Coffee & Contemplation Part 6

"What the hell was that?" asked Roberts, getting up from his seat and walking that direction.


Capt. Kenny nearly spills his coffee as he is jostled about. "We need to check that out in case its bad.," said Capt. Kenny. "I really don't want this to be our last meal."


"I am on it Captain." , says Roberts moving quickly.


‘You got this, Bruce. Come on, you can do anything you set your mind to. Remember that night out with that Acturian band? You held it together then.’

Bruce Jensen struggles to stand, his limbs shaking. This wasn’t his first rodeo but it seemed worse than ever. He forced himself out of the pod and out into the corridor. The lights faded in and out, his head spun and suddenly he was on the floor.


Roberts jogged down the first corridor turned left entering the hall leading to the cryo chambers. He saw Bruce laid out on the floor moving slow.

Roberts almost wanted to just leave him there. But with the others coming, he did not want to look bad. "Jensen" he said, as he walked up.

"You ok down there?", he asked, looking down at him. He turned a bit to face behind him.

"Hey, Doc! Bruce does not look so good. Do you want to save him?", Roberts yells in a sarcastic tone.


“Uh... yeah, never better. Shit. This is embarrassing. I’ll join you guys in a minute..."

‘Oh god, No, keep it down.’, Jensen thought.

“I think I just need a... huurk!”, he dry heaved. “Just a... mmmp.”


Roku heads after Roberts and sees the Company Man sitting against the corridor wall with one hand on his stomach and the other on his forehead.

“Help me get him up, Roberts. Let’s get him into Medlab. Try to get some Dehydr8tion down him, he’ll be good as new. Good thing he has nothing in there to throw up. Not always a graceful process, eh, Jensen?”, she jokes with the man.

They’ve all been in this spot at some point. He probably partied too hard before Cryosleep or didn’t watch his nutrition intake.


"I got this!" Vera says confidently. She pauses to see how best to grab him, and then basically scoops him up in her muscular arms and starts walking to the medlab with him.

"I gotcha worries."


"Go for it. Your the luckiest guy around to be carried by Vera.", says Roberts.


Ogai follows behind everyone and tsks at Roberts' comment. He raises an eyebrow and says, "Just take him to the medlab. It's no good keeping him here and he's evidently more shaken up by coming out of cryo than the rest of us."


“No, really, I’m oof!”, Vera carries Jensen to the medlab bed as easily as a sack of potatoes. The doc checked him out; he was fine. After only 5 minutes or so, drinking some Hydr8tion and taking it easy, Bruce Jensen, HR, is in the galley with the rest of the crew feeling sheepish and weak. His ‘be the best’ attitude soon gave way to ‘go team’.

These guys didn’t hesitate to help him, maybe they didn’t hate him after all... maybe? The Captain and Pilot were against the idea of having him on board from the beginning 6 months before Cryosleep, evaluating performances. No one likes to be evaluated, understandably.

The Technician, who did excellent work and was due for a promotion was always at his best when Jensen was around. His work ethic was fine, it was his attitude that was the problem. Negativity can quickly make a toxic work environment, but the Cargo Handler kept him mostly in check.

Speaking of which, Vera was perfect and seemed to love the work she did, he was positive she could make it anywhere. He was generally attracted to women who were submissive, soft and demure, but there was something sexy about Vera's positivity and confidence, not to mention her body.

The medic was new; she was good, but she seemed a little distractible.

Jensen’s insight told him that their passenger, the Colonial Marshal, was hiding something. He was an ex-marine though, there is probably a lot he doesn’t speak of.


Roberts watched as the DOC worked on Bruce. He could see there was no danger.

"I am going back to the mess. See you all there.", he said cheerfully. Then walked back to the mess.

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