Coffee & Contemplation Part 5

"Good morning Captain, crew" Paddy says stretching awkwardly. "Not sure who is flying this thing but I will make sure it is me shortly!"

Roberts laughs "Just be glad I am not flying the ship."


The medic returned to the galley with a small cardboard box in her hands and a smile on her face. She slipped back into the semi circle leather seat and cleared a space for the box.

She took out a small adjustable razor and cut away the adhesive strips. Inside the box was a slightly smaller festive gift box. 'What did he do?', she thought to herself.

The box was a glossy white tin, speckled with small shiny green pine trees and wrapped in a red ribbon and bow.

Roku's mouth hung open slightly in awe and anticipation. She greedily tore into it, threw aside a folded note and unfurled the green tissue paper to reveal a 6" plastic Christmas tree and a small, vacuum sealed, cube of dehydrated bourbon, all tucked neatly in black foam.

She slowly lifted the mechanical tree from its case, clicked a switch on the bottom of it, and set it down in the center of the galley's dining table.

The automated tree softly glowed with tiny bulbs of rainbow lights as it spun in three separate tiers.

"Merry Christmas, guys.", she said quietly.

At that moment, there comes a thud from the corridor leading to the cryochamber.


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