The Drive

The drive to LA had been relatively quiet between the couple. Sam kept her hand in Heath's, to show the boy her support. Heath appreciated it but had his mind on other things.

They had stopped for breakfast at a pancake house. Which lived up to its name with the large variety of pancakes it had to offer. The pancakes ordered were good, but filling.

Now, they were back in the car, more thahalfway to their destination for the day.

"Thanks again, for coming." Health finally spoke up.

When his grandmother had called the other day, he hadn't expected her to ask him to meet his father in LA. He hadn't spoken to his father in years but he had acquiesced. His grandmother had been the only person supportive of him, from his biological family. Really, when his father kicked him out, Heath might have gone to live with her but things were complicated by his father saying if his grandmother took the boy in, she couldn't see her other grandchild, Heath's younger brother.

"Of course," Sam said. Where else would she be?

The only people in the group that knew about Heath's problems with his father were Matt, Sam and Rose. Rose only knew because Sam had told her, after Heath had said it was okay. She doubted either Rose or Matt had told anyone

A little while later, they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where Heath's father was staying. Heath got out of the car, he helped Sam out and the couple walked together through the front doors.

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