A Green And Ugly Monster

Thud! The sounds of a cell phone being thrown against a wall could be heard as Doug got the news. Everyone had gone out. Apparently, it was zoo day.

The other rich kids had gone, and Melissa and gone with Carter. He had heard something about the group that he couldn't stand going there as well.

He swore if he found out Melissa had even spoken to that other group, she'd be sorry. How many times could he warn her?

Still, Doug also knew Mel was with Carter. Carter, he could trust Carter, or could he? Those two had been spending a lot of time together. He was trusting Carter less and less.

Despite the fact that Doug has said it was alright that Carter and Melissa hung out while he was on restriction, Doug could feel the pains of jealousy eating away at his core. Bubbling under the surface. Until jealousy and anger, the two emotions he was most familiar with, exploded causing his phone to be thrown against the wall. That's where it really had come from, not so much that everyone had gone out but that they had gone out together, again.

He picked up his phone from the floor, the tempered glass screen was severely cracked with chips off of it but the phone itself was fine. It could be fixed tomorrow.

Tomorrow, he will be off restriction.
Tomorrow, he could get Mel completely under
his thumb, again no matter what it took. Tomorrow he could go back to the gambling den and quench that ever present need that online sites and the occasional card game wasn't even cracking the surface of.

Doug was still under the impression Carter would come with him. His plan now, maybe a little detour, the other boy had to learn to not try to move in on Doug's girlfriend. Once that was settled, they'd be good. Both Melissa and Carter back under his control.

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