We've Got Movement

JP with Omni, Jaxx, redsword_7, Kudzu, and CS

The area was clear, so they moved on through the forward door leading to the corridor just outside the bridge. In the same fashion as before, Vera opened the door as Roberts kept his gun pointed ahead. As the door raised open, the mist was illuminated by an eerie orange glow. The blast shutters were still lowered, shut tight around the viewports.

It seemed that the bridge was running on battery reserve and was effectively shut down, only lit by standby indicators. Power would have to be restored before these stations could be used. The holo-table was once state-of-the-art hologram technology, but it was now slagged, burnt out by a fire and damaged beyond repair.

The sensor station was also damaged by fire, but could possibly be repaired to working order.

The Life Support monitors, the Piloting Stations, and the Command Station were all dark. Someone had taken an axe to Piloting Station 1, and in fact had left it embedded in the console.


Capt. Kenny sipped his coffee as he looked at the damage. He pondered for a moment then spoke, "It appeared someone sabotaged the ship to keep it from reaching any destination. This means there was a possible contamination and they were trying to isolate themselves or things got violent and they fought till this happened. Roku we need to know if they were contaminated. Roberts be on the lookout for a rogue Android and any crazy crew members who might wake up. Ashai, Vera and Jensen try to find the records of what happened on the ship."

“Yes, Captain...”, Roku paused for a second. “Captain... suppose this ship and these people are contaminated, what then?”

Capt. Kenny sipped his coffee as he replied, "Since the company forced this mission on us, despite not being prepared, the only logical solution is to keep them in cryo. They are better off in cryosleep till they can be cured at a proper facility. Not to mention we don't have enough food to support both crews. It's obvious something bad happened here and we need to act with caution. I am sorry if my logic sounds cold but it is necessary to play this one safe so none of us get sick or hurt. Even Jensen knows getting rich is pointless if we are dead. Do this by the book people. "

“The chambers have already been deactivated, Captain. Trying to reactivate them could kill...”, Roku was cut off by a ping on the Motion Tracker.

Kenny asked, "What did you find? Stay alert crew."

She checked the device. A slow, high pitched pulse came from the machine. “I’ve got movement. Near the aft of the ship.”, Roku said in quiet surprise.

"Can you tell what it is?" Jensen asks in a panicked voice.

“Not with this thing. Captain, can you have MUTHUR scan for life forms?”, Roku requested.

Capt. Kenny replied, "MUTHUR scan both ships for all movement and report if you find any life forms other than our crew, including machines and androids."
MUTHUR responded. “...Scanning... ...No unknown humans or androids detected inside or outside the Montero. No Androids detected outside of the Chronus. One unknown life form detected: exterior of the Cronus. Unable to breach Cronus security for full scan of interior.

Requesting syncing from Cronus mainframe... awaiting approval... Approval received. Please pair with the MUTHUR mainframe aboard Cronus and proceed with the mission directive."

"Damn... Look, I got my codes from the company. I'm happy to start plugging them in but I'm really not sure where and what to try them on. Actually, you know what? I'm tired of messing around with all these systems and subsystems. Let's just go to the mainframe and plug straight in. Easy peasy. Captain, do you concur?", asked Jensen.
Ogai tells the Captain, “The best place to patch into the system right now is directly at MUTHUR’s mainframe since there is no power to the bridge.”

"Well take any precautions needed. There is a good chance the thing we saw moving on the Cronus is either a rogue android or a lab experiment that got loose.", the Captain reminded.

“Yep.”, he replied. Ogai really didn’t get paid enough for his expertise. Did the captain really think he was so careless about his work to not take the proper precautions?
The team left the bridge and headed back up the junction to A Deck to the MUTHUR mainframe, the clanging of their boots echoing softly through the halls.

Roku kept her nervous eyes on the Tracker, the ping only lasted for a few seconds. Could it be a malfunction in the vintage tech? Was MUTHUR not telling them something? Could it be... Ava?

As they opened the door leading to the hall outside MUTHUR, through the light mist, Roberts and Vera saw a frozen woman with short blonde hair lying face up just outside the door. She was clearly dressed in the standard uniform of Weyland Yutani crew. The woman looked unhurt except for some dried bloody hand prints near the forearm of her uniform. The blood was not hers.

Roku put her hand up to her visor in silent recognition. This was Ava, that ping must have been something else. Terrifying memories that she had thought were dreams flooded back into her mind.

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