My Mom Said No

"I mean, if it's allowed," she tacked her disclaimer onto the and of JD's offer, her words somehow sounding doubtful but more confident than JD's on account of how he seemed a little -

A little what? Nervous maybe, she decided, but didn't do the romantic math right or carry the one to come up with the sum that JD thought Jocelyn was pretty and was interested in her. It should have been obvious, Jocelyn was pretty even with the still fading black eye, somehow even more evident in the sun than it had been under the sickly fluorescent light in McDonald's.

"I was going to make some posters, or flyers I guess really. Maybe with some of those number tear off things? Or," she sounded a little more excited as the idea struck, "maybe I could make it like a vote? Make one on each side with something like Yes! or Count Me In! to show if you wanted to go or Forgot my Suit or My Tummy Hurts or My Mom Said No on the other ones. Then check it after a day and see if there's enough people wanting to go."

"You think that would work?" she was mainly asking Jocelyn, boys didn't know anything at all about posters or the fun in making them and organizing stuff, but she looked up at him to gauge his interest too. That had been happening more often lately, she'd been a lot more conscious of boys and whether or not they liked her. Now it was her turn to be flustered and she looked back at Jocelyn. "You want to help make them? We can use your ideas too."

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