Moonlit beach

Joint Post between Cindy and Redsword after dinner.

Dinner had been good and fun. Kaylee had been glad to see Melissa and Jason join the group; at the restaurant. She was also happy for Dawn and April.

Dinner had now ended and she really wanted some alone time with Conner. Kaylee felt safe in assuming Conner probably wanted the same.

As some of the couples started to discuss how they wanted to spend the time they had left before having to leave, Kaylee turned to Conner, "Do you want to go for a walk?"

"Walk, Drive even go to the moon with you I will go anywhere," Conner said quietly with a smile. "but yes, where would you like to go?" Conner asked.

Kaylee smiled at him, "The beach." It was the perfect night for it and, in the darkness, there were a few private places to go, on the beaches.

"I know a lot of them and been to many of them," said Conner. Then he thought about how that sounded he wondered what Kaylee would think. "I suggest the beach gardens there are a lot of places to be alone and see beauty at the same time. With you there that will be the most beautiful place on the planet," said Conner seductively.

Kaylee wasn't naive, the fact he had been to many beaches, with probably more than a few girls, didn't surprise or bother her. He was with her now, and it wasn't like she had a claim on his past.

"That sounds perfect." She responded, flattered at his compliment.

"It is a little drive to get there from here about 8 minutes." Conner leaned over for a kiss "we can leave at any time you want." Conner whispered.

Kaylee returned the kiss and said, "I'm ready now." She started to stand.

They made their way around the room saying goodbye to everyone. Being it was, mostly, the main group at dinner it would take them several minutes to do that but not forever.

Conner made the rounds with Kaylee saying good night Conner knew that he and Kaylee probably would not be back until curfew.
as they walked to his car Conner put his arm around Kaylee his hand on her hip."I did not expect this night to end this way" Conner said pulling her in and kissing her on the head as they walk.

"I don't know about you, This does mean we are dating right?" asked Conner knowing the answer but did not want to guess at what Kaylee was thinking.

"I wasn't sure what would happen but I'm glad it turned out this way." Mostly, because she ended up with Conner but also because no one ended up hurt .

When he asked if it meant they were dating, Kaylee smiled, happy and excited he had said it, "Yes. I mean I would really like it to be official."

Conner and Kaylee walked up to Conner's car. He walked to the passenger side and unlock the door. "I normally don't say anything to anyone. But with our friends, it looks like that's what is expected. Of course, me announcing it for the first time will make it pretty serious." Conner opened the door for her helping her in. "You ready for everyone to ask questions on Monday?" he asked. leaning down to give her a kiss as she sits.

Kaylee nodded, "Yes, I'm ready. I think I can handle it."

Kaylee was sure she could. It had been a bombardment of questions after the beach trip but she didn't know what to tell people then. Now, she had a response. Conner and her were dating. It actually made it easier on her.

She returned the kiss, put on her seatbelt, and then said. "We're going to have to tell Matt and Courtney first. If that's okay with you."

Matt because he was her brother, Courtney because, Matt's girlfriend, one of Conner's best friends but also because the other couple had told Conner and Kaylee about their own dating status first.

Conner closed Kaylee's door not giving an answer thinking about what she said this was all new to him. Conner walked around and got into his car sitting and starting it the engine roared to life. "thinking what you suggested about your brother and Courtney we should add JD to that too. Not that any of them will be surprised. The last part is about your parents. I know they know me but do you think they will not like us dating? I know my parents will be ok with you. probably be glad I am dating a nice girl like you." he said with a smile. starting to drive out of the parking lot.

"It's fine to add JD. I have my best friend, Esme, but she doesn't go to this school. Still, she'll want to know." As for her parents. "No. My parents won't have a problem with us dating. They might if they didn't know you but they do. Besides, Matt is around that makes a difference." She returned the smile to him.

"Sometimes I worry about Matt and what he thinks of us. He is one of the few people I care about in his opinion. He has given me the green light to date you. so that part is over I just don't want to rub it in his face either. Your friend Esme. I would like to meet her someday. You have talked about before about her, she seems cool." replied Conner. He was driving calm for Conner he looked to be enjoying his time with Kaylee. He placed one of his hands on Kaylee's thigh. He could be relaxed Kaylee Conner thought. no games nothing to hide. It felt good to be this way.

"I understand that, but if it helps any, I know Matt will be happy for us.". Kaylee was certain of that. "Esme was talking about visiting for her spring break so hopefully you can meet her then.". Then Kaylee grinned and joked, "Unless we get to go to France first."

She knew the two of them going to France together wasn't likely but it was a nice thought.

Conner got a devilish grin. "well, there is the summer and I have not been to France in a long time. Going with you would be awesome." Conner said pulling into a parking lot. Conner parked the car facing the ocean it was a beautiful view with the moonlight reflecting off flowers and trees the place glowed. There were trails zig-zagging down the hillside to the beach. "So is this to your liking?" asked Conner.

The thought of being together with Connor in France brought a smile to her face. "Well, then we should try to make that happen. I'd love to show all the places I know about."

Kaylee looked out over the area where Conner had parked, "It's perfect."

Conner smiled and got out and walked to the other side and let Kaylee out of the car Conner looked around He had a surprised expression on his face "Nice not many people around." he said putting his arms around Kaylee pulling her in close against his body. Conner leaned in and kissed her. "Pick a trail," Conner asked. "They are all good," he whispered in her ear.

Kaylee kissed him back, letting her body linger against his for a moment. As he whispered in her ear, she felt a tingle, damn he was distracting. Path? Oh, right.

Looking around for a moment, she pointed to one in front and a little to the right of where they were. "How about that one?"

Conner not even looking "that's a good one" Conner turned his head and kissed down her neck slowly. Conner felt a lot his head was going crazy thinking about Kaylee. and this place was not helping calm Conner either. The way the moon reflected off Kaylee was almost too much. the smell of her perfume as Conner kissed her neck made his heart race. Conner did not want to stop but knew the parking lot would get busy sooner or later.

Kaylee stood there, lingering for a moment. It was amazing being there, with Connor, she wanted every moment to stay with her.

Conner moved to Kaylee's side with a smile. Sliding one arm around her "we should go through staying here the night and holding and kissing you would be the best time of my life. I am sure this parking lot will fill up some soon, " said Conner. He guided the both of them along the trail walking slowly. He was savoring every minute with Kayleeas they walked. They took a side path to a small area surrounded by flouers light by some small colored lights. "Wow, you look even hotter with the flowers in the background.

The moon was now up and it lit up the sky with the stars that were coming out.

She smiled at his compliment, 'J'aime vraiment être ici avec toi." The French slipping out of her in the ease of the moment. "I really like being her with you." Offering the translation.

She would not have been walking in a fairly deserted beach at night with just any guy. But it was Conner and she certainly knew him well enough to trust him. As it was, Kaylee was just enjoying the moment.

"j'aime être avec toi aussi" replied Conner hoping he said I like being with you too. He would have to start working on his french. He knew that Kaylee would be ok if Conner did not speak French. but it would not hurt either. Conner embraced Kaylee romantically drawing her in and kissing her. Conner thought how to say You keep speaking French to me like that I might go crazy. "Tu continues à me parler français comme ça je pourrais devenir fou." Conner thought that came out right he said it in a romantic way.

Kaylee smiled as he spoke French back to her. He did quite well with it actually. The kiss linger on her lips, even after their lips parted. "Oh vraiment. J'aurais peut-être pu te parler en français plus souvent." This time seeing if he could figure out, on his own, that she had said: 'Oh, really. I might have speak to you in French more often. '

"Cette nuit est parfaite," the night was perfect, especially, being there with him.

"yes, it is, a perfect night" replied Conner. "say here? or would you like to see more," asked Conner still holding Kaylee in his arms.

"Let's walk a little more." She responded, wanting to see a little more of this place.

once again Conner slipped his arm around Kaylee. The path they walk was a rock like path with colored lights dotting the way. The nearby trees were scattered around the area. the flowers of all different sorts spread across the landscape with there colors bright and blending. there were some patches of flowers starting to wilt with the onset of the winter months coming. The path woned back and forth you could see the sand of the beach now as Conner walking with Kaylee turned left on a dirt tail now. "I think you will like this place next," said Conner.

They entered another clearing. there was a bench back up close to some bushes. the bench was made of wood and painted metal. the flowers and rose bushes made a sanctuary like experience. Conner turned so that they could look out onto the ocean and see the beach the moon reflecting off the water. Conner wrapped his arms around Kaylee as he stood behind her bending over a little and kissing her neck holding her tightly. "what do you think?" Conner asked gently into her ear.

"Wow. It's so beautiful." She could only imagine how it must look in the spring and summer with the flowers all in bloom. "I think I could spend hours here."

"Let's sit." A request not a command. Kaylee wasn't the commanding type. She though tended to know what she wanted.

Conner sat and pulled her with him so she would be in his lap his arms around her Conner had a funny grin. "Ruf,f ruff" he panted some then ran his tongue along her neck in a seductive way working his way to her ear and nibbling on it. "I would sit here all night with you," Conner whispered in Kaylee's ear.

The giggle from being pulled towards Conner and the ruffs that came from him, led way to a shear feeling of melting in his arms as his tongue made it's way from her neck, giving way to her ear being nibbled on.

Kaylee felt her heart increase just a bit in speed. She titled her head to give him more access to her neck.

Conner realized that Kaylee tilted her head some. Conner took that invitation and started to move his lips back down her neck slowly enjoying every inch. Conner lingered somewhere Kaylee's neck met her shoulder. then work across her shoulder then back to her neck. He turned her so that she was sideways in his lap and deeply kissed her.

Kaylee could feel her breath and heart increasing as Conner continued on her neck and shoulder. She felt herself being turned and gave into it; just as she gave into the kiss. Letting her reach up, his shirt , landing on his shoulders.

Letting the kiss continue Conner could feel her body against his breathing became heavy too his heart began to beat faster. The excitement of feeling Kaylee's hands going up against his chest and holding him by the shoulders. All of this was almost too much for him. Conner could feel himself losing control something that normally does not happen. Conner pulled her in as close as he could.

Passion raged in Conner for the first time that he could remember. Kaylee had an effect that he was not ready for. Kaylee had his heart, mind, and soul Conner knew at this moment he was powerless against her. If this was falling in love. Conner wanted even more now with Kaylee in his arms. Other girls in Conner's past were more like playthings. Conner could not recon in his mind what was happening and why he felt this way about her.

Kaylee wanted this, all of this, to last all night. Her mind on the moment, in this place, with him. Conner. The boy she had liked for so long. The one who had been a childhood crush that had now turned into something else. Something that was so much more.

She knew she had never felt anything, even close to this, about any other boy. It was an amazing feeling.

As they kissed Conner could only hope that Kaylee felt the same way as Conner felt. The way they held on to one other it felt that way. Conner also knew Kaylee was a free spirit too and a little on the wild side. Conner thought she was perfect in many ways maybe too many it took a lot to keep his hand and mind under control Conner wanted so much to kiss and explore every inch of her body.

They came up for Air all Conner could do is stare into her eyes deeply He had not done this with anyone before. Conner feeling so vulnerable. With all of his strength, it meant nothing, Conner could not resist Kaylee, Conner was defenseless.

A light breeze blew in from the water and on to the couple but Kaylee barely felt it. It was nice and warm being in Conner's arms.

The kiss eventually broke but she stayed there content at looking into each other's eyes. It was as if they didn't need words between them and Kaylee didn't want to break the mood by speaking.

The seconds that passed to Conner seemed to be minutes staring into Kaylee's eyes. he could almost feel her sense her heartbeat and breathing. This moment was so intense to Conner. The sounds, smells, and breeze faded there was only Kaylee and him. Conner realized what JD said that Combat and love was just The person and you nothing else matters. Conner got that now.

Conner could smell her perfume the shampoo that she used body spry his heart raced it was hard to breathe. Conner leaned in to kiss her this time softly romanticly. Conner what this to last this kiss letting Kaylee know how he felt even if he could not say it. Conner wished they could stay here all night in her arms.

The feeling when Conner kissed her when he touched her was euphoric and made her want more. The kiss lasted for what seemed like a long time but also an instant.

Kaylee was feeling what Conner was, she was getting the idea of what he was saying even without words. This was what it felt like; she was sure of it.

Starting back onto Kaylee's neck Conner moved his lips down Kaylees's neck then moved across the bottom just at the line of her top and back up the other side. Conner wanted to see how excited or turned on he could get Kaylee. Conner knew he was it was getting harder to control his hands and body his excitement was becoming obvious. There was no hiding it now for Conner. he was worried about Kaylee's reaction.

Kaylee gave into everything Conner was doing. She, too, was getting carried away. Another deep kiss and Kaylee shifted her body, allowing more access to Conner but also them to get some air.

It was right at that moment with Kaylee in Conner's arms, Conner's hands on her, and them getting ready to make out some more when Kaylee heard "Oops..."

JD was first with Rose right behind him on the trail as they walk upon Conner and Kaylee. as Rose walked up beside JD jokingly raised his hand to cover Rose's eyes. "wow guys if you were any closer you would be wearing each other" JD joked. Dropping his hand so Rose could see Conner and Kaylee. "making up for lost time?" joked JD agian.

Rose breathed a laugh at JD's comments, once he moved his hands from her face.

Kaylee grinned and said, "Maybe." Then joked, "Like you two have any room to talk." But it was all in good fun.

Conner looked and was surprised to see the two Conner kissed Kaylee's neck then looked at JD and Rose with a big smile "if you keep watching you might learn something." Conner teased.

JD gave a light laugh and put his arm around Rose and pulled her in "I think we figured it out on our own." said JD kissing her neck.

Kaylee smiled to the kiss on her neck.

Rose also smiled when JD kissed her neck. She then commented, "Maybe we should leave these two kids alone." A joke, after all Conner was older than all of them.

JD smiled "As my dad says, Carry on! you two," said JD as he turned with Rose to walk back to the beach.
Conner smiled at Kaylee "did not expect to see Rose and JD here." then kissed Kaylee.

Kaylee took a moment to watch the other couple leave. Smiling at Conner, "I'm pretty sure they didn't expect to see us either." With that she fell into his kiss.

Conner resumed where he left off kissing moving his lips down and across her neck working on the ears to gaging Kaylee's reaction. It was time to see how worked up he could get Kaylee. Conner did plan later to just cuddle and watch the moon waves and beach be for leaving.

Kaylee returned to the position she had been in and gave instantly back into his lips on her. It would be wonderful if this night never had to end.

Conner took every advantage he could of their position exploring Kaylee with his lips and hands but not getting too carried away. Time was passing as they were kissing and holding each other passionately.

Conner leaned back and rested his back against the bench holding Kaylee close to him allowing her to lay on his chest. Nothing had to be said, Conner knew Kaylee Knew how he felt. Conner just cuddled Kaylee looking out onto the moonlit ocean and beach.

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