The Beginning of Something New (Part three)

JP with Jaxx

Oh, hearing him call her ma'am. Sadie really liked that. She was glad he was so malleable. This had been so much easier than she thought it would be. She bet she could break him of all those annoying habits Joey had which annoyed the girls at the school in not much time but she needed to have him completely devoted to her. Not just a dinner or a dance.

Sadie: Joey you are so good at obeying. And making sure my needs are met but I'll let you know when you I want something from you. Let's see..

As Sadie was thinking their drinks and appetizers came.

Sadie: You're not allergic to any food are you?

Well, she couldn't have him getting sick or worse.

Joey shook his head no to answer Sadie.

Joey: No ma’am.

Joey didn’t even realize he was talking as the words just came out of his mouth. It felt as if he was no longer in control of his mind and body. He felt as if he was watching someone control his body from the back of his mind. Though he wanted to break free, he could not resist the overwhelming pleasure he was getting from Sadie. At this point his body was riddled with tingling pleasure every time he touched her or was given a command from her. For the first time he felt what it was like to be a moth drawn to a bug zapper. To make matters worse his brain was using less blood now, since his lower brain was at max capacity. This feeling was both painful and amazing at the same time.

Joey: Is their any foods or drinks you avoid?

Sadie nodded that was good had he wasn't allergic to anything easier. She always knew she liked having control but this was another level of that. Joey could decide to leave or he didn't want it anymore. Though Sadie doubted it was much of a possibility. There was really nothing keeping him there in that stage but him and his own body and mind. This was why she also knew she needed to make sure he was taken care of. It was more instinct she was going off than anything; she made a mental note to research how this kind of relationship worked in further detail as both her and Joey seemed to be naturals.

Sadie: No, I've not found anything I need to avoid.

Her demeanor change into a tone of ordering rather than a conversation.

Sadie: I want you to take six crackers and but some of the Brie on each of them. Put three on my plate and three on yours.

It was time for some new fun.

Joey felt a rush of adrenaline surge though his body as Sadie gave him a command.

Joey: As you wish my dear Sadie.

Joey began talking and preparing the crackers with the Brie smear. Oddly enough as he was spreading the cheese smear on the crackers his pinkie finger was lifted in the air to make him look a bit dainty. He also seemed very focused to make them all look the same for her. When he was done he put three on each of their plates and smiled as he waited for his reward.

Sadie looked over each plate as if she was inspecting it. A long moment of silence because she wanted him to wait on her approval.

Sadie: You did a good job. Now, you get to feed me the three crackers on your plate. Once I am done eating those crackers you may have the three on my plate. Understood?

Joey: Yes ma'am.

Joey got excited again as he did as Sadie asked and gently fed her the crackers one by one and even waited for her to drink her water between bites. Then he took one of her crackers and ate it like it was his last meal as he savored each bite. Eating Sadie's crackers felt rather naughty as he enjoyed them one by one. It almost felt like he was getting away with something as he gently ate them.

Once the crackers were all eaten and being the response was what Sadie had wanted she decided to move on to the Oyster's Rockefeller.

Sadie: Now, I want you to feed me two of the Oyster's Rockefeller and then you can have two

The appetizer course continued this way, with Joey being ordered to feed her and then being allowed to eat, switching back and forth between the Brie and the oysters.

Their main courses arrived and Sadie waited until the waiter was gone until she spoke again.

Sadie: You may begin eating when I say so.

She started eating and carefully took several bites of her food to test him.

Sadie: You may eat now.

Joey: As you wish.

Once again Joey did as Sadie commanded. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he did her bidding. In the past he pretended to care about his dates as he did what he had to in order to get what he wanted from them. However now he found he could not stop attending to Sadie. He was not sure if it was love or something new but he was eager to please her and his motor was running hot at this point. After feeding Sadie he waited anxiously for her next command.

Joey: Is it to your liking?

Bossing Joey around was definitely different than what Sadie was used to because of the added elements. She hadn't expected there to be any feelings of wanting to make sure Joey wasn't just obeying her but also that he got what he needed.

Sadie: Very much. You've done very well.

They ate their entrées, Sadie ordering Joey every now and then to put down his fork and feed her. Once he had done that a few times; he'd be allowed to go back to eating his own plates.

Once the main courses were finished. It was time for dessert. Sadie ordered a chocolate torte for two with chocolate filling. And a Cappuccino to go with it. She allowed Joey to order a coffee or another drink to go with it. But Sadie said they'd share the dessert.

When the dessert came Sadie wanted to switch things up. She placed the dessert between them.

Sadie: I want you to feed me the torte. I will tell you when to stop.

This time when she said stop it was to take a sip of her hot beverage. Then she'd tell him to feed her. Denying him the dessert for several minutes. Once Sadie had had her fill she paused for a few moments as if contemplating to give him any.

Sadie: You are to now eat some of the dessert. You may eat as much as you like of what's left but you must eat at least 3 bites of it. You may eat now.

As he ate what he wanted of the dessert the ideas of what she could make him do crossed her mind as she continued to drink her Cappuccino.

As Joey ate his dessert he was reaching his limit. He was very turned on at this point and standing up was a very bad idea. It would draw a lot of attention and embarrass him a lot, however if Sadie asked him to do so he didn't think he could refuse. Inside him mind was a battle of attrition for control. Part of him wanted to dominate Sadie but that part was losing to the submissive part that was receiving bliss from being her servant in hopes of a reward. He began to have dark thoughts of her degrading him, stepping on him, sitting him like a chair, making him attend to her feet or feeding him like a dog. Sadly even the idea of her holding him on a leash excited him. However he was still scared to admit this out loud. When he finished his dessert he looked at her with a hopeful smile and a bad case of sore testies.

Joey: Is there anything else ma'am?

All Sadie really had to do was glance downward, well really not even that, to know they should probably leave soon.
She wasn't thinking of degrading him, yet, not unless he disobeyed her.

Sadie: Yes, you may pay the bill so we can get out of here.

She lowered her voice. "When we get to the limo I'll give you an address I want us to go to."

She had a plan and needed to talk to him but couldn't expect to get honest answers from him in this state. Besides, the boy looked like he was ready to burst.

Joey simply smiled as he he nodded at Sadie and raised his hand for the waiter to bring the check. While they waited he drank some water to clear his palate from dessert. Luckily his suit jacket would cover his little friend downstairs when he got up to some extent. During the quiet wait for the check Joey was able to curb his urge a bit to reduce the size of his little buddy and after the check was processes using Joey's credit card he could safely stand up without drawing to much attention. Then he held his hand out for Sadie to hold as she stood up while the waiter pull her chair out.

Joey: I hope you enjoyed this place and its fine dining. Shall we move onto our next destination?

Joey waited for Sadie to give him permission to head to the limo with her in hand.

Sadie: It was very nice. Thank you for dinner. And yes, let's go

She took his hand and went out to the limo.

Sadie: I want you to tell the driver to take us to Sycamore Heights. 145 Red Oak Lane.

Sycamore Heights was an area of Katz that some of the wealthy of the city lived. It wouldn't take long to get there from the restaurant.

Sadie took her seat in the limo and waited for Joey to do what he was told.

Joey did as Sadie commanded and gave the driver the destination instructions. He had no idea what was there, but was roughly familiar with the area. he wondered what she wanted to show him at this hour. As the limo began to move his mind was erratic as he wondered what other kind of play he was in store for. His family jewels were sore from the constant teasing and instead of being upset about it he was content with his suffering like it was some kind of twisted trophy. When he was with Sadie his pain turned to pleasure and he was getting addicted to it without knowing why.

Joey: Well I am guessing we will be there soon. Is there anything else I can do for you while we wait?

She kissed his cheek.

Sadie: No. You just try to control yourself.

They pulled into an area with a gate; Sadie gave the driver her name to give to the guard who let them through the gate.

Past tree lined streets in which long driveways did not mingle near each other lie the houses most of which couldn't be seen from the street but you could tell there were mansions in this area. They drove to near the end and then down a private road and down a long driveway until they came to a large mansion. With a pull up area for the front door.

Sadie said for the driver to let them out. Once she got out of the limo she walked up to the front door and pressed in a code into a box.

The door clicked open.

Sadie: Welcome to my home.

She let him in.

Sadie: The staff is off today. My parents are in Japan on business and my older sister away at college. So, it's just us.

She let him through a living room, past a library, past two doors that looked almost like entrance to a movie theater, up a large grand staircase to the second floor, down another hallway through more doors, past more rooms to the very end and through another door.

Behind that door was a large bedroom. With big windows, a large king sized bed, furniture that looked brand new. Table with chairs. It looked recent refurnished.

Sadie: This is my room.

She picked up a remote, with just a touch of a few buttons she closed the blinds, closed her door and dimmed the lights so they were softer.

Sadie smiled at him and a sat down at the edge of her bed.

Sadie: We still have a few hours before we have to be back to the dorms. Now, I want you to take your jacket, vest and shirt off. The closet over there (pointing to the giant walk in closest) has some hangers for you to hang your thing up on. You're to hang them up then come stand in front of me.

Joey was impressed by Sadie's house as he walked in with her. It was a lot fancier than his place. As he looked around he thought to himself that he could get used to this place. Then he looked at Sadie who was smoking hot right now. He really wanted to get busy with her and was having some naughty thoughts about her as he smiled at her. He was a bad boy in so many ways and would not say no to a good paddling from her.

Then they reached her room and she flipped a switch set the mood lighting and close the doors and blinds. He was thinking he was most likely going to get lucky tonight as he smiled like a kid in a candy store. Then she ordered him to partially strip in her closet. He figured this was some kind of foreplay or kink of hers so he gave her a nod as he began to unbutton his shirt and loosen his tie. Then he tried to walk smoothly into the closet as he was removing his tie, vest and shirt already. He was very excited and standing at full mast already even though he was still tender from the constant teasing.

Once he was done removing what Sadie asked him to remove he came out only dressed from the waist down in his pants, sock and shoes. His little friend was bursting at the seams with anticipation. Joey assuming they were going to do the deed approached Sadie while in his player mode. Joey was strutting his stuff and beginning to unbutton his pants as he spoke up.

Joey: Shall I continue?

Sadie had to say she liked what she saw. Joey was, after all, a good looking guy and he clearly kept in shape. So when he came out with nothing covering his chest it was a nice sight and there were a few thoughts that crossed her mind.

As he went to unbutton his pants she had to stop herself from imagining more.

Sadie shook her head and walked up to him putting her hand over his.

Sadie: Stop. I don't believe I gave permission for that.

She ran one finger down his chest and then looked him over almost as if she was inspecting him.

Sadie: I feel we need to get a few things straight. I don't sleep with boys on first dates. I have more respect for myself than that. The only way to get into my bed is to have a long term commited relationship with me. And even then it has to be earned over time. And I say when that happens. Making out is possible but sleeping with me isn't. Not tonight anyway. Whether it is a possibility in the future is really dependent on if you want this to continue long term or not. So, what do you want? A long term relationship like what we did tonight or something else.

Sadie then clearly looked down

Sadie: Because, it seems to me, you clearly enjoy being submissive.

Joey shuttered as Sadie held his hand. It was soft yet firm and he felt a jolt rush through his body by her touch. Then he heard her lay down the law if he wanted to be with her. She had a lot of strict rules he was normally not into since it was a hassle in his eyes. However it felt different with Sadie. She not only got his motor running, but she has class. She was definitely a trophy class wife by all standards.

Joey: Wow. Not only are you playing hard to get but you are laying down the law while teasing me. Do you do that to all your dates or am I different?

Sadie was glad he was still standing there after she made her little speech.

Sadie; Oh, its a long standing rule of mine but you are different. You're the first boy I've brought home when no one else was here.

She put the palm of her hand gently on his chest. She loved the feel of it.

Sadie: So, do you want this to be an official thing? Just think we'd be the hottest couple there. Could you imagine how everyone would watch us as we entered any room?

There was no denying that, in her mind, they would be the couple on the top of the pecking order or at least close to the top.

Sadie: Around school people would know us as boyfriend and girlfriend. Of course, there would still be rules for you to obey but I wouldn't do anything that would let the others, at the school, catch on. I would just be your girlfriend to them. But in reality we'd be what we've been all night. I'd be in charge and you'd have to obey me. We'd both get what we want. A hot significant other on our arm, the excitement of a secret side to our relationship and just think about all the making out we could do.

Sadie had given him the upsides. Now, for the rest.

Sadie: The rules I would have, to start, out with wouldn't be that hard to follow. I would expect you to text me every morning. Get my coffee order and when I tell you get it for me from the cart. You'd be expected to carry my trays at all meals and clean up after me. My book bag to my classes but I won't make you do that if it would make you late for your class. You would have to be dedicated to me so no flirting with other girls. No comments about how hot they are. You can, of course, still hang with Charlie but you won't be searching for girls when you do. We should find a girl for Charlie as it'll make this easier but we can work on that.

Sadie: I want to look like any couple so kisses and holding hands in public are a given. In private I'll have other rules but those are good for now. So, the choice is yours. Do we officially become a couple or not? Yes, and we can continue the night by making out. No and we can leave. Before you decide though I want you to kiss me on the lips.

Joey was tingling all over as Sadie explained the rules of dating her. Normally he would have blown her off in the past but his urge to obey her was overwhelming him and he was too aroused to think clearly. Since Joey lacked blood in his upper brain he was more likely to make rash illogical decisions in his state of mind. The rules seemed complicated and one sided. Sadie was basically saying he would be her minion or servant behind closed doors and his girlfriend in public. It was a terrible offer and he had turned down similar girls in the past who tried to boss him around. Sadly though his body ached to be with Sadie and he needed to feel her touch again. Ironically if she did ask him to do the deed at this point he would only last ten seconds at best due to the overload of stimuli she gave him all day.

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