip of her coffee. It had gotten a little on the cooler side. First thing to do.

Sadie turned to Joey and with a voice that could turn water into syrup commented.

Sadie: Oh, minion. My coffee has gotten a little cold. Could you get me a fresh cup? Same as before two sugars and cream.

Joey was not really paying attention to Sadie since he was reading a rather long email from his agent about some changes in his modeling schedule and pay. He was so involved in his email that he was unaware of Sadie's expression as she asked for hot coffee. Instinctually he muttered to her as he got up and purchased a new coffee with two sugars and cream put in by the coffee person as he was still reading his email. Then he returned with the coffee without paying attention and put it on the table. He seemed a bit stressed by the email and had no idea he just got coffee for Sadie again. His career was going to get complicated now and he was lost in thought.

Sadie didn't like being ignored. She usually had her girls hanging on her every word. The fact that Joey was paying far more attention to, whatever it was he was reading, than he was to her was really annoying her.

Sadie: "Joey!"

The irritation in her voice was obvious.

Sadie: What is so important that'd you'd ignore me?

She really didn't understand something could be more than her at this moment.

Joey was in deep thought till Sadie snapped him out of it. He looked around and was puzzled by where he was and when Sadie appeared next to him. He had a lost expression on his face as his brain was coming back to reality. Then he responded to her while still confused.

Joey: Oh hey Sadie. Sorry for spacing out. My agent just gave me some messed up news.

Joey looked like a kicked puppy at this point.

Joey scratched his head as he was not sure how to answer her. Some of the email was confidential so he felt it would be bad to talk about it without his agent present. Then he rubbed his temples before responding to Sadie.

Joey: Sorry I don’t think I can talk about it yet till my agent lets me. Was this what you wanted for breakfast?

She hadn't actually asked to hear about it just was giving him a chance to take care of it if he needed to.

Sadie: Yes, its fine. Thanks.

She ate her food and sipped her coffee.

Sadie: Did you hear the rumor that some guy was won by four girls?

Sadie wasn't a gossip, excately, but really juicy tidbits had to be passed along.

Joey was caught off guard by what Sadie said.

Joey: What? That sounds like a joke. I mean the rules said one guy per girl and if anyone would be that popular… it’s gonna be me.

Then Joey posed with a smoulder.

Joey: I wouldn’t be surprised if I was top three on the most popular guys raking in the dough.

Well, that got his attention.

Sadie: Something about a glitch in the system. That's what I heard. I also heard some of the other rich girls got no one.

When Joey said he thought he was top three; Sadie wanted to laugh but she didn't. Instead she used that to her advantage.

Sadie: Maybe, you did. In that case though I want my money's worth.

Joey nodded as he smiled at Sadie. His large ego could be seen for miles. Her words only puffed up his ego even more. So when he replied to Sadie he down played his competition.

Joey: I figured it had to be a technical thing since that situation sounds made up. I bet that guy didn’t make nearly as much as I did with all four of his supporters. As for the chicks who came out empty handed, I bet they were just competing for the same guys like myself. So their loss is your gain Sadie.

Joey smiled at Sadie as he boasted.

Sadie could so see the ego coming off of him. She was starting to wonder if the cafeteria was large enough for Joey and his ego.

Sadie: Probably. And yes I really won a prize. So, you might need to think of some way to earn it. You know I'm not sure just carrying my books and trays will be enough.

Joey chuckled at Sadie's comment and smiled at her. He was planning to show off today now that he had his mind right. He looked at Sadie and nodded as he replied.

Joey: Well that is a tall order you want there Sadie. I get that you want the total package since you paid top dollar for me.

Joey tried to flex his muscles like the "Rock" from the wrestling show. In his mind his body was Top Shelf.

Joey: So are we talking a Princess Carry? Maybe some theme music along the way? Perhaps a school date with yours truly?

Sadie's mind was filling with ideas. She wanted to snap her fingers and make him jump to attention.

Sadie: A princess carry? Hmmm...that would be fun. A date sounds good. I think you need to take me out to dinner tonight. Some place nice. Not any of those cheap places the scholarship students go. And you have to dress in a jacket, nice pants. A suit is fine if you want.

She leaned in close to his ear, and spoke quietly so only he could hear.

Sadie: Who knows, if your a good minon you might get a treat before the nights over

Teasing him with the possibilities. She sat back up and continued to eat breakfast.

Joey's ears turned red when Sadie whispered in his ear. He felt he was getting closer to adding a new notch on his belt. A naughty grin appeared on his face as he moved back and winked at her.

Joey: I think letting you enjoy a lavish night with your truly is the least I could do for you. After all not every girl can have that opportunity you know.

Joey seemed proud of the fact he saw himself as a ladies man. He then pulled out his phone and texted a message real quick.

Joey: Well I think we can take you somewhere nice, if that is what you want.

Then he got a text and smiled as he looked at her and replied.

Joey: Well my dear Mistress. I just got us a reservation at the exclusive "Glaciers" restaurant (a fancy place with fake fancy ice sculptures and furniture). Its a black tie exclusive place so it meets all your needs and our reservation will be at 6 pm. I have a limo booked to pick us up at 5:30 so we can enjoy ourselves before and afterwards.

Joey then texted her the info in case she wanted to see for herself.

Sadie was impressed, actually, with the speed at which Joey got the reservations taken care of.

Sadie: Sounds perfect.

She looked to see the reservation and smiled. He seemed very pliable which is what she wanted.

She finished breakfast and ordered him to take care of her tray. Once that task was done she had him carry her book bag to her first class.

It was a lot of that during the day. On a free period she had him meet her in then Home EC room with the sewing machines and made him fetch her things while she worked on something for her fashion design class.

At gym she made him move mats for cheerleading practice but then told him to go to football practice. That was one thing even she wouldn't mess with.

She waited for him after practice and handed him her backpack. She then had him carry her things to the entrance of the girls' dorm before she took them from him. "Pick me up here for our date tonight."

With that she went to start getting ready.

Joey smiled as he did Sadie's bidding and oddly enough part of him rather enjoyed serving her. He could not place it but figured it might just be part of the chase to capture Sadie's heart. He wanted to conquer her and add her to his collection of used toys. Normally he would not go this far for a girl but Sadie was a big challenge so he needed to be a lot more patient with her. So he finished up with football practice and reconfirmed his two reservations for the limo and restaurant since he was burned in the past. He was glad his agent could get things done like this, but this also meant he would have to concede on jobs he did not like.

So he then made his way to the showers to clean up since he did reek of sweat from practice. The hot water helped revitalize him back after a long day. Joey was getting excited as he bragged to the others he had a hot date with Sadie at Glaciers that night. Of course the bathroom was filled with locker room humor and Joey had to hold back so not to ruin his plans with Sadie. Charlie was glad for his friend, but sad that he had to end his day with Nancy Farrah the biggest gossip in school. She was doing her best to squeeze any gossip she could out of Charlie and his mind was not strong enough to resist all the time.

So after leaving the guys, Joey returned to his room to get his Black Fantasia Dinner suit ready to put on. He made sure his suit and shoes were ready to wear before he chilled on his bed and surfed the net for dating tips. Then he noticed the time and got dressed before he texted Sadie a reminder that the limo would be there by 5:30 pm. Hoping to be punctual he returned to where Sadie told him to meet her.


One thing Sadie didn't have was a lack of clothing options. What she did have was so many it was a hard choice. But she did figure out what to wear without too much problem.

Sadie got into her burgundy dress and put on her accessories, with one last check in her full length mirror, she headed downstairs to meet Joey.

He was on time and she smiled upon seeing him. He really did look nice. She walked up to him.

Sadie: Hi.

Well, she certainly wasn't going to compliment him first. Nope, that privilege was for him to compliment her first.

Joey was pleasantly surprised as he saw Sadie coming towards him. She looked hot and he could only imagine her at the school dance. he was hoping to score some big points with her as he had to compliment her before the mood was lost.

Joey: Oh wow you are smoking hot tonight Sadie. The other guys would be so jelly if they saw you now.

Joey then took her by the hand and kissed it softly. He then gestured to the limo as he spoke up.

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