It's All Happening At The Zoo (Part 4)

Moving off to the side, and with the path cleared Sam, Kaylee , JD and Connor all got into position. Hands down, legs up.

JD did a few pushups, got jokingly harassed about being a showoff and then it was - go.

Everyone looked strong for the first minute or so, that's when Conner's feet came back down to the ground. First one out.

JD managed to stay up a bit longer, but he started wobbling and came down as well.

Kaylee and Sam however were quite the contest with both looking strong for several minutes.

Kaylee's arms though gave out first and down she went.

Even after, Sam was the only one left standing, the girl looked like she could keep going.

Rose laughed slightly at her friend and said, "All right, Sam, you won."

Sam got down from the position, and took a bow,to the sound of applause from the small group of people who had gathered to watch the antics.

She then walked over to the group of her five friends.

Heath said, "I knew you could stand on your hands but damn."

Sam smiled but shrugged slightly. "I used to spend a lot of time walking all my house, on my hands, as a kid."

Kaylee asked, "Your parents were good with that?"

"Not at first," Sam smirked, "I broke a lot of stuff, even had to get stitches on my foot once when I went through a window. But when I have my mind made up I can be a little stubborn about it."

Rose laughed and joked, "A little!?"

"Hey," Sam feigned being offended before laughing at the jest.

Heath joked, "I knew better than to go there."

"Alright, Alright." Sam quipped. "Anyway, I just kept at it and eventually ended up being able to walk all over the places on my hands."

The contest done, the it was on the hummingbird exhibit. Sam and Heath though had already gone through it and went to a gift shop instead.

*A little later***

Everyone, it seemed, had their share of reptiles, hummingbirds and whatever else was interesting in this part of the park.

The group was large enough that they managed a bus of their own, it was then off to the next section of the zoo.

This section had the large avery, gorillas, the tiger trail, hippos, a number of other animals that would be found in places like Africa and the like.

The group got off the bus and headed off as the various couples, and friends decided what to do next.

Carter stepped off the bus with Blossom.

"What would you like to see first?" Carter asked

Kyle was enjoying his time with Justin. The two had walked towards the gorilla area and were watching the antics of the large primates.

Rose and JD had gotten off the bus and headed towards the Gorillas as well.

The couple looked incredibly happy to just be together. They kissed and then, Rose spotted Kyle and Justin.

As they walked closer to the two boys, Rose smiled, "Hi. Are you two having a good day?"

Kaylee had basically just wandered wherever Conner wanted to go first. She stood in front of him, as the couple watched the animals. It was just a perfect day.

Melissa had been surprised that Dante was here with Jocelyn. It wasn't surprising that the two knew each other, as Dante seemed to know most of the people at the school nor was it surprising the two were hanging out together. It was just a surprise to see them. The girl wondered if the two were on a date. As for her own feelings about Dante, she had decided to let the small crush on him die and be buried for the sake of their friendship and it was pretty clear he had no interest in her, like that. It wasn't a big deal really more just a passing thing.

As it was Melissa was enjoying her time with Jason more than she wanted to admit. It was a relaxing day, so far.

The group enjoyed their time in this section before moving on.

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