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One thing Cronk could not endure was someone sobbing, as if a child without its mother. Cronk was more attuned to the crying than the sound of someone running. He ventured in the direction of what he thought was a child crying, hoping to help the poor soul.

As Cronk pushed past Sasha managed to reach out and snag the back of his shirt. His bulk was enough to nearly pull her with him but she managed to dig in her heels enough to pulled hard enough to get his attention. "Cronk, I know you want to help them but wait." she instructed. "I could be a trap, and going in headlong could get them hurt more if it is some kind of trap. So we go slow." she said "We'll help them if we can but we have to go slow, for our sake and theirs.”

"I think it might be best if Sasha and Cronk check it out. We don't know how a cultist, if they are one, will react to seeing an Eldren or an Arundan, especially together." Especially Vor, was Elizabeth's thoughts but she didn't say that outloud. "Maybe see if you can help them without bringing them with us.”

Cronk hesitated as the Masked One grabbed him and dug in, thinking she was trying to stop him from helping. When he heard Lady Boss say to proceed, Cronk did so, with a huff, and with Sasha in tow, still holding onto the back of his shirt. “Must help,” Cronk mumbled. “Someone crying.”

"Cronk stop." Elizabeth said, "Please, let Miss Lagrave release herself from your shirt first.” It was unlikely Sasha would be injured from such a thing but it certainly wasn't a good idea

Cronk stopped abruptly, causing Sasha to slam into his backside. He waited for her to release her grip upon his shirt, then proceeded to find the crying person.

The crying hasn't stopped but has gotten softer. It can be followed to a room down the hall, to the right. In the room is two sets of bunk beds, a rack which holds dresses, and shoes under the rack. No one can be seen but the crying appears to be coming from under one of the bunk beds.

With Cronk and Sasha moving on ahead, Lorem strategically positions herself in the protective proximity of Lady Elizabeth. Her hand cannon is made ready and she loads a grenade of choice.

Cronk stopped seeing the bunk beds. In these situations, Cronk was always self-aware of his own size and looks. He stepped back so Sasha could enter.

“Cronk not scare,” he said, his hands coming together before him at the fingertips, his eyes anxious, trying to see under the bed. “Masked One see.”

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