It Never Ends

It was the next day and Jack woke up in a foul mood again. He decided to head out for an early morning run to relieve his build up stress. He was still livid that his childhood bully came back and was now a hot girl who forced him into being her boyfriend. Just to add salt to that wound she made sure that his parents and her parents knew this. Then to top it off he found out she was going to the same school as him. He felt like a trapped animal now and running was his only outlet. Since he ran daily his endurance was very high and he could easily make the track team if he was into team sports. The only reason he even did sports was to get stronger so he could defeat his childhood bully Ash, but it was all for nothing now. He learned boxing, judo and karate and still got his butt kicked by her.

During his run he found it somewhat therapeutic and peaceful. Before he knew it he was a good ways from his house and by a convenient store. in a strip center. Feeing a bit thirsty he decided to get an energy drink from the cold section. As he entered he found the place was not busy and only had one other customer. The customer was looking a bit suspicious in dark sunglasses, a stocking hat and odd clothing. Oddly enough she was on the cute side so he figured she was not in the mood to get hit on so he passed her by and began his search for his drink. After a minute he found what he needed and accidently bumped into the blonde who was now right behind him somehow.

Jack: Whoa...…. sorry.

The blonde looked at him like he was scum as he shades fell off and she scrambled to put them back on.

Olivia: How rude.

Jack: Look no one told you get behind me.

Olivia: You have a lot of guts talking to me like that. I could just have my bodyguard turn you into a pretzel you know.

Jack looked at Olivia and smirked with his usual scowl.

Jack: Doubtful.

Olivia: You doubt I have a bodyguard?

Jack: No I doubt you will call him. The way you are dressed, it looks like you are avoiding him.

Olivia: You're smarter than you look.

Jack: Funny.

Olivia: If you must know I am trying to get my favorite snacks. However my mother has me on a strict diet so I have to get them behind her back.

Jack: And what does that have to do with me?

Olivia: I need you to help me get them to my room unnoticed.

Jack: No thanks.

Olivia: Oh really now? Would you do it for my autograph?

Jack: Nope.

Olivia: Seriously? I am a popular model you know. Most guys would kill to just talk to me.

Jack: Not interested.

Olivia: Oh....(snicker)….. you prefer guys huh?

Jack got upset as he scowled at her.

Jack: I prefer girls.

Olivia: Okay then will you help me out?

Jack: Nope.

Olivia: Would you do it for money?

Jack: How much?

Olivia then bribed Jack with a $100 to walk with her to her hotel and deliver he snacks in secret while avoiding her bodyguard. However as they left the store the bodyguard was waiting outside for her with the car. She was in a foul mood as he whisked he away and drove off leaving Jack with four plastic bags of junk food. Seeing as he was stuck with the snacks he walked home and put them in his room in case she wanted them later somehow. He felt a bit guilty since he made a hundred bucks from her.

The next few days well pure hell for poor Jack as Ashley insisted on being with him as much as possible. It irked him that everyone believed she was sweet and innocent in their eyes when he knew she was the devil in disguise. Till school started he was forced to endure dates, meals, exercise and phone chats with her. When ever he tried to avoid her she made it worse for him when they met with more cuddling. It was like she enjoyed seeing him suffer.

Then the days passed and Jack found himself packed up and ready to take the bus to his new school. However that plan fell through as Ashley's parents rented a limo for her to take her to school and she convinced both her parents and his that they could share the ride. Jack nearly threw up when he was surprised by the news. He was completely dumbfounded as to how she could control his life so easily.

The ride to the prep school was long and painful for poor Jack as he had to spend "Quality" time with Ashley. He was forced to listen to her go on and on about her plans at the new school while holding his hand. When he tried to get his hand back she damn near crushed it till he begged for forgiveness. He was still amazed how strong she was despite her size. He had way more muscle on him and was bigger than her but somehow her grip felt like a vise. It took everything Jack had to not cry in front of her. He didn't to give her the satisfaction to breaking him. Of course Ashley on the other hand just wanted to be a happy couple and simply thought Jack was playing hard to get. She had a few screws loose which was why Jack feared her so.

Jack was relieved when they arrived at the school since he could get his hand back since he had to get his bags. His hand was a bit sore from Ashley's monstrous grip as he massaged it. Just to be a pain Ashley asked Jack "kindly" to carry her bags for her. Jack want to refuse but her wicked smile got to him again and he caved in like a coward. However he grumbled under his breath as he carried all his and her bags up the stairs to the school building. Since he was in great shape he didn't have any problems carrying the luggage up the stairs.

Once they entered the building they checked in and had to split up to take their bags to their rooms. Jack was relieved he could get away from Ashley but she insisted on kissing his cheek before he left. Then she whispered to his ear. "See you in class Jack".
Jack looked dat her with a sense of fear as if she knew something he didn't. It made him uneasy as he picked up his bags and headed with the guys to his dorm room. He quickly put his bags on his bed and sat down to rub his temples from his stressful day. Ashley was going to be the death of him and he was to weak to stop her.

Then he was interrupted by Justin Walker who entered his room and introduced himself. This guy looked like a ladies man since he had looks, charm, and muscular build. Jack wondered if he was going to have to hear stories about Justin's popularity and girlfriends. Luckily Justin was polite and well mannered unlike Jack who had a permanent scowl on his face. Since they had a bit of time till the opening ceremony and orientation, they needed to change in their uniforms. Since Jack was a scholarship student he had to pay out of pocket for his uniform and any replacements if needed. Since he didn't want to be a burden on his folks he needed to take care of his uniform. Justin on the other hand seemed to have a few extra uniforms since he liked his clothes pristine.

Once they were done they made their way to the auditorium where all the students were and found a few seats in the back. Jack was glad to not have to sit by Ashley this time since the boys and girls sat in different sections due to how they came in. However he could feel her evil presence as his eyes were drawn to her waving at him and blowing her kisses at him. He was annoyed by this as he saw the girls by her giggling like harpies. Girls seemed to love romance and couples. He was worried Ashley had already spread rumors about them in the school and this meant his hell would only get worse. Justin noticed Ashley waving at Jack and smirked as he mentioned Jack was popular with the girls. Jack was annoyed by this and didn't want to discuss it.

The opening ceremony was long and boring at principle Perkey and her staff we introduced and went on and on about school etiquette, policy, grades, behavior and expectations. After that they were broken up into smaller groups to tour the school grounds and where the classes would be held at. Then they would take a break for lunch and have free time till dinner and lights out.

Jack wanted to be alone but Justin insisted on keeping him company at lunch. Then Ashley showed up with a few other girls to eat with Jack as they giggled. Jack was in a mood again as he wanted the day to end.


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