Deals Made

Jp with Lorem, Omni, Redsword and Cindy

Greenwood directed the next statement at Lorem, "You do realize, while you keep credit as the designer and when I feel it is appropriate you will be allowed to publish them as such, but the Order is allowed to use your designs, once the originals are built." That wasn't a question nor did the Baron wait for an answer.

A slight almost grin, crossed the Baron's face, "Miss Ipsum, you will have to be here everyday to work with Miss Aberly. There will be a car to pick you up after breakfast and one to take you back to Lady Elizabeth's in the evening. Then again..."

Elizabeth could see the older Eldren's wheels turning behind his deep brown eyes. "Baron Greenwood, may I speak to you for a moment." She then turned to Sung and said something very quietly. For those that could hear it, "Mr. Sung we will be in the hallway but I would prefer to handle this myself."

"Of course, Lady Elizabeth." The Baron followed Elizabeth out into the hall, they closed the door behind them.

If the gnomes decided to try to listen in, even through the door they might have heard the conversation, that occurred.

"Lady Elizabeth, what is it? I was just going to make my final decision." The Baron was not happy.

"My Lord, I know that look. Miss Ipsum is not going to stay at headquarters just so you can ... how shall I put it, attempt those things you are so known for. I realize she is just the type you would like to stay here, young, naive but no, I will not allow you to take advantage of this situation."

"I could tell your father about your new hires or the problem at the Exposition. " The Baron stated.

"That is not much of a threat, as I mailed a letter this morning with that information. " Elizabeth stated. "I could always telegram him and tell him what you are up to, in regards to a hire , that he hand picked."

The Baron took a breath, "Fine I'll leave Miss Ipsum alone, and she will continue to stay at your house. However, I have a condition."

"Which is, what excatly?" Elizabeth knew it wasn't going to be that easy.

"You give me one dance at the Magic Guild's gala." Greenwood grinned as if he had gotten away with something.

"Very well then. Just one dance." Elizabeth agreed.

The two walked back in the room and the Baron spoke again.

"Miss Aberly, you will work on these designs with Miss Ipsum," As if, that was somehow his idea. "The arrangements will be made for a car." It was said in such a way, that became clear arguments would be pointless.

"Now, " Greenwood continued. He walked to the hand cannon first, "One," The bus second "Two," Next came the compact-able motorcycle, "Three", last the Brazen Bull, "Four." He looked back to the gnomes. "That is the order I want them completed."

It took a moment for Elizabeth to realize but the Baron had just approved all the designs. She was not surprised because the designs were that good, it was a little surpring however because this was Baron Greenwood and never just approved things, usually.

Lorem patiently waited. A blush spread across her cheeks like a wildfire on a dry field of wheat when she overheard the conversation with the Baron. She gave Gemma a knowing look, since no doubt she could hear it too. She had no intentions towards the Baron and was a bit embarrassed she didn’t recognize his predatory interest in her. She was thankful her new teammates were looking out for her.

When they returned and payed out the final verdict, Lorem politely chimed in with a question to the Baron. “I hope this arrangement means that in addition, for maintaining credit for my creative property, that I also keep royalty rights and that money will be automatically deposited into a passively managed index fund of my choosing?” She waited to see what he would say. Technically if she didn’t like the percentage or deal she could take her toys and go do them elsewhere.

The Baron, seemed to not care much about the royalty rights, but the payment might be another issue.

"You can keep the royalty rights, but being you are using the headquarters to build these machines - the talent, manpower, equipment, and funds are all coming from the Order. That is a lot, to then pay you a hefty amount on top of that. How much were you asking for?" Greenwood asked Lorem.

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