The Beginning of Something New (Part two)

JP with Jaxx

Joey: Your ride awaits us.

Sadie smiled at his compliment, "Thank you. You look very nice."

So, Joey could dress well. Sadie had noticed. She figured it was related to him being a model. And he did certainly fit the part.

They went to the limo, the chauffeur opened the car door for Sadie and she got into to the limo, then waited for Joey to get in.

Joey made sure that Sadie was in the limo and comfortable before he entered it. Though it looked like he was being a gentleman, it was all part of his master plan to win brownie points with Sadie. She was no easy conquest in his mind and just might be the biggest dating challenge of his life. He needed to pull out all the stops to win her over. Once inside the limo he looked her over again as he spoke up.

Joey: Wow Sadie you are going to turn a lot of heads at Glacier. I hope you don't forget about me if you get mobbed by some old guys.

Joey didn't believe a word he said about himself losing out to old rich guys but he needed his compliment to stick. He then smiled at her as he waited for her response.

She noticed that Joey was pulling out more charm than usual. He was being extremely polite, well, more so than what she had suspected.

She eyed him as he spoke up, and casually said, "I think you're safe from me being swept away by some old guy."

Why would she need some old guy anyway? She was already rich and beautiful. Not like she needed a guy with money. She just wouldn't date a guy that didn't have money. That would be beneath her; as far as she was concerned.

Sadie: You know I believe I promised you treats for being a good minion. So, you may...(she paused pretending to think) hold my hand, if you want. If you continue to be good I might have more treats for you later.

She was going to tease him with these "rewards" all evening. Going slow with it. While she acted like she was playing along with the minion day, she really liked having the upper hand and bossing him around. Did she think too hard on this? Why would she, it was Sadie, after all, she loved being the center of attention, and being able to get people to do what she wanted.

Joey had a sly grin as he saw Sadie offer her hand in a playful gesture as a reward. He was amused that she was playing along with him. He was looking forward to upping his rewards down the road. So he took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss as he looked at her with mischievous eyes. Then held her hand and traced her knuckles as he spoke.

Joey: You have such pretty hands Sadie. I would not be surprised if you were qualified to be a hand model.

Some guys who were athletic had rough hands. While powerful, they'd also seem like the hands weren't manicured well or like they were an after thought.

Joey had the powerful hands of an athlete but he also seemed to take better care of his hands than some.

Sadie smiled at his compliment. She ,of course, spent a lot of money on routine professional manicures. It was always good to hear someone notice it.

Sadie; Thank you. I try to take good care of them; its important my followers see nice looking hands. Have you ever hand modeled?

Joey nodded at Sadie as he caressed her hand.

Joey: Just a few times. I modeled some watches and school rings. Believe it or not there is not much competition but they are very strict in that industry. They want beautiful hands with no scars , hair or dryness. Before each job they check your hands fo any changes.

Joey chuckled a bit as he recalled an event from his past.

Joey: One time I wrote a friend’s number on my hand because my phone was dead and it cost me a job since the ink didn’t come off all the way.

Joey noticed that Sadie had an amazing manicure and had to ask.

Joey: So who does your nails?

Sadie listened as Joey talked about hand modeling. It wasn't something she'd seek out, necessarily, but also not something she'd turn down.

Sadie: Do you know "Beaux Ongles" ? There is manicurist there, Victoria . She is the best manicurist I've ever been to. Most people have to book her about six months in advance but I have a standing appointment with her and can get in for special occasions. She's very exclusive.

It was a big deal in Sadie's world to get access to the hairdressers and manicurists and things like that that catered to an exclusive clientele.

Joey nodded as he listened to Sadie tell him who did her nails. As expected she had connections to talented people. He hoped he could capitalize on that knowledge later on.

Joey: This Victoria knows her stuff. I can see why she is so popular. I can only imagine how cute your toes might look.

Joey looked at her shoes and then back at her eyes with a warm smile.

Joey: You have such beautiful eyes.

Sadie was thinking she might use her connections at some point later to her advantage but that wasn't for tonight.

Sadie: So, you'd like to see my toes. Well, I might just add that to the list of treats for being good.

She smiled when he complimented her eyes.

Sadie: "You are such the flatter. So good of you. I think you can....kiss my cheek as your reward."

Sadie turned her head so he could more easily kiss her cheek.

Joey smiled as Sadie offered her cheek to kiss. Immediately he had impure thoughts about her as he looked at her waist and considered kissing her other cheeks, but resisted as he looked at her face and leaned toward her cheek. Just to be a bit naughty he slowly approached and slowly breathed on her neck as if he was going to kiss that instead. Then he moved to her ear and breathed on her ear as if to kiss that, but he resisted and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then he pulled away with a sly smile as he replied.

Joey: You smell so sexy. Are you planning to tease me all night?

Sadie waited and wondered what he was thinking in the moment it took him to move towards her. She, surprised herself, when she had to catch her breath as he breathed on her neck and then her ear. He did though do as he was told and kissed her cheek. She gave him a mysterious grin.

Sadie: That depends on if you earn anything but teasing tonight. Tell me honestly, did you enjoy your day as minion?

She was testing the waters so to speak she doubted he would say he hated it but she really wanted to know if he might have liked it, at least a little. If not it was fine but her approach would be different.

Joey chuckled at her question. He had a feeling she was up to something, but he was going to play along anyway.

Joey: Ha ha, I won't deny it was a bit fun to cater to you a bit, especially since I could go to class late without detention. Sadly it was a one day thing so I can't do that again anytime soon. Then again you seemed to enjoy being waited on hand and foot. Did I spoil you too much?

Sadie shook her head. The idea of being catered to too much was that even a thing?

Sadie: Of course not. You can spoil me anytime you want. Would you like to keep it up for just the evening?

As she spoke she undid her hand from his and placed it on his knee. She gently rubbed his knee before moving her hand back into his. Just a little taste of possibilities. Still she wanted to know was he getting tired of it or could she test him some more tonight?

Joey was getting in the mood as Sadie grabbed his knee and felt denied as she stopped. He raised an eyebrow at her as if she doing something naughty. However he needed to win her over so he had to play along.

Joey: Who's the tease now? You like playing this kind of game don't you?

Sadie gave him a half innocent, half up to something look. She leaned closer to him

Sadie: What? Don't you like it? You know you never answered my question? Do you want to take orders from me tonight?

Sadie got very close to him and kissed him gently on the lips.

Sadie: If you answer me I'll give you a much better kiss.

Joey was trying to resist Sadie's game but her kiss caught him off guard and his body began to get hot. His urges were building up and he was worried she might discover his attraction to her by looking at his lap. Then she told him he could get more by pampering her more. Joey needed this gratification to continue or he would regret it tonight. Though it was not his usual way of doing things, he felt he needed to stick it out.

Joey: I am here to serve you all night long. What does my sweet Sadie want of me?

She had him, she actually had him. His ego and stuff seemed to be on check for a moment. Sadie thought this was great. A large grin covered her lips as he spoke.

Sadie: Good. Well, first thing you've been a gentleman all night. Keep that up. And I will tell you when and where you can touch me. We'll see about other things throughout the night. Now, you've been good so you get a better kiss.

She leaned towards him and kissed passionately for several minutes before coming up for air. She sat straight up.

Sadie: Did you get the limo for all night?

Joey felt a tingling sensation as Sadie offered him her small rewards. The idea of earning a chance to kiss or touch her made his blood pressure rise.

Joey: I am looking forward to it and yes we have the limo all night. I can’t have you walked back to school now can I?

Joey could not figure out why, but Sadie’s teasing was getting him excited now. Now he was beginning to resemble a puppy looking for ways to get affection.

She smiled as she heard that they had the limo all night.

Sadie: Very good. I think this should be a fun night.

Sadie pulled out a little mirror from her purse and checked herself in it.

Sadie: I believe we should be arriving at the restaurant soon. Shouldn't we? I think you might have to wait for more treats until the restaurant.

Sadie continued to hold his hand but that was it for the moment. Anything more would come later.

Joey looked at her hand as he noticed the jewelry on her. It was pretty and enhanced her natural beauty. It also looked pricey so Joey was curious who gave her such jewelry. Did she get it from friends and family or her ex boyfriends? He had to know where it came from.

Joey: These are nice rings. Did your parents give them to you?

Joey smiled as he waited for an answer.

Sadie glanced down at her hands, she hadn't exactly expected that question. She wondered if he was fishing but it wasn't much to fish for.

Sadie: The diamond one I bought. I just saw it in a store and liked it. The other one is a family heirloom. It was past down from my grandmother, my mom's mom, to me. It though dates back several generations.

Joey smiled as he heard the answer he wanted. He was worried that she kept jewelry from her exes. Joey’s pride needed to be the one top. So hearing that her jewelry was hers or from family gave him peace of mind.

Joey: I think it’s great you have family heirlooms, especially since you have such pretty hands.

Joey continued to kiss up to Sadie till the limousine arrived at the front door of Glaciers. The driver then opened the door to let Sadie out first, followed by Joey. Then Joey opened the door to Glaciers and smiled like a butler for Sadie as she entered the restaurant. Once inside Joey gave the man at the booth his name and a tip before they were escorted to a private table. There Joey and Sadie were seated.

Joey: So is this what you had in mind?

Sadie didn't keep much of anything from her ex's. She believed in moving on besides it wasn't as if she thought her ex's ever gave her much to hold on to.

Sadie did note that Joey remembered his manners and opened the door for her. The restaurant was exclusive and very high end. She sat next to Joey in their private table that had a good deal of privacy to iit for being a in a public place.

Sadie: Yes, this is very nice. You did very good.

She then whispered in his ear.

Sadie: Would like a reward for doing such a good job?

She had had fun earlier with bossing him around but now, she was getting more into it. Teasing him with little rewards for good behavior was something she was really enjoying even more than she thought she would.

Joey was at full attention right now as Sadie was teasing him. He was glad he was sitting down at this point to hide his "evidence" of what he felt for Sadie at this point. His slacks did nothing to help him at this point. His breathing became unstable and he trembled a bit. He didn't understand why he was getting into this but since he was a base creature he didn't want it to stop. As his blood rush out of his big brain and into his little brain he muttered to Sadie.

Joey: Yes please.

A sly grin crossed Sadie's lips. Her hand left his and she ran her index finger up the top part of his leg, stopping a little past the midsection of his thigh. She leaned close

Sadie: Joey, you are being so good. You may touch me right above my knee. No where else. I will tell you when to start and when to remove your hand.

She moved closer to him to make it easier for him to touch her without being noticeable to anyone around them.

Sadie; You may touch me (long pause for the added teasing benefits) now.

Joey was trembling at Sadie's words. It took every ounce of control to not turn into a dirty dog in public. He found himself obeying her instinctively as his hand moved on its own to touch her leg. His breathing was shaky at best as he looked like he might climax on the spot. The sensation of her leg sent shivers up and down his spine as he almost let out a whine as he winced. He wanted that moment to last or continue as his mind was going blank. The fear of getting caught by the snobs of society only enhanced his euphoria.

Joey: Ohhhh.

Sadie could definitely tell what affect all of this was having on Joey. She had expected him to play along but she hadn't expected how much he'd be into it. Knowing this, she had every intention of making him work for everything he was allowed tonight.

When he let out the Ohhh she was a little worried he'd lose control right there. That just wouldn't do. She was still close to him when she said.

Sadie: (Said as almost more of an order but still spoken quiet enough to be just between the two of them) You need to breathe or I'll have to take away your privilege. Take two long breathes. We can't have you ...expending yourself....too soon, can we? Besides, the waiter is headed this way.

Joey shivered at Sadie's controlling tone. Being ordered around by her made him feel good and he needed to feel more, but the feeling of being told to hold it in was blissful. He felt like a volcano that needed to erupt, but was stopped by a giant cork. So he did as Sadie commanded and began to slow his breathing down even though the urges were still strong. He was afraid she would cast him aside and abandon him while he was in this state, but ironically that also excited him. Now he was conflicted on what to do to regain his senses.

Joey: Sorry. I am just excited to be on a date with you.

It was obvious Joey was waited on Sadie's next command.

Sadie was wondering if she should call him on what he had said. She loved having this control over him. It was doing things to her as well but it was definitely easier for her to hide those feelings. Noticing he now seemed to crave her ordering him around. She took a more commanding tone with her voice.

Sadie: I can tell. Drink some water.

The waiter came over and asked for drink and appetizer orders.

Sadie orders an Italian soda to drink. She then waited on Joey to place his drink order and hoped he had gained enough composure to do so.

As for the appetizers. Sadie spoke to Joey first.

Sadie: How about the Baked Brie and the Oyster's Rockefeller?

Sadie voice had turned sweeter instantly in front of the waiter. She wasn't asking him what she wanted to order but telling him but she couldn't order him around in front of the waiter. Plus, it gave Joey a chance to express if he had reasons why they shouldn't order those. Allergies or whatever.

Joey nodded like an idiot at Sadie's request. He didn't mind her ordering what she wanted and he would void it if he didn't like it. Then again if Sadie ordered him to eat it he might enjoy that.

Joey: Sure. This is your night Sadie. Order whatever you want. Oh for my entrée I'll have the Tuna Steak and Vegetable Medley and a Vos Water.

Joey then smiled like an idiot till the waiter left. He was hoping he appeased Sadie so he could get a new reward.

Sadie turned to the waiter: For my entree I'll have the filet mignon with the bacon wrapped shrimp.

The waiter took their orders and left. Once he was gone. Sadie went back to mistress mode but she kept her voice low.

Sadie: I see you managed to control yourself. That's very good.

She placed her hand on top Joey’s hand that was right above her knee and moved it up her leg ever so slightly. Maybe, a forth of an inch.

Sadie: You may now touch my leg here but remember don't move your hand and to control yourself. Now, I think I want to know a few things. First is do you have a date for the dance?

Joey looked at Sadie as she asked her question. He shook his head no as he replied to her.

Joey: I was hoping you would say yes. Was I wrong?

Sadie lightly smiled, that's just what she had wanted to hear.

Sadie: I will go with you but there are some conditions. First you have to continue to be good tonight. Second I will have rules for the dance which I expect you to obey. I'll give you a list of those later. Is that clear?

Joey: Yes ma'am.

He nodded as he looked forward to seeing her at the dance as well. He could not understand why he felt this was a good thing since he was no longer in control. Despite letting Sadie run the show he was feeling good letting her command him. He was feeling confused, ashamed, vulnerable and very turned on at the same time. Of course the feeling of her leg was heavenly as it felt warm, soft and he wanted more. He needed to keep this feeling but his poor brain could not comprehend why. So he spoke up to see if he still appeased her.

Joey: Is there anything you would like tonight?

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