The welcoming

Thomas watched his father's bed warmer and their child drive away. She was a cute baby and he couldn't hate her for having the same crappy sperm donor that he did. The difference was her parents were married. She belonged and he envied her passionately. With him were two bags of stuff that mattered to him, one bag of stuff that mattered with him and a bag of things his parents thought he needed. His father had Karen buy him a high end gaming laptop, he went top end and tonight the M$ crap would be off and the newest Linux distro would be on plus the software he managed to pick up from the computer and network security classes at UCLA. In a couple days, he would have laid out the schools computer network.

There were three Rasberry Pi's, small set of electronics tools, his remaining lock pick set that he had hidden before the police searched his locker and bedroom. A Bluetooth gamer headset, some crappy first person gangster first person shooter game his sperm donor thought he would like, his collection of books, including some in chinese and japanese. The joy of being is a multi-lingual family is you grow up learning to speak multiple languages, reading in other languages is harder.

Karen even spoke chinese, even with her endowed physicality and short skirts, she had earned a masters in international business and a minor in Chinese language and culture. She would often say to him, "I understand you." What did that that thot know about multi-cultural horny teenage boys, but he had seen a few of her videos and maybe she did know something about that culture. It was because of Karen that he could see the potential of his half sister. When she was 17 running around with her girl friends around the pool. There was a lot of potential there.

His bag contained also had a multiple terabytes drives. A large collection of images that he had downloaded, software, music, school work, his prized collection of memes he had created, and other things that interest a teenage boy. He also had two mini-drones with a video camera controllers, stashed in boxes sealed and labeled books. He basically had every technological toy a non-gamer boy would want in that bag. He would have traded it all for what his half-sister had parents that love him.

When Coach Callahan's voice snapped him back to reality, She was dressing him down for not being in the school uniform when on School ground. It was an everything is about image talk and he turned his listening squelch down to 2, so he knew when she stopped. She mentioned his mother and letting it slip this time.
"She's not my mother," he said having had noticed how she had looked at Karen and it wasn't cold outside. He had been thinking about sharing the videos he made of Karen's morning yoga routine in the master bedroom before she took her shower and thought being suspended before being shown his room would be a bad thing, more that it would mean a year in jail.

Karen had lost most of her baby weight in a month and he didn't blame his father for being attracted to her. Heck most of the men he met could not help but to turn their heads and look.

Coach Callahan had been expecting him. She was the closest thing to a gymnastics coach that the school had. Since there were more girls in gymnastics than boys, he fell under her control. It also meant that he wasn't a jock.

He had been impressed by Coach Warburton when the three of them had talked on the phone. He had done his homework watching videos of him playing football and there was something about him that made you want to try a little harder. He hoped that Warburton would help him put some targeted muscle strength on in case he put weight on or grew a few inches. Maybe enough that he would not get beat up as often here.

As it stood, he figured the ten years of almost daily gymnastics and working out with the UCLA collage program meant that he knew a hell of a lot more about gymnastics than she did. Heck, he could even coach the girls at this level. But with the University of Michigan and Penn State programs making the news, he probably wouldn't even be allowed to ride on the bus with the girls and who would want a horny teenage boy getting that close to those girls, well he would but he was that horny teenage boy, and that was probably the entire list. They might let him student coach with supervision. He also knew that after a few months of working out, the girls became like sisters. He wasn't sure but he thought he might kind of be that to them too, one of the girls. Trapped eternally in that sibling zone.

The climbed stairs up a few flights and she lead him down a hall to his room in the boys wing. His room was about the size of a detention cell and did not have a toilet or a sink. He had expected that his bags were going to get searched but the coach told him to change into his uniform. Where the showers were, like the boy coming out of a door with wet hair rapped in a towel did not indicate the location. She yelled at the boy to keep himself covered.

He flopped his stuff on the bed excpecting to have his stuff searched. It was not and coach left. The room was nice and had a view of the track and the gym complex. Tennis courts, a small golf course. He could see part of a swimming pool through the large windows. He would have a camera and a monocular setup on that.

There were no trees were near the window to climb out on, which was a bummer. But, there wasn't bars on the windows and that was nice.

After unpacking, he laid on the bed for a bit reading on his tablet. A could older boys stopped by. The offered to sell him the loft that as in the room last year for $80 and help him set it up for an extra $50. They showed him a picture of what they had done and it basically made the room livable. He had $400 of spending money that he had saved up. He forked over the $140 and they told him to come with them. In the basement they loaded up a cart with wood that had been bundled and had his room number 465. Another $10 got him hinges and screws to make storage under the bed and hidden storage under the plywood deck. All that was left of the original room was the fixed bookshelf and the mattress. Another $20 got him three bean bag chairs.

A girl walked down the hall, which suprized him. He remembered that there were hours that they could visit in the other wing, but the doors had to be left open. He also remembered his computer screen had to be visible from the door. He rolled his eyes as he thought about the "personal code of ethics and responsibility" paper he had signed.

When he got up to go to the bathroom, one of the older boys hit him with a right cross dropping him. The other took his wallet, took all but $40 and threw it down at him then walked away. No cameras, no security cameras

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