Last Day, First Day

"Sorry," she said and looked away.

"Nothing to be sorry for." Jocelyn told her as she pushed the buttons. "One girls kids meal, plain burger, apple slices and milk comes to $3.35." she said. "Will there be anything else?" she asked.

When the girl said that was all she wanted they waited a moment in silence, and a few later a small square red box slid down a small chute behind Jocelyn. She held it out to the girl. "Thank you for not asking about, you know." she said. "Every girl our age and mother has already."


Hours later she finished her shift. Heading home to finish the last of the packing. Most of the stuff would stay, not a lot of room in small dorm. Laptop, art supplies, a few knitting thing, clothes of course, and hygiene items, and her medications.

It all fit in a few boxes. Though a person better at packing might have been able to fit it all in to one. Move in was still a few days away but best to not do it all last minute.


A few days later.

It was a fairly nice day. Jocelyn had gotten there early put her boxes in her small room and was now sitting on the grass in the quad eating a Croque Monsieur with a runny egg. Half enjoying the sandwich, half enjoying the people watching. Getting a feel for the people she'd spend the next few months with. Watching a boy with a rather sour look on his face, lugging a heavy looking bag getting talked to by a teacher, "Wonder what he did." she thought, before scanning the faces of more people. Seeing a few faces she'd seen that summer at work. The whipped boy with his girlfriend, and.... the guy from a few days ago.

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