Act 1: Pandora's Box

Back to Work

As the crew hydrated themselves and settled in, the next order of business was the business itself. Their mission: deliver the Helium-3 to Sutter's World. The crew knew their jobs and orders.


Seeing as Bruce Jensen, the so called Corporate Liaison, Human Resources, Weyland-Yutani was struggling with cryo-sickness, Capt. Kenny took his time drinking his coffee and listened to the commotion as if it was music to his ears.

He had no love for Jensen or what he represented and would not be surprised if Jensen let the crew die so he could survive. Capt. Kenny had become jaded by the 'Do as I say and not as I do.' company philosophy. It irked him to know human lives were expendable in the eyes of the company since they were silly numbers on a graph back in the board room. So if Kenny had to choose between Jensen and his crew.............................he would choose his crew.

Sadly Jensen was a necessary evil on the ship and everyone was going to have to play nice for now. Seeing as they needed to get to work soon Captain McCormick spoke up on the intercoms, "After breakfast and recovery I need everyone to inspect their stations for any issues and report if you find any.”

Then Kenny left to oversee the operations from the bridge. While he was there he pulled out a P-DAT to sync with the computer so he could assist with any necessary preparations from anywhere on the ship. Then he began giving orders on the intercom on preparing each station by the book.


While she waits for the ship to enter low orbit where things will be stable enough to start loading the transport sled, Vera inspects the cargo and does pre-use checks for the loader and sled. She also preps the tie-down straps that will be used in addition to magnetics for stabilizing the cargo during transit. Afterwards she will report her findings to the captain.


He heard the captain's orders He followed Kirby and helped with the task of checking the cargo and getting it ready. "OK, this looks good over here, Kirby.", said Roberts.


Ogai makes his way to put off the beacon. Once he got a signal back, he was good to go for a checkup and then cargo. He checks it over quickly and it seemed to be working fine. Good.

He presses the button to set off a ping, allowing it to open up communications. But there didn't seem to be a response. Or rather, the signal wasn't going anywhere. He frowns, biting his lip as he studies the beacon.

He then looks at the star charts they had near the beacon. 'Wait, where these things even right?' He taps at them, and they seem to go back to normal. He hisses under his breath, frowning.

They were no where near the colony. They were in fucking outer space with no where to go. Then, the sensors start to go off. A collision?

'Shit'. This was already going to pot. He rushes up towards the bridge, saying quickly,

"There's a ship that's drifting out there. I've detected zero activity on it. It's seemingly derelict. No lights or beacons."


MU/TH/UR comes on the intercoms in a sterile voice, “Alert: Ship approaching. Collision imminent.”

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