The Beginning of Something New (Part four)

JP with Jaxx

Joey: Sounds like a one sided relationship. I don't know why I would even agree to something like that,................ but I'd be a liar if I said I was not interested. Hell I am so horney I feel like I will explode any second now. I don't know what you did to me, but I can't stop myself from doing what you say. Just the thought of you rejecting me both excites me and scares me. to death. If I agree to this what will you do about me getting backed up?

Joey had a look of concern on his face as he was at his limit and needed to purge his evil thoughts.

Sadie thought about what he said. In her mind it wasn't that one sided, after all, he got to date and make out with her. But when he brought up being backed up she actually thought for a moment.

Sadie moved her hand down to the top of his pants.

Sadie: Hmm...we are I believe at a stand still. How do I know you won't just get what you want and then never want anything else to do with me? If you agree I can show you what I'll do to help you out but without that I can show you to a guest room where you can take care of it yourself. Either way I don't want you to take the offer just because you're in that state. I want you to realize you enjoyed tonight. That it might be something you want to explore more. If we try this and it doesn't work; we break up no harm done. And you, of course, have every right to do that as well as me. Also, you can decide somethings as well but only of you want to. So, date me and you get me tonight or don't and get the guest room. I won't mind. One thing though if you agree to date me then I want the commitment through my party, the weekend after Homecoming. After that we can reevaluate the situation; if necessary. I'll agree to the same and I won't cheat on you; its not my style.

Joey was tormented now. He wanted to be with Sadie since she made him feel good, but at the same time he wanted to release his pent up stress. He was so unstable at this point that he was having trouble using his brain. As he was still sore from blue jewels he could not think straight and the only think he could think about was being with Sadie. Then he spoke up and it felt like someone else was talking for him as he took a back seat in his brain.

Joey: I.....I....I....can't give you up. I don't know why, but whatever you are doing to me makes me feel good. At this point I'll do anything I have to or for you, even if it means waiting for your permission to take care of my problem.

Joey looked somewhat pathetic as he was in pain but determined to be hers.

She smiled at him, then ordered him to kiss her, a full on deep embrace. Once the kiss broke she glanced at him.

Sadie: Well, you are such a good sub it seems like you've earned your reward. Taking his hand she lead him to her bed.


Sadie was now sitting on the couch in her room. They hadn't left her home, yet and they still had a little more time but would have to leave soon. She had fixed her hair and makeup and sat there in her dress. She had ordered Joey to get himself back together. They needed for people to not be whispering about what they might have done.

Sadie: So, when so you think we should let the school know that we're dating? This weekend? Or next week. If we walk around holding hands people will catch on but do you want to tell Charlie, first? I want to tell my girls first.

She wasn't insensitive and figured he might want the option to let his best friend know before most others.

Joey was walking cloud nine after the kiss with Sadie. She made him feel something he never new existed inside him. He could not grasp why but he needed her to be in charge in order to get that incredible sensation again. He was hooked like an ant to sugar when it came to Sadie. The mere thought of life without her scared him and he was willing to do anything to stay by her side even if it was shameful. Then she ordered him to get cleaned up and dressed. As he did so he he was getting excited by being commanded by her. He checked his hair and clothes to make sure he looked sharp for her.

Joey: I am fine with what ever you choose as long as I can be by your side.

Joey was past the point of caring about his image unless it was for Sadie. She rocked his world and he was her toy now.

Sadie liked that response. She was so into commanding him. She felt the need for him to obey her but also to make sure he got what he needed. As far as she could tell being submissive to her is what he needed.

Sadie: Well, then tomorrow morning I'll have breakfast with my girls. You'll have breakfast with Charlie and tell him about us. When your done your to come to where I am. You can bring Charlie if you want. We'll decide what to do with the rest of the day at that point.

Joey got excited as Sadie told him what they were doing. He knew Charlie could figure things out eventually, despite being a bit slow. So he nodded to Sadie and replied.

Joey: Yes ma’am. Did you want me to pick up your breakfast too?

Sadie: Yes, I'll text you my order when we get back to the dorms. We should head downstairs now and get the limo to take us back to the dorms. Don't want to miss curfew.

Joey did as Sadie ordered and felt good while doing it. He had a bright smile as he obeyed her happily. The ride back was quiet yet blissful as he did small things for Sadie. He had the look of a loyal submissive puppy in his expression as he gazed upon her beauty. Once they arrived at the school they bid farewell to each other with a quick kiss and headed to their rooms. Joey was like a girl in love as he hummed to himself with a big grin on his face. He was in love and no clue how it happened. Sadie open him to a new world of pain and pleasure and he was addicted to her. He took a shower and headed to his bed hoping to dream of spending more time with the woman of his dreams.

Sadie got back to the dorms and was extremely pleased with how the night went. She never could have guessed how much she would have enjoyed having someone obey her to the extent that Joey had been and the idea that he was continuing to do so made her beyond happy. It had been entered into willingly and in that sense it could be broken but she doubted that would happen anytime soon as they both seemed happy with the arrangement they had made.

She texted her girls to tell them to meet her at their table for breakfast as she had news. She didn't say much else. Sadie then texted Joey and gave him her order for breakfast. A cafe latte for her coffee. A veggie omelet with a side of bacon. And an orange juice. She then went to bed and Joey was certain to be in her dreams

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