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Capt. Kenny replied, "Listen up crew. We have multiple pings that register as unknown. One is on B Deck in the Mess Hall corridor, one is on C Deck at the C2 Junction and one is at the Air Scrubber Shaft. Since we can't verify if they are glitches or the parasites I need you all to take precautions. We have no idea how many of them there are and according to Vera she saw one that looked different. So the parasites might have different looks."

“73 years...”, whispered the British woman sounding defeated and awestruck. “Fuck.”
She shook her head and hit the back of her helmet softly against the wall.

“I’ll take the stuff... if it really can get rid... -cough-cough- ...of this damned hangover.”, Reyes said as she made her way out the aft door of Cryo 3.

"Can't stay, can't go, what the F**k." says Roberts angrily. "If you guys want to live you had better reach deep inside and get some motivation," he said.

“Easy.” said Johns.

“Glenn... please, they need some time.”, said Roku.

Roberts gave a sigh. "Well we are safe here for now. Doc, how much time do we need? Should we fall back to the Aid station? Would that help?", he asked.

Johns said between heavy breaths,”Glenn is it? You’re a marine ain’t ya? I can tell... I was with the ORDF... lost an arm on Torin Prime...”, he lifts his left arm, but it’s covered by the compression suit.

“I’m 34... but I’m feeling every bit of that 73 years... we’re gonna take these tubes... that Baby Girl gave us... give us 20 minutes, we’ll be right as rain... we’re with you brother...”, he clasped him on the shoulder.

"Just sit and rest, we will get through this. ya, I was a Marine Scout. Now a Marshal. Torin Prime was tough ground, but I can't say I was there. It was a bit before my time, Old man." Roberts said jokingly.

“Sgt. Albert Johns.”, he offered a handshake to Roberts.

"Hey Capt, can you see when hatches open and close? And if so, did you see that thing open a hatch coming to us?, Roberts asked.

Kenny replied, "Sadly no. Either these parasites can hide their presence when not moving or we have some serious glitches in our software. My gut is telling me the parasites have some form of camouflage that makes it hard to see them on scans when they are not moving. You may have to use old school tactics, Roberts. Like peanut shells on the floor tactics if you get my drift. Sadly we are limited on time, oxygen and support."

“Dr. Cooper, how is the medlab?”, Roku asked.

There was no response from the man, who had propped himself back in a pod leaning back like he was sleeping. She shook him gently.

Reyes returned. “God, that was like drinking lubricant... made for humans... Feels like I just had an oil change. Certainly not 100%, but I think I’m good to go. I encourage everyone else to take the advice of the Montero crew. Let’s get moving.”

The British woman unfastened her helmet and sucked down the tube of Hydr8tion gel. “Tastes like aloe.” She then promptly put her helmet back on.

Johns respectfully distanced himself from the others before doffing his helm and taking the strange supplement Roku gave him. He then headed over to a locker and uncovered a shotgun from behind a pile of clothes. He inspected it.

“Dr. Flynn, did you grab the medkits?”, Reyes asked over the comms.

“Right here.”, Liam Flynn, the mustachioed man, showed them hanging from a clasp. He then removed his helmet and took the sweet sweet Hydr8tion.

“Right, ok. How’s Cooper?”, Reyes asked.

“I think he’s out... Dr. Cooper?”, Roku shook him again and his eyes shot open suddenly. A trickle of blood leaked from his nose.

“He’s bleeding. Doc, you ok? Asked Roku.

Dr Cooper exhaled a strange sound and coughed blood onto the inside of his helmet.

“Oh God!” Roku exclaimed as the man began to convulse.

“It can’t be. We were inoculated!”, Dr. Flynn raised his voice in panic.

"Damn, no one take their helmets off! We need to get him to another room. Now.", ordered Roberts.

Dr. Flynn and Johns quickly snapped their helmets back on.

“Dr. Flynn what the HELL is happening to him?!”, Roku shouted.

"Everyone get back. Someone cover him with a weapon other than the Flamer. I hope it does not mutate like the guy in the hall." Roberts orders.

Shaken, Jensen stepped over and pulled his pistol out as Roku stepped away.

The British woman stood up with her back against the wall. “Did you fuck us, Flynn?”

"Only doc can get close to him.", said Roberts.

"I can't say this in a nice way, but it's up to you, Doc. Your call if we have to shoot him."

"Man! I don't WANT to shoot him! Like it won't come to that? Right doc?", Jensen stammered.

"Jensen!", getting his attention. "Breathe. It is ok", Roberts encouraged.
Roku threw a glance at Roberts in shock, “I... I... I can’t help him without taking off his helmet! He could choke on his own blood.”

"Take him out of the Cyro room.", Roberts said.

Capt. Kenny spoke up, "Roku! Delay that! Put him in a cryo pod!"

Roku pushed Dr Cooper back down into the cryopod and tried to close the lid but the helmet and constant convulsions were making it difficult.

Capt. Kenny swallowed before speaking again, "Listen up people! There is a big chance that man has a parasite in him and we lack the time and tools to save him. Freeze him for now and try to recover so you can come back here. I get you want to save your friend but we don't have the luxury to save him right now. Vera help her!"
Vera and Roberts moved over and help Roku push the lid down.

As they held it down together, the glass spiderwebbed and the good doctor stopped convulsing. Then over the comms came a sickening pop. A bloody splash lined the inside of his helmet. The crew briefly paused in utter shock and disgust, trying to process exactly what it is they were seeing.

There was a squelching of flesh and bone as a slender, gore-covered hand smeared around inside the bloody visor, apparently pushing its way out of Cooper’s head. They saw spindly white fingers clawing. Whatever it was, it wanted out.

Flesh tore; tendons snapped, as the thing inside his splintering skull pulled his face open at the jawline breaking out of the visor and plopping down inside the cryopod.

“Kill it! Kill it now!”, someone yelled. The tiny translucent-white thing on the inside of the pod sloughed off the rest of its placenta, struggling to stand on four wobbly, fawn-like legs. Shaking brain matter from its spiky hide, the Bloodburster turned a bulbous, eyeless head towards the crew and crouched. It then launched itself at the lid of the cryopod, clawing and shrieking.

Jensen pushed everyone back and shouted, "I'm shooting this fucking thing!"

Roberts pumped the shotgun, expelling a frag round that clanged to the floor.
Simultaneously, Jensen and Roberts fired into the cryopod and the ‘Bloodburster’ was severely wounded, crying out in alien fury.

The bystanders attempted to muff their ears as sudden gunfire erupting in the Cryochamber leaves their ears ringing.

The creature desperately tried to fling itself at Jensen who dropped his gun and shielded himself behind Roberts. The wounded creature exhales its last slimy breath at Robert’s feet.

There was a pregnant pause.

- End of Act 1 -

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