Potluck day, JDs house.

Red sword- Cindy JP (before the others show up).

The feeling of excitement was brewing just below the girl's surface. She was going to JDs house for the first time. In JDs jeep. Spending the day with the boy and tonight the potluck, it was going to be a good day. The two arrived at JD's house, after a stop off at the store to buy anything they needed. Rose couldn't cook but she knew how to make a Caprese salad - cutting up tomatoes and mozzarella was not exactly difficult.
She also had something to discuss with JD. That was best done before everyone else got there just too many questions.
From the front, the house looked nice, not too big which was good. Rose often thought her own family's home was far too large.
To the front door, then Rose waited for JD to open the door.

As JD opened the door for Rose as the dog got there to greet them quickly. The labradoodle was big and had a brownish-wooly type of fur. The Dog gave a loud bark it echoed in the entryway. JD gave a quick "Bear, HOLD!" command lifting his fist up. the Dog seemed a little upset at the order. Bear gave a small wine. JD smiled looking at Rose "this is Bear our dog" JD explained to Rose. JD reached down some and scratched Bear's head. Bear lifted his head into JD's hand. " OK let him smell you, then pet him if you wish he does like a good scratch between his ears.

Rose smiled at the dog. "Well, hello Bear." Letting the labradoodle sniff her hand, before petting the animal's head. She didn't know if Bear was just friendly or had actually taken a liking to her. "He's adorable," Rose commented to JD.

JD looked at Bear "you're too easy Bear" JD commented. JD's mom popped her head around the corner from the kitchen with a big smile She came around and to the hallway wiping her hands with an elegant towel then placed it to the side. " Bear! Rug," she ordered Bear waited for just a second to get the last touch from Rose. then walk off down the hallway. JD's mom had a big smile "Rose nice to see you again." She said warmly to Rose. She changed her gaze to JD "and not just for 5 minutes." JD's mom commented. JD's mom turned back to Rose. "Come, in Rose are kitchen is just right around the Corner. Rose can tell just by what they have the place looks like wealthy people but the brands are not the piano is upper but most other things are just above average. JD had ah man look on his face from his mother's comment "mom really" JD mumbled. "Yes it is this way," JD said sounding a little embarrassed. He was reaching for her hand and walking with Rose. "You can call me Elizabeth or Mrs. Davenport whatever makes you feel comfortable. Though, some call me mom too like Conner it might be too soon for that." Elizabeth said with a wink to JD. Stepping away to one side JD placed their groceries on the kitchen counter and returned to Rose's side.

"It's nice to see you again, as well, Mrs. Davenport. " Rose smiled being polite and friendly towards JD's mom. "You have a lovely home." Rose would have to think if her upbringing would allow her to call the woman anything but Mrs. Davenport. Rose's world growing up was upscale things. She could tell where things in JD's house fell but didn't really care. The piano was more upscale. Then something near the piano caught Rose's eye. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the display of colors doting the canvas. What were the odds?


JD and his mom both look at one other. "Mom why does everyone stop and look at the painting and you put it right here?" asked JD looking back at Rose. Surprised at Rose's expression. Mrs. Davenport looked at Rose "You like it? Most people do. I love it. I purchased it in New York some time ago and never found much from this painter and someone outbid me for the other painting." Commented JD's mom. "what do you think of it?" she asked.

How to answer that? Did she go against her parent's wishes and say something? Looking at the two knowing a lie - well - she couldn't lie to them.
Rose's rebellion towards her parents wouldn't look like much to some. Wearing a dress she wanted to wear. Not just going with what her parents wanted but instead what made her happy. Not lying to JD or his mom. It was a stupid lie anyway. "You bought from the Second Street Gallery about 4 maybe 5 years ago? The owner is a man named Paul Foxx. The work is supposedly unsigned but its not, under black light shown in from the back there's a signature." Rose pulled out her cell went to a website and put in a passcode. She looked at their faces and then showed them the picture of herself, slightly younger, with the gallery owner and that painting in the background. "I painted it."

Mrs. Davenport and JD looked in shock. "Wow, your good young lady," commented Mrs. Davenport. " do you have any more of your work?" She asked. JD just smiled looking proud to be next to Rose. "All this time it was you, Now I think we are destined for one other. Did that just sound weird?" said JD looking at Rose and then kissing her. He was not even thinking about his mom being there. JD thought Rose was just so amazing. "Mrs. Davenport cleared her throat quietly "do you two need a room," she said jokingly.

"Thank you, " Rose did appreciate the compliment. "Yes, I have several pieces actually in storage. There are a few pieces left in some galleries in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and LA, most on permanent display. The rest were sold. I was more known for my portraits at the time so many people never made the connection. If you've gone to galleries through and seen the RN portraits you've seen my work."
The RN portraits were the hit of the art world for a few years. Because almost no one but the gallery owners knew the identity of the artist and she stopped showing after a while, it was still considered a big thing for a collector to have one of those portraits in their collection.
They were portraits of random people not famous, capturing the person doing everyday things.

When JD kissed her it surprised her slightly. JDs mom's comment brought them back to the present and Rose laughed slightly at the comment.

Mrs. Davenport took a step back. She knew the circumstances were now getting awkward. "Well our house is open to you Rose," she said in a sweet and polite tone. "When everyone gets here I will give you how the cooking is going happen." Mrs. Davenport paused and looked at JD. "Jonny why don't show Rose around? Remember the rules Door will stay open while you two are in there." she said with a smile "Oh, Be a gentleman. Rose just let me know if he does something you do not like. I will deal with little Jonny." Mrs. Davenport said with a devilish smile.

"Thank you," Rose responded and smiled at the comment about JD.
Once JD's mom was out of earshot Rose said to JD, "Actually can we go talk somewhere?"

JD turned and looked through the glass door leading to the upper balcony. He gave her a reassuring smile and reached for Rose's hand. JD Lead Rose threw the Family room onto the second fool balcony. outside they got a great view of the ocean and the beach. JD led her to where two chairs were facing the beach and the ocean. "I hope all of this is too much for you. Did my mom make you too nervous?" asked JD looking concerned.

The view from the second floor balcony was very pretty, Rose took it in before taking a seat. "No. You're mom's great. It's still a little surprised she had bought one of my paintings though." Rose was just telling the truth.
The girl took a moment to focus on why she wanted to talk to him. "So, about the party, my parents are throwing over Thanksgiving weekend. I got the invite today and there was a surprise in it." Her gaze caught his expression as she waited for JD's response.

"Yes, You had said something about it. I also know you would want me to be there with you. So I guess your parents said no?" JD asked, looking worried.

"No, that's just it. I wasn't expecting to be able to bring anyone with me but the invite says I can bring a plus one. I don't know if it was a mistake by the staff or something but I know if I invite you now, I can tell my parents I've already invited you. They won't make me uninvite you because it would look bad." Rose tried to explain the situation as best she could.

JD sat thinking "How much trouble are you going to get into? I don't want to get you into trouble. I don't want them taking you away and from the school." He paused "Ti ho appena trovato Ho trovato una persona di cui mi sono innamorato. Non so come reagirei se ti portassero via. Ti voglio bene," (I just found you I found a person I have fallen in love with. I am not sure how I would react if they took you away. I love you) JD said softly.

"They promised William, when I first switched schools, they wouldn't make me change schools. They wouldn't go back on that." A promise to their now dead son. Maybe, it was sad that they couldn't just promise that to Rose but it was the way it was. "They'll yell at me a little. Probably say some things I don't want to hear but that will happen no matter what I do." Or at least her mother would. Her father didn't speak to Rose much. "Ti amo anch'io e non voglio andare a questo senza di te." (I love you too and I don't want to do this without you.)

JD sat quietly for a moment. JD leaned over and kissed Rose one of those I love you and reinsuring kisses. "I will always be by your side. My father said one time to me. If you start a war you make sure you know what you are fighting for." JD said with a sly smile. "Well, now I need to talk to my parents. I would like you there just in case they have questions. maybe not right away but nearby." Explained JD smiling at Rose with some excitement. "I have a habit of growing on people. never know your father might not get the shotgun out," JD said jokingly. JD thought one day his joking around or sarcasm will get him in trouble.

Rose's smile grew at JD's words. "I'll be there when you talk to your parents if you want. I can also give you details on how it'll work. It might be a little different than what you'd expect but if it helps you can tell your parents we'll be well chaperoned."

JD looked into Rose's eyes "I can wait to see your home. and yes all the information you can give would help. My father is a stickler about details, go figure. Just a warning He has a habit of looking at everything like a military operation." JD explained shaking his head and looking down slightly. "As long as you are by me I will do whatever is needed to be by you and keep you next to me. I promise. When a davenport makes a promise it's forever or as long as you hold me to it." said JD with confidence. JD looked around and then kissed Rose again. "Thank you, for letting me know," said JD.

"Well, I can't wait to show it to you." She replied.. "I'll keep that in mind," returning the kiss and wondering how she found such a great guy. The doorbell could be heard in the background. Sam and Heath had arrived, carrying some grocery bags, and were introducing themselves to JD's mom.

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