Impressing The Baron

JP with Lorem, Omni, Redsword and Cindy

The Baron said nothing for several minutes. He looked again at the designs, and seemed almost to not want to admit it, but he had to. "Miss Ipsum, these are all quite impressive."

Elizabeth was trying very hard to keep any reaction off her face but a small smile tempted to show. It was incredibly, if not nearly impossible, in her experience to impress the Baron and Lorem had done just that.

It wasn't Elizabeth's victory, she knew that but it felt so good that the Baron Greenwood had nothing negative to say about the designs.

"Of course, this is quite the undertaking. You would need an entire team and someone to take over, when you are not available to supervise yourself. I am sure that Lady Elizabeth explained being a part of a team requires travel, at times. You would need to be available for those times. " The Baron paused. "Where is it excately you would like to work on these designs?"

Surprisingly, Greenwood never mentioned the cost of such an undertaking.

Lorem felt a surge of accomplishment to receive the compliment from the Baron, as well as the affirming expressions of those present. She responded sweetly, “Thank you sir.”

She had already thought of a response to his concerns. “I was hoping to ask your permission and try and convince Gemma if she would be willing to undertake these larger projects.” She pointed to the vehicular ones. “And perhaps helping with the mass production in turning around the different grenades for the hand cannon for the team?” Her big beautiful eyes took on a slight puppy dog effect as she asked for such favors.

Sung was happy with the outcome of the presentation. Baron seemed to be satisfied with it. Sung thought Lorem did an outstanding job and covered everything wonderfully. Sung had a smile almost like a proud father.

Sung then was the Lorem's big beautiful eyes took on a slight big puppy dog eyes. Sung gave a sigh. He would be ok with it with anyone but the Baron. It was like a Sheep trying to look cute for a wolf in his mind. Wanting to do something about it. But stopped He did promise the Father to look after her and Hand almost forgot. Sung would the time came would pull that card. Now to see was the Baron a gentleman or a wolf right now? Sung would have a talk with Lorem latter about this.

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