Window To The Seas

After everyone was done playing the games, and it seemed like everyone who wanted something had won something, the choice was left to go back to the dorms to get changed for dinner or stay at the boardwalk a little longer.

The restaurant they would be eating at wasn't particularly fancy, it was more fun and the food was rather good. Still, after being at the boardwalk all day a number of the group decided to go back to the dorms to get cleaned up and changed.

The restaurant reservation was mostly for the main group with a few added places just in case they were needed. Rose went up to Courtney and told her to invite Melissa to dinner. The freshman had been invited to the boardwalk but her ankle had made that difficult, something Rose understood. But dinner would be certainly easier for her to attend and being Doug was stuck in his room, it made Rose not wonder about inviting her. Rose didn't particularly like Doug; he came across as a snob but Melissa was nice.

Courtney found Melissa in one of the rec rooms ready to chomp down on a hot dog from the snack stand. Going over to the other girl, Courtney joked, "Put down that hot dog and come get something good to eat."

Melissa breathed a laugh and glanced up at Courtney, "What are you talking about?"

Courtney smiled, "You've been invited to have dinner with us at the The Window To The Seas restaurant."

"Are you sure? I mean…"

But before Mel could finish that statement, Courtney said,. "Rose told me to invite you so yes I'm sure, and I'm not taking no for an answer."

"Well, in that case I guess I'm going to dinner."

The restaurant was down the street slightly from the boardwalk. The front door was rounded and had the lettering curved around it which read "Window To The Seas".

Upon entering there was a Madre di to the left but, unlike most restaurants, where Madre di's stood behind a stand, this one was behind a desk.

Rose gave her name and the party was led down a wide set of wooden and carpeted stairs. The carpet, that seemed to be the same all over, was aqua with wavy lines through it.

The downstairs had giant aquariums all around, some flat ones one the walls and a large circular one in the middle of one section. The aquariums were filled with all kinds of fish and other sea life. The rainbow of reds, blues, purples, blacks could be seen darting around the various tanks.

The lighting was hanging blue and green lamps which were dimmed to not ruin the atmosphere. They were led past the main area and to a large room. It was easy to tell this room had been reserved for their group.

There were tanks all around against the wall, to one side was a circular tank, though smaller than the one in the main room. The rounded tank held jellyfish.

On one side was a long table with plenty of room for everyone to sit. The other side held a buffet with a variety of foods. Seafood of course but other fare such as steaks with a grill chef right there ready to cook them to perfection, carving stations with ham and roast beef and a variety of other foods. It was a top quality buffet.

There was a dessert bar and a coffee bar but once everyone was seated, drink orders were also taken for sodas, or any other non-alcoholic beverages they wanted.

Dinner was going well. Dawn and April made the announcement that they were official. There was a chorus of congratulations to be heard.

Matt said he forgot something in his car. It was about three minutes later that Courtney was getting a text. She quietly said something to Rose who nodded and told sure, it was fine.

A text and about a minute later, Matt showed back up with Jason. "Look who I found.". Matt joked.

Melissa instantly noticed Jason. Jason instantly noticed Melissa. Courtney noticed the interaction between the two.

Rose said to Jason, "Join us. There's plenty of food."

"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude." Jason responded.

His feelings about intruding were put to rest when Dawn spoke up, "You're not intruding. Get some food and sit down."

Jason did just that, joining everyone else who was already eating. Conveniently enough there was an empty chair near Mel.

Dinner progressed into dessert with talking, joking and just having fun.

There were still several hours left before curfew and that left people with decisions. They could stay in the room as they had it for the entire night. Off the room was a deck area with plenty of places to sit. Stairs went off the deck area leading to the beach, another option. Or there was the opportunity to just leave, go and spend time elsewhere. Talk had progressed to those decisions being made.

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