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"Well hello mWY-WLTR2.0-2109-Ava. I am Bruce Jensen, Corporate Liaison, Human Resources, Weyland-Yutani. Great to meet another company asset here. We are really hoping you can give us some background on what happened to your ship? We've come aboard to try to figure out what's going on. Look, we are all pretty freaked out so any information will be helpful."

“Are you lost? You are carrying some dangerous itemitem-items.”, said the android. “Jense-Jense... I didn’t see you on the crew maniffff...est.”

"We aren't from the Cronus. We are all crew of the USCSS Montero. And there is Captain McCormick who is listening in from the Montero unless he's making another pot of cold pressed organic Kona or whatever he drinks. Look there isn't much time, our air supply is running out so we need information on how you were damaged and what happened to your ship.", responded the company man.

“I was damaged? Yes... I was… damaged. I must have been attacked from behind.”, Ava said.

Capt. Kenny sipped his coffee as he patiently listened to Jensen interrogate a very confused Android. He wondered how long Jensen was going to take before he realized he was beating a dead horse. Either the Android Ava was damaged by accident or on purpose. Either way it was not looking good for the Cronus or her crew.

“I am having trubba-trubble recalling det-de-tails... an unkn-kn-kn... known species manifested itself on board... red and wet and fast... I cannot recall... You are all in dange-dange... grave peril.”, Ava stuttered as certain flashes of memory came back to her. She seized, “A… white horse... a pale blue bird... chirping... a ghost... walking through walls... green fields…” there was a strange pause before the android gasped and yelled, “Watch out!” with her milky blue eyes unnaturally wide.

Capt. Kenny replied, "Sounds like the parasite may have been the one to damage her. Now that you have linked MU/TH/UR to the Cronus, it may be a good idea to get back here and get fresh air. We can have MU/TH/UR scan the Cronus and make a new plan on dealing with the parasites. Be careful coming back."

“Captain, what about the armory? And the crew? MUTHUR deactivated the cryosleep pods. If we don’t fix those air scrubbers they will asphyxiate.” reminded Roku.

“Kazuko? Is that you?”, said the Android in response. Roku looked down at her, trying not to react.

Capt. Kenny gripped his coffee a bit and gave a pained wince. He really hated this mission and wanted to bail so bad, sadly his life was over the moment he defied MUTHUR.

"Fine, but if we have to choose between them or us I order you to choose us. Be careful out there. We don't know anything about those parasites and how they caused such a mess."

“...understood, Captain... About that weapon. Roberts? May I have that shotgun you found?” Roku asked.

"Sure, here." Roberts said, handing it to her.

“Oh, thank you.” Roku said and attached the motion tracker to a metal loop and grabbed the shotgun to check and see if it was ready to rock. She pumped the shotgun and stood ready to move.

Capt. Kenny replied, "Feel free to loot the weapons and non-contaminated supplies we may need. They won't be needing them in their state."

"Are we going with my plan then?" asked Roberts.

“We're with you, Roberts .”, Roku said.

"OK we all move together just like before. Same way, fast let's go.", said Roberts.
"Agreed. Lets get moving"

Jensen looked down at the android with sad eyes. "Ava, look I'm sorry. We'd love to take you around but I don't think we can carry you properly and we got to move. We will come back for you and try to figure out what happened to you. I promise."

“Thank you, Bruce. I look forward-ward-ward to it.”, said Ava. “It was good seeing you again Mrs. Roku-ku-ku.”

Hikari Roku failed to stifle a gasp and she stopped in front of Jensen causing him to bump into her. She waited for the others to respond, hoping they didn’t notice that the android was calling her by a name it shouldn't know.

Capt. Kenny choked on his coffee and regained his composure before he spoke up, "What the…? How did Ava know your names?"

“...uhh... Bruce introduced himself... and she IS synced with our comms system...”, Roku lied, her eyes darting around for a second.

"I'm calling BS on that explanation. But I don't think we have time to dig into this. The crew is waking up and we have to go!", said the Captain.

"Could it access the Muthur?" Robert asked. "Let's go. Keep moving."

The crew moved along the starboard corridor of A Deck toward the Cryochambers.
They arrived at the opposite side of the hallway from where they entered the first time. There were more signs of weapon discharge on this side of the hallway. It was easier to tell now that the lights were on and the fog was clearing up. The starboard elevator doors were ajar, revealing the shaft flickering with emergency lights inside.

Roberts covered the door as they passed by, "When we get to the corridor use the flamer and smoke the eggs. Walk the whole thing, make sure you get them all."

With Roberts and Roku pointing out the tiny fungal nodes, Vera incinerated the ones she found with quick controlled bursts of the flamer. She then walked end to end seeking any clusters that she could find.

While the crew waited for Vera to finish up with her thermal decon, Roku put the shotgun to Jensen’s back. “OK, Jensen, leave me with a keycard and EVERYONE... get off the ship.” she demanded.

“...Priority 1: ...Proceed with the mission direc---.”” said MUTHUR for the millionth time but Roku interrupted.

“Sorry, MUTHUR. That’s not gonna happen.”

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