Rich Kids At The Zoo

JP with Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

Sadie had made Joey come with her to the zoo. She had taken on her role as his Mistress with ease. It seemed so natural to her.

Still, they would have to be secretive today about their actual relationship, too many people would just not understand.

Sadie had told her entourage to just have fun and do what they wanted. After all, she didn't need them waiting on her - she had someone for that.

A few of her girls had looked surprised, a few had looked not particularly happy, others were fine with it. It was the unhappy ones Sadie was concerned with. Were they jealous of her relationship with Joey?

It was a problem, the brunette knew she needed to address but later, right now was for seeing some animals. Sadie conversed with some other rich kids as they all waited to enter the zoo.

Lance and Elena were with the others kind of off to one side hanging on one another. kissed casually. Lane kept looking out at the parking lot. "They're here" Lance commented looking back at Elena. looking up "who?" asked Elena. Lance looked around "The scholarship kids. somehow they beat us here I had heard they would be here this weekend. Dam monkeys." lance said with some disgust. He let out a grunt. "They will ruin everything. they stink up the place." Lance said. As the line moved to be for long they were inside the park.

Doug's group had also arrived at the zoo. They hadn't bother inviting Melissa, figuring she'd be an inconvenience being on crutches and all but that worked out because apparently she was here anyway, with Carter.

Doug's two spies stood off to the side, making a plan. They had been tasked with finding where Melissa and Carter were and what they were doing.

Upon hearing that the scholarship students were here, they both made a disgusted faces.

One of them commented, "I'm surprised they can even afford the zoo."

Then it was back to planning, they'd find the two and figure out what was actually going on - because Doug asked them to.

Joey was in hog heaven as Sadie was seductively bossing him around. Every now and then she would give him a pinch to motivate him when he was not taking the hint. As he saw Sadie give her girls some time off he could not help but feel them starring daggers at him. He wondered if they felt threatened by him or were they into Sadie as a more than friend way. Not that he cared since Sadie could handle them regardless, so he looked around to see what was around them. He had not been to the zoo in a long time, since he had a busy schedule now. It was nice to get away from his crazy schedule and spend time with Sadie now.

The line started moving, and the rich kids were let in. They agreed to head to the area with reptile and hummingbird house first. Just missing the scholarship students by minutes.

Several of the rich girls thought reptiles, except the turtles, were icky and did not spend long in that exhibit before heading to the hummingbird exhibit.

Sadie wasn't too into snakes but more bored with them than anything as they just seemed to lay there.

The girl said to Joey that they should move on but apparently something had the boy distracted. Once was all got before she gave him a subtle but definitely hard pinch.

"Let's go," Sadie spoke calmly but firmly at him.

The young woman pulled him off to the side and whispered in his ear, "You ignore me again and I'll think of a worse punishment. Understand?"

Before taking his hand and leading him to the next part of the exhibit.

Doug's spies were hoping to spot Melissa and Carter in the first exhibit and be done with the task but apparently it would take a little more time to find the two.

Joey was both startled and excited by Sadie’s means of discipline.

Joey: Oh my bad, but ummmm what kind of punishment are we talking about?

Joey had a naughty smile on his face as he was leaning in to kiss her.

Sadie shook her head, but didn't answer him at first instead she kissed him, a long deep kiss. Designed to make Joey become flustered a bit.

Sadie then said, "Not the kind of punishment you'd enjoy. I might just not allow you to touch me for a few hours."

Joey turned pale as his jaw dropped open on fear and making him look like the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar. He was literally speechless as he was in shock. Then he snapped out of it and was on the verge of tears as he spoke up.

Joey: I am sorry Sadie. I will behave like a gentleman. If you cut me off I might cry in public.

That was the response Sadie wanted, clearly she got her point across. There was "punishment" and the girl was all for deleving out the stuff Joey enjoyed, when he had earned it but he was also her sub so there was that other side.

"Ok, then. As long as you understand. You may go back to holding my hand." Giving him a smile.

Joey felt relieved as he took Sadie’s hand. He managed to dodge a bullet this time, he knew he could not be lucky all the time.

Joey: So where to next?

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