The Other Side Of The Mountain

It felt weird being back here. Back on campus. For the past several months had been a dream or more like a nightmare. Maybe, being back here felt more surreal than that.
Rose still automatically went to dial her brother but stopped herself. Even after all this time, it was still a habit. She wondered if she would ever stop doing that. Wondered if she would ever stop dreaming about that night. Maybe, someday she wouldn't tense up the moment she got into a car. She knew she would never stop missing William.
It wasn't that she wasn't glad to be back; strangely enough, she was. It meant her life was getting back to some normalcy; whatever that looked like now. It, also, meant she wasn't around her parents. However, the teachers and Principal as here; it was better than being around them.
Carrying her bag she made it to her room. The room she would be sharing with her Sam. Rose was one of the rich kids and could have opted for a single but she had done that last year as was looking forward to sharing a room with her best friend.
Rose didn't have a big bag as her items had already been sent here and were already waiting for her in the room. Which was good because carrying heavy items was still a problem for her. She opened the door to the sound of an excited female voice.
"You're here."
Footsteps led to a hug that could have knocked her over if she was any smaller. Before Rose could say anything Sam started talking. "I'm so glad we're roommates; this year. This is gonna be great."
Rose couldn't help but smile at her friend and her optimism; she loved Sam like a sister but she was also still working through a lot of things. She hoped that their friendship survived all of it.
Feeling her friend's arm around her shoulder she was led to a chair and told to put down the bag and sit. Rose didn't argue. The two started talking about how to decorate the room; what they could do anyway without getting into any trouble. They easily agreed on what to do and then caught up on nothing in particular. It didn't take long before Rose was tired; having just traveled to the school that day. The two friends got the room together, beds made and Rose proceeded to lay down and fall asleep.
When she awoke the room was quiet; Sam had apparently gone out. Rose took a breath and stared at the ceiling letting thoughts just wash over her for a moment. She then got up and put away some more of her things. Before grabbing her small backpack that contained a sketch pad and some pencils and other small art supplies and headed for a walk.

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