Coffee & Contemplation Part 4

"Kenny...welcome back from the dead. May need to make a fresh seems to be in high demand."

Vera remembers to greet the captain with a conversational volume of voice so as not to set off the headaches everyone likely has at the moment. She motions toward the pot of coffee she saw while getting herself water.

Ogai comes back into the galley and sees the Captain as he clutches the Hydr8tion pouches. His lips thin and he makes no greeting but he makes his way to Vera, handing her two pouches.

"They should at least get rid of the sawdust feeling in your mouth."

He smiles a little and finally takes the coffee he was offered earlier as he leans against the table. He cradled the cup against himself as he sips at it. The warmth was much better than he initially thought. He needed this.


"Nice! Thank you, Asahi."

Taking one, Vera slides the second one out to the middle of the table. "Think I'm good with just one. Anyone else need this one?"


Ogai looks at her but shrugs, before pointing to their illustrious captain.

"Most likely him. You know, all things considered. He's just crawled out of cryo, so it would make sense that he gets it."


Nodding, Vera slides the spare Hydr8tion toward the empty seat that Kenny would most likely occupy once he sat. The sight of Vera passing things off to her teammates is pretty common. She is really careful about what she consumes and spends the bulk of her disposable income on various vitamins, supplements, and meal replacement bars to help maintain her physique. Also, she's generous with what she has because she strives to stay on good terms with everyone.

Having drama with others in a confined space for extended periods of time is not healthy. As such, she often finds herself mediating minor disputes or just being a neutral party for others to vent their frustrations with. Often on those occasions, she'll encourage them to work out with her, believing that is the best approach to dealing with any bad feelings.


Roberts sat back in his chair. Now with food and water in his stomach he was feeling better. He drank some water and looked at Captian Kenny, as they called him.

From what he knew of the crew, so far they were a good one. Roberts thought just like any family they had their differences. He turned to the Captain.

"Good day, Captain. I hope you are well.", said Roberts.


Ogai sits down next to Vera, a frown knotted between his brows. Vera was too nice. It was an offhanded suggestion, it didn't mean she actually had to give it to the HIM. Asahi had some more Hydr8tion in his pocket and he wasn't willing to give it to their dearest Captain. He rubs small circles onto his coffee mug, sipping at it as he watches everyone.


Captain Kenny muttered, "Good day folks."

It was hard to see his eyes through his cheap sunglasses but it was obvious he was forcing a smile despite feeling terrible. He was thankful that the crew provided him with a spare Hydr8tion and a cup of coffee. His first sip of coffee was held in his mouth so it could absorb into his very dry mouth, before he popped his Hydr8tion and held his head up so it could slowly drain down and rehydrate his body.

After a few more sips he felt his body waking up and sighed. "I needed that, thanks folks. So... seeing as most of us are up, we should probably do a status report of who is up and where we are as we recover. So who wants to volunteer first?" asked Capt. Kenny.


Roberts looks over to the Captain "Sir, the ship is secure. All security systems are functional.", he paused and looked around. "Most of the crew have awakened and are accounted for. There are no safety issues to report.", Roberts said.

He knew that it was not much but he was more of a passenger than a crew member. The captain had put him in charge of Security and safety on the ship.

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