Sweet Dreams and Ice Cream

After dinner was over some of the group went separate ways. Jack hoping to get back to his dorm to get a break from everyone, but as he was walking towards the area where they were to be picked up he saw no car. He looked at his watch as he wondered if he was early or the car was late. Then he heard a female clear her throat behind him. He turned around to see Ashley and Roxy stand with arms crossed and giving him a stare down with a sly smile. Jack took a step back and began to look flustered.

Jack: What now? Cut me a break girls. Its been a long day.

Roxy and Ashley looked at Jack then each other than back at Jack as they gave him a devilish grin. Jack wanted to run but he knew it was useless since Ashley could catch him and kick his butt. As he debated in his head Ashley spoke up.

Ashley: We want ice cream.

Roxy: You don't mind to you Jack?

Jack was like a confused squirrel being tempted with a bowl of acorns. He knew something was up but the request seemed simple enough.

Jack: Ice Cream? Just ice Cream? Nothing dirty right?

Ashley: Yes you perve.

Roxy: Honestly Jack, you have such a dirty mind.

Jack was still nervous as he felt the sarcasm from their voices. It was a trap but he was not sure of the angle they were going with.

Jack: You better not be lying. I'll get mad if you are tricking me again.

Ashley and Roxy gave Jack a sly smile as they humored him before taking him in arms and escorting him to the nearby creamery. The ice cream place was called Sub-Zero and it was a fancy looking place that used liquid nitrogen to make home made ice cream. They had a variety of ice cream flavors, bowls, cones and add-ons. Since Roxy paid for dinner, Ashley was paying for dessert.

At this point only a few customers were there so as they waited in line they looked at the menu to see what they wanted. Once it was their turn they stepped up to order.
Ashley ordered a sugar cone with the Bernoulli Brulee which had Dulce De Leche and caramel Ice cream and included vanilla, cinnamon, Twix and Heath Bar add-ons.
Roxy ordered a sugar cone with the Mass Mocha Madness, which had mocha and chocolate ice cream and included Heath bar and almonds add-ons. Jack ordered a bowl of the Magnetic Mint which had mint and fudge ice cream and included Oreo crumbs and Andes Mints add-ons.

It was entertaining to see them start off with heavy cream and add the flavors before mixing it in liquid nitrogen. Cold smoke filled the area as the ice creams were being made one at a time. Then the employee scooped the ice cream and put it on a cone or cup for the customers. Once they were served they found a table to sit at and Jack dropped his guard as he was about to taste his ice cream when Ashley and Roxy flanked him from both sides and licked his ice cream before giggling and then kissed him on both cheeks. Jack turned beet red as he was being looked at by the customers and employees.

Jack: Ha ha very funny.

The girls teased him a bit as they wiped off the ice cream on his cheeks. Jack was now forced to eat his second hand ice cream that was violated by the two crazy girls on his sides. Eventually the conversation reverted to the fun they had during the day and thoughts about coming back in the future. They talked about their plans for the summer and as it turned out Roxy was going to do some gigs and work on a new album. While Ashley was planning to make Jack do some volunteer work so they could get into a good college. Jack wanted to protest but when he did Ashley stuck her ice cream in his mouth as if to shut up a child. Once they were done they had the driver pick them up and teased Jack all the way back home. Poor Jack had hickies on his neck and trouble walking upright as he made his way to his dorm. As he entered and collapsed on his bed Justin giggled at his dismay then gave him a break so he could recover.


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