JP with Lorem, Redsword and Cindy

The negotiations between the Baron and Lorem took a few minutes but eventually they came to a mutually agreed upon arrangement. The Baron had been testing Lorem to see if she knew what her designs were worth. She did not disappoint. In fact she had with her on the table the pricing index, by industry, for all manner of material, labor and machination that Wuppertal used. It was the annual European catalogue of market value and pricing for the most recent fiscal year. In addition, she already had put together a spreadsheet showing the breakdown of all the numbers with the foresight of needing to have this conversation. And there was a legally binding contract that could be filled out right there on the spot with the others to sign as witnesses once the negotiated figures were included; and a second set for the Baron to have as a copy. This little gnome came prepared.

Elizabeth was glad, but not surprised Lorem knew what her designs were worth. The Eldren, wouldn't have let the Gnome get less than she deserved anyway but was less knowledgeable on the subject.

Lorem came prepared and fortunately someone had the forethought to place pens and inkwells in the room.

The amounts were filled, the contracts signed. The Baron's copy filled out and it was a done deal.

The Baron then spoke up again, "Lady Elizabeth, please let your team know I have arranged lunch for them, at 12:30, in Cafe two. I have a meeting to attend to and will not be able to join you."

Elizabeth nodded. "Thank you, Baron. I will make sure they know."

Greenwood then turned to Lorem, "Make sure Lady Elizabeth also gets a copy of the contract. I look forward to seeing your designs come to fruition. I must be going now." He gave a slight nod, to each. "Lady Elizabeth, Miss Aberly, Miss Ipsum, Mr. Sung, Mr. Dumont. Have a good day."

With that the Baron left. Elizabeth didn't say anything for several minutes, as if making sure the Baron was out of earshot.

"That was very impressive Miss Ipsum. I have never known the Baron to approve designs so quickly and all of them. " Elizabeth paused. "Mr. Sung and I also must be going. I need to find the other team members. Miss Gemma please feel free to join us for lunch, if you like."

It was difficult to tell if Elizabeth just wanted to give the gnomes sometime together or if she really had things to do. Likely, it was a combination of both.

"Would you like me to send someone up to help move your items?" Elizabeth was fairly certain they would stay here, being this was where they would be worked on but they likely needed to be moved from the room.

on his way out Sung stopped and gave a sigh. "Miss Ipsum" he called out. "A moment please" He waits for a moment. "I said to your dad I would watch after you. In this, I will give you this advice. The Baron is ah.... powerful man. but He is like a wolf when it comes to women. He will use them for his needs with no thought about them. He is like a Wolf and you are beautiful sheep. I want you to keep this in mind when dealing with him." Sung said with a warm smile. "Just be careful" Sung advised.

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