There's... Someone on the Wing... Some... THing!

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“Well I’ll be goddamned.”, Jensen spoke softly to himself. “Figures.”

Vera turned to Asahi and said, "Thanks for...well, just thanks. I'll be back...".
She suited up, but didn’t bother with the oxygen… she wouldn’t need it. She then gathered the tools and materials required for the planned repairs outside and proceeded toward the airlock.

Ogai tightened his lips into a small line but offered her a small smile. She was still Vera. Well, at least to him, she was. He came back to the Captain and Roberts and nodded to them, looking deep in thought as he stood near them.

When Vera reached the airlock, Jensen decompressed the chamber in standard fashion so Vera wouldn't go flying out into space. Then he opened the outer airlock. The door opened revealing a view full of distant stars.

Vera carefully traversed the outer hull to the job site. She assessed the damage in person and then got to work...

Roberts walked back to the airlock area and started to put his gear on. If anything went wrong it was his job to go rescue, human or android.

He thought back to when he first met Vera and the close call they almost had. It made sense now why things went the way they did. That was five years ago. Roberts knew something was up. She hadn't aged a bit. That was one way to tell an Android. That would break a lot of hearts back at his old unit. He sighed and sat back putting his head against the locker. Waiting for his turn to start the mission.

While performing repairs, everything started out smoothly, but at one point Vera lost her footing and needed to pull herself back into place... only losing a little time. She was built for hard labor and the entire job was finished in only 12 hours. As she wrapped up and headed back to the airlock, she looked down at the Cronus below her and there, she spotted something unexpected. There appeared to be someone walking around on its outer hull. She immediately notified the bridge, who should have be able to see what she saw, especially the captain as he was remotely assisting her.

Ogai looked at the Captain and asked, "What's wrong? Is Vera alright?"
His brow furrowed and he bit on his thumbnail.

Capt. Kenny almost choked on his coffee as Vera told him she saw someone walking on the hull of the Cronos. He adjusted a camera to see if he could see what she was talking about. Capt. Kenny replied, "Vera get your butt back on board now! Roberts, Asahi, watch her back! We may have a rogue android on the Cronos! That would explain why it's a derelict right now. Don't take any chances!"

It was possible that an android could still be active, thought Roku. She looked out of the port side bridge viewport, then headed to a terminal to monitor the cameras.
Capt. Kenny then turned to Paddy and said, "Paddy after Vera is safely onboard I need you to circle the Cronos and look for a rogue android walking the hull. We need evidence to show MUTHUR for a new assessment. I am sure Jensen will agree with that since a rogue android is a clear and present danger to any boarding party."

"I don't like this. Shit is gettin' weird.", said Jensen.

Capt. Kenny replied, "That is a valid point, Jensen, however MUTHUR is not going to let us leave without a valid reason. If we don't play by the rules we will all be out of a job and if we mess up we will all be dead. So I prefer to find a better alternative."

Vera reentered the Montero airlock but before she closed the door for pressure equalization Paddy recklessly swung the ship around with the bow floodlights pointing at the top of the Cronus.

When Roberts heard the news, he put his helmet on and went to the airlock. He pumped the shotgun, loading a round, and waited until Kirby was safe back inside; ready to help if he had to.

Roku kept thinking she saw things moving in the deep shadows on the hull of the Cronus. Her mind was playing tricks on her.

"I don't see anything. Are we sure Vera didn't take some kind of damage out there?", says Lohan. "I think we are all just stressing ourselves out, Captain. I'll get her back to the right position so we can attach the umbilical."

Capt. Kenny sipped his coffee calmly to relax as he looked at Roku acting nervous. Granted he was not able to see anything, but his crew was on edge and too many bad coincidences had been happening in a row for this to be nothing.

Then he replied, "Rather than making assumptions over what may be on the Cronus, I want to remind you all that our ship conveniently breaks down as the Cronus is on a collision course with us. To make it worse our equipment is questionable at best and due to company policy we have to check out the Cronus if we want to keep our jobs. To add salt on the wound we still have a delivery we have not made yet and since this ship is underrated we can't simply tow the Cronus in. Now, I am normally not the paranoid type, but this whole thing reeks of bad luck. So I would not be surprised if an android is still functioning on the Cronus. However, if the android was functioning properly it would have tried to contact us with a hail of some sort instead of only using a distress beacon. So I want you all to keep an open mind that anything is possible right now and report whatever you see... no matter how messed up it sounds... since you might not be the only one. That is an order."

Kenny then sipped his coffee again.

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